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Concept art Freeza 5th form by Gothax


Sage is an Ice-Jin that is not related to Frieza or Cooler, however, shares the same race. He appears to be the strongest warrior in the Planet Trade Organization. However, his power does not match his Leaders.


Death Beam

Super Death Ball - An ability where Sage forms two Death Balls in each hand and combines them together into one, gigantic Super Death Ball. He then propels this at his enemy and possibly destroys the planet along with his enemy.

Death Ball

Super Nova

Super Explosive Wave


  • First Form

​While his first form is very powerful, he has one more transformation. Sage in this form is very powerful and at Full Power of this form, he shakes the ground around him and the terrain begins to rip apart peice by peice.

  • Second Form

​Upon arrival to his second form, Sage's power rages higher then ever seen in this stories history (so far.) He believes that he is invincible in this form, and however is proven wrong. In this form, at full power, he literally causes earthquakes and rips the terrain of an island in half even at 20% of his full power.