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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Species: Mrovian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mrov
Birthdate: Age 285
Date of Death: 2 September Age 777
Maximum Power Level: 1,400
Height: 271 cm or 8'11"
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Orange
Rank: Mrovian Navy Admiral
Organizations: Mrovian Republic
Favorite Vehicle: Fortress of Attainment
Voice Actor: Hyper Zergling

"Commencing sterilization!"
The Empire Strikes Back

Commencing Sterilization

Saibron (pronounced /'saɪbrɒn/) is an Admiral of the Mrovian Navy and commands the Mrovian warship Fortress of Attainment.

Physical appearanceEdit

As a Mrovian, Saibron possesses green skin and does not have a nose, a mouth, or ears. As a warrior in the Mrovian Navy, Saibron wears a suit of Mrovian combat armor. As per his rank, Saibron's armor is primarily gold in color, trimmed with a silvery white, and his helmet and shoulder pauldrons are of more ornamental designs compared to Mrovian warriors of lower ranks.


Saibron is the Admiral in command of Fortress of Attainment, and commands the Mrovian warriors over the planet Typhon against Nitro's forces led by Fassfu. After Chaiva reveals hat the invasion of Typhon is just a diversion and that the main target is Mrov, Cuber asks the Mrovians to not attack Chaiva. Saibron agrees to Cuber's request, but also warns him that should Chaiva betray them, he will have no choice but to sterilize the entire system.

Eleven years after Nitro's at the hands of Cuber, his daughter, Yuki, invades Typhon with a small fleet. Sensing Yuki's power, Saibron orders his crew to fire upon her with the Fortress of Attainment's sterilizer. Yuki telekinetically stops the vessel's plasma bolt, and then redirects it back in a more concentrated form. The resulting beam cuts through the Fortress of Attainment, detonating the entire ship and killing all on board.

A few days later, Saibron and those aboard the Fortress of Attainment are revived by the Dragon Balls via Cuber's wish. Their suits sustain them in the vacuum of space as they wait to be rescued by other Mrovians.
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