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Waking up with a yawn, the young Queen of Thieves gripped the blade at her waist and headed out. "Hey, where you going?" The cat goddess said as she realized the warrior had left.

"Out. You coming too?"

Stretching and yawning, Bastet replied "Well, DUH, i'm not going to sit around all day."  Slinking lazily up to the female she had come to respect, she asked "Going to try to beat the Pharaoh again?"

"Yeah. I've always wondered what royal blood tastes like." The Thief Queen replied with a smirk.

The black cat shivered. "Man. You're so like Sekhmet in so many ways. You would be close friends. If you didn't kill each other first, that is."

Suppressing a laugh, they headed out. Just outside the Pharaoh's palace, they were greeted by the smell of blood. Lots of it. Seeing her companion freeze, Bastet stopped. "Is it the Pharaoh's blood?" She didn't reply. 'That scent, I've smelled it before. A long time ago. Rrrgh, why can't I remember!? Is this something I'm supposed to know about? What?!!' "Hey!"

"Huh? Bastet?"

"Is it the Pharaoh's blood?"

"N-No, I don't think so, but I've smelled it before. Come on!"

The scent of blood was getting stronger. She followed until she saw the source. "What? No, it can't be! What's he doing here?

The cat goddess bounded up beside her."Do you recognize him?"

"I think so."

"Well, is he still alive?"

"Let's see..."  She punched him in the face. After a low groan, she decided."Yep, he's alive." she replied as the twenty foot cat face vaulted behind her.

"You do realize there are other ways to find that out, right?"

"And you do realize this way is the most fun, right?" The thief queen said with a smirk. But a voice behind her replied:

"And you do realize that he was in a fight, or are you just dumb?"

With no time to dodge, her keen instincts set in. not knowing what she was doing, she raised her index and middle finger to her forehead, and disappeared. Panting heavily as she landed in the sand, she realized that they were back in the rocky terrain she called home. Safe and sound.

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