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The demon leapt, crying out a blood curdling battle cry, and crashed into his midsection.The demon brutally sliced and crushed, until he tripped over a snake. In that brief moment the demon yowled out in pain and rage, for it was not a snake, but a tail. He raised his eyes to the well muscled demon: red and yellow cloak, brown tail, blue boots, white hair, and scars. Lots of them, enhancing the feeling of intimidation. a cold look set on the eyes of this....... female? "You're a....... girl?"

Insulted, her rage increased, and she sliced everything around in her rage. Seeing his chance, he yanked at the tail, hoping to distract her. Instead, she dropped the blade and passed out. Bakura lifted the blade to slay her, but he was curious. How had she achieved that strength? How could one girl have the power of a hundred or more men? He needed to have that power. "You can live for now, kid, but i want to know about this strange power."

Now that she was unconcious, he was able to look at her more closely. She was quite beautiful, really,in an intimidating way. A goddess that was easily angered and was to be revered and feared. A tank top exposing the stomach; wristbands; a sash around the waist with a strange jewel and two daggers; a skirt reacing to her shins; bulky even a body builer would envy; a head band, stained with human blood by the smell; a silver armband with a snake amulet, an amythest in its mouth; and a gold choker with a lapiz lazuli depiction of a cat deity, probably Bastet or Sekhmet, both violent when angry. As he leaned to take a closer look at the strange jewel in the sash, the millenium ring began to shine. Frightened, he moved away from the sleeping fighter.

Ugh. Nothing was more uncomfortable than sleeping covered in sand. Shaking it off, the warrior rose. Licking the former victim's blood off of her wrist, she realized that someone was there."Looking for this?"

A feral growl came from her as she turned around. "Let go of the blade, scarface."

"Hmph. You're covered in scars too, you know. By the way, you're going to tell me how you did that. Become that strong, I mean."

She was going to tell Him? She roared out a chilling laugh. "Hah! Why would I tell you anything?" A quick jab to the neck took him out as she grabbed the gruesome blade and ran off.

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