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Waking up with a stretch, Bastet turned to the blushing Thief Queen. "Hah. I knew you liked him. I don't think any girl could resist him." She threw a death glare at the black feline."Oh, come on, I know that you two like each other. You never tell anyone anything about yourself. I know how overjoyed you are right now."

'Uh. Darn cat joy goddess.' She was attracted by him, a lot. Bakura was just like her, minus the long monkey tail. "Okay, he is cute, but you can't-"

"Hey, Bakura! Th-mmmph!"

The embarrased warrior clamped her companion's mouth shut just after her crush woke up."What?"

"Oh, it's, um,  just time to wake up! Yeah!"

"Whatever. But stop smiling like that. You look weird."

That was close. "If you try that again I'll-"

"You'll what?" Said the large black cat rubbing against her thigh.

"I'll .... report you.... to someone..... Whatever. I have an idea how  we can defeat the Pharaoh."

"Oh! Are We-"

"No! For the last time, we're not going to cover him in catnip and have him get eaten by lions! How would that even work? Plus, Annah goes crazy around catnip, remember?"

"Hmph. It could work."

'Uh. Are all females like this?' Bakura wondered. "So what are we going to do then?"

"Hey, Bastet, remember what you told me about the other guardian?"

"Yeah. I remember. But what about it?"

"You want to see if it's true?"

Bakura's eyes widened."You don't mean..."

"What?! You can't be serious! Sekhmet is even less civilized than I am! The guardians of the two halves of Egypt will only help in mortal affairs if it pleases them!"

"Bastet, I realize that. I don't plan to force her, I plan to persuade her. Besides, you're the other guardian. With her help, we could crush the Pharaoh!"

"What do you think, Bakura?"

"I'm coming. I must have my revenge!"

Bastet sighed. "Darn. You'd think I would have like over nine thousand votes, being a goddess and all." She grew and crouched for Bakura to get on. "You want a ride, hun?"

With a blush, the Thief Queen replied "Don't call me that. Nah, we all know i'm faster than you anyway."

"Oh, is that a challenge, monkey queen?"

"You bet. One..Go!"

"Hey! You had a head start!" The goddess chased after the laughing warrior.



"Mom! What is it?" The young man ran in.

"I finally found out how we can find Gomon."

"That's great! Where is she?"

"I don't know about now, but she landed in Kul Elna, in ancient Egypt." Bulma realized something."But it doesn't look like it's still here today. I wonder why....."

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