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Saiyan Elite Zucini

Our main Saiyan,Shoku,is a isolated Saiyan.

Saiyan Chronicles:Prologue (SC) takes place 10 years before Planet Vegeta exploded,this tells the chapters of Saiyan Chronicles,and the Prologue,which introduces twin brothers,Shoku and Butsu.The narrator is Shoku, who speaks in his perspective.

Episode List[]

Chapter 1: Saiyan Chronicles: Brother of Bardock,Kakarot's Uncle[]

Chapter 2: Saiyan Chronicles: A Perilous Prophecy[]

Chapter 3: Saiyan Chronicles: Freeza's Backstory[]

Chapter 4: Saiyan Chronicles: Explosia's Domination I[]

Chapter 5: Saiyan Chronicles: Explosia's Domination II[]

Chapter 6: Saiyan Chronicles: Lost in the Lies[]

Chapter 7: Saiyan Chronicles: Freeza's Conspiracy[]

Chapter 8: Saiyan Chronicles: Freeza Betrays the Saiyans[]

Chapter 9: Saiyan Chronicles: Reunions I[]

Chapter 10: Saiyan Chronicles: Reunions II[]

Chapter 11: Saiyan Chronicles: Resurrection of Bardock and Team[]

Chapter 12: Saiyan Chronicles: Meeting Kakarot and the Farewell Chapter[]


Hello,I am Shoku,and here's my brother Butsu. "Oh hello,we're Raditz's uncles!" Butsu said. I asked him,"When's he gonna be born? Hope he has a good power level!" Butsu told me that he would be born in 6 months. I was ecstatic. I was going to have my first nephew,hope he makes me proud. But in the galaxy,there was a evil terror looming...


King Vegeta was newly crowned. "It is an honor to serve as your king,and I will continue to protect this planet!" the king said. We had just exterminated the trash, Tuffles. I was a major asset,for if it wasn't for me,there would be no planet Vegeta. Then,an unnamed race,(Arcosians for Funi and Ocean lovers) came down to Vegeta. They helped us,and told us about a man...named Freeza.That name stroke fear into the hearts of the universe,even the Kais feared him. They told us that Freeza will give some members of our race what we strive for,pure destruction. Many members accepted the offer,and that's how the Saiyans went under Freeza's boot!