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Saiyan Imperium Saiyan imperium.png
Sadala, Solara System
Age 739
Form of Government
Saiyan Armed Forces
  • United Earth Alliance (Ally/former enemy)
  • The Saiyan Imperium (Formerly known as the Saiyan rebellion and Saiyan Transitional Government) is a interstellar government formed by the Saiyan Race. Thay quickly rose to power after the Saiyan-Tuffle War and became known as a feared warrior nation.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Saiyan-Tuffle War[edit | edit source]

    In Age 725, a group of Saiyans began to revolt against their Tuffle masters. This small ragtag group of saiyans led by Zucane and his mate Hanasia quickly gain more Saiyans to join their cause. This revolt grew into a Rebellion. The rebellion at first was not taken seriously by the Tuffles, but when the Rebellion began to gain more and more influence and became a thorn in their side. The first battle that ignited the Saiyan-Tuffle war began in Age 734 when Zucane and Hanasia led an attack on a major Tuffle science facility, the same facility where they rescued little girl who thought was saiyan with birth defect was actually a Saiyan-Tuffle Hybrid named Lee'sa.

    Reclaiming Sadala[edit | edit source]

    In the next 5 years (Age 749) the Rebellion successfully wipe out all the Tuffles, (except one) on Planet Sadala. With the Saiyans united and reverse engineered Tuffle technology left behind. The Saiyan Transitional Government was formed.

    Battle of Plant[edit | edit source]

    In that same year, multiple alien nation that was under Tuffle occupation began to rebel and retake their planets. This caused the Tuffles to lose their control and territory. The Saiyan government used this opportunity to find the Tuffle Home world; Plant and attack it just enough to cause the Tuffles to surrender unconditionally. When the Planet was found, Zucane, the leader of the government lead a scouting team to confirm, but were all killed when the Tuffle unveiled a Weapon called Project HYK-01X. Taking over has Leader, Hanasia leads a team of elite Saiyans to Zucane’s last location. They encounter the machine and managed to defeat when Hanasia transformed into a Super Saiyan. Unknown to her team and the Saiyan Race. The Tuffles secretly infect her with a parasite with a mind changer and pre-program orders to make a path for the Tuffle's return. Hanasia complete destroys planet Plant an takes on the title of Queen of all Saiyans.

    Rise of the Imperium[edit | edit source]

    In Early Age 740, The Transitional government reformed into the Saiyan Imperium and Hanasia is the queen. The Imperium gained a lot of influence since they are the one who “destroyed” the Tuffle. Many planets aligned themselves with the Imperium. However, under Hanasia regime, she kept a tight grip on them for she would say that it would prevent a Tuffle-like empire to rise. They soon were able to connected with the Galactic Net and were taken notice by a Mega corporation called the Planet Trade Organization.

    Plorean Incident[edit | edit source]

    Human-Saiyan War[edit | edit source]

    Invasion of Earth[edit | edit source]

    Saiyan Reformation[edit | edit source]

    Treaty of Parniss[edit | edit source]

    Tuffle Resurgence[edit | edit source]

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