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The Thief Queen picked herself off the ground. "Why....Why can't I kill you?!?"

Goku frowned. "Wow. I can't believe it. Despite your strength you have no control over ki. I'll ask you one last time. Will you change and leave your past behind?"

Drawing her daggers, she hissed. "I will never let you hurt Bakura. I will fight you until I die! This battle won't end until my heart stops beating!"

"Very well."

Bakura stopped. How could he do this? How could he leave her? He could not let his queen fight while he ran like a coward. She had no idea who he was facing. He had to go back. He just could not bear to think of life without his Queen of Thieves. She had tamed his wild heart with her even wilder one. He turned his horse around. "Diabound, make sure Cattabound gets somewhere safe, okay?" And with that, he rode off.

This could not be happening. How had this happened? How was there someone who could take her down on their own? After she had trained her tail so it would not be a weakness, she thought that she had reached her limit. But who were these monsters that could control this light that burned so much? They had been losing to the goddesses, Thief Queen, and sacred lions until their hair changed golden and their eyes changed to a light greenish blue. 'I'll miss you Bakura, my king. I'm sorry, please, don't do anything foolish. I love you.' She braced herself for death. Just before the beam hit, she felt herself being grabbed and shielded from the blast. She opened her eyes and stared into the smiling, dying face of her King of Thieves."No..."  She whispered in disbelief. "NOO!!!! BAKURA!!!"

Goku stood back in disbelief. They truly loved each other. He had never seen anything like this from anyone he
had fought. But something was happening to her. And it was not super saiyan. Her snow white hair became silver and grew longer and more spikey. Her black eyes became a deep, dark, bloody red. Her brown tail became black and she sprouted black fur all over her body. "Vegeta! Do you know what this is?"

"T-there was a legend-a legend that said-that the half saiyan daughter of a low-class saiyan would be on the line between good and evil-with the blessings of a goddess from another universe- would become the most feared thing in the multiverse and decide the fate of all!"

Goku was shocked. Now that her energy was bigger, he recognized it. "Gomon?"

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