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 Saiyan of the Shadows

It was just a normal day on Mt. Paozu.Goku, Gohan and Goten had just finished sparring and were just staring at the infinite sky."Hey, Gohan?"

"Yea, Goten?"

"Do you think that there's another universe out there, and we're main characters in a famous anime series there?"

"I seriously doubt that, Goten. thats just crazy."


Goku instant transmisioned to Chichi. "Goku where have you been! You know that the baby is DUE TODAY!"

After many hits on the head with the frying pan to Goku, a beautiful baby girl with silvery, fluffy, spikey, gray hair was born. She was lovingly named Gomon by her father, so she didn't have to be named after some great scientist by her mom. Her life would be an adventure like no other.

"Gomon, have you infiltrated the temple?"

"Yea, so where's that monster thing Bulma? By the way, how'd you come up with this game? Its awesome. "

"I actually got the idea from Trunks. The monster should be summoned once you enter, okay?'

"Got it." dashing to the temple, she saw the ancient pharoah summoned the monster. Before she could attack, it launched her outside. Forgetting it was all a game, the warrior released a real energy wave, malfunctioning the system and creating a wormhole. Bulma could only look on in horror as Goku's 5-year old daughter was transported to an unfamiliar time and place.

The infamous tomb robber agily dashed into the tomb. Usually he could pick through the site with leisure, but recently there had been tombs that were not only robbed already, but also devastated completely. As the others before, this one was already robbed, but he caught a glimpse of an animalistic human monster. So this was the creature who had dared to make a fool of the great thief king Bakura! Caught in his anger, he failed to notice the glowing eyes of this demon, one who drained the blood of its prey and loved the feeling of bones crushing beneath it.

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