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This article, Saiyajin Renka, is property of Cocoabean.

Saiyajin Renka is a story detailing Separa and Caulo, two Saiyans. It is the first romance story written by Cocoabean on this wiki.

The Rose Falling[]

"It is still you I desire."

A Heavy Heart[]

"Words can't describe my love for you."

Cursed Petals[]

"Love..is a Saiyan supposed to feel this..?"

My Heart[]

"I'd never leave you, Caulo."

Hear Me Out[]

"To even love you..to describe my feelings is impossible.."


"I may not be able to see you..but my heart aches for you."

Lock the Room[]

"Is it wrong to be sentimental? Maybe, but I will commit millions of sins just to be yours."


  • I created this story after my breakup with my boyfriend.
  • It is possibly one of the only romantic stories here.
  • "If cancer is our love, I hope you don't have the science of chemotherapy."- Honorary quote by D-Disk.