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"So why or how are you here?"

Starabound turned around. "Your daughter and the daughter of Bastet were not just close. They were both, as you would call it, 'my "Eyes'".

Goku stepped back. "Your eyes? EEWWW!"

The other three face-vaulted. Grabbing her head as she got up, Gomon replied " Daaad, it means they were her incarnations? You know, like they had her power? Ugh, it's very hard to explain to someone who doesn't know it."

As Goku still had a clueless look on his face, Bakura explained " Think of Cattabound and Gokura as if they were you and Vegeta and Starabound as Vegito. Only instead of just being the perfect fusion, Gokura and Cattabound were also the perfect defusion."

Goku somehow understood all of that. "Oohhh."

Gomon approached the mysterious anthro. "Wil I be able to get my daughter and my friend back?"

Starabound turned her head away in shame. "Yes, but it is difficult. For now, I can't even remember my purpose as goddess of the new moon, let alone how to seperate my being from the two entities. I wonder if this is how Ra felt when he created Sekhmet and my half-mother. Bastet, I mean."

As she spoke, the dawn came, beautiful and more radiant than ever before, as if on the shimmering wings of a great dragon, the western part of the sky becoming a soft blue. A brilliant creature came down from the sky with opalescent wings and jewel-like eyes. "Mistress, you must go, for the sun will be out soon and should he see you he will surely try to chase you down."

Confused, Starabound cocked her head to the side. Of course, seeing as she was spirit of the new moon, it was quite likely that the sun would not be pleased to see that she hadn't yet left. "Very well, I will go, for even though I remember nothing, I have a feeling that since I am the goddess of the new moon, I may be nocturnal."

Goku instantly perked up. "Hey, you could stay at my place! I'm sure no one will mind."

She thought about this for a while, but before she was about to accept, she remembered something from her Eyes's memories: a terrifying black haired woman, frying pan in hand, dealing punishment to all, not even children or the innocent saved from the wrath of the ancient Fry Pan Martial Arts, incapacitating warriors containing godlike strength.

In a panic, Starabound took off screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

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