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I am soon going to be reviewing people's work. I will take suggestions on what to review, but it may take time to get around to as I'm going to write professional reviews not just pros and cons posts, so if you want your's done in the coming times, feel free to post a comment. SSJ3Ascension 02:00, May 28, 2011 (UTC)













Sixth Review[]

When I read the first paragraph I expected it to be a childish, story sense the including of blood dripping from the start, but then I came to realize it is actually one of the better Fan Fics that I have read. To start of the review I would first like to say this is a definite A+ on my rating chart. I enjoyed how the story pondered slowly through the journey of young Krillin, and often moved at a nice enough gradual pace to keep the story a somewhat relaxing read. To add to this point, I just enjoy that its about Krillin especially since its in the Dragon Ball period, and that was when Krillin's character mainly entertained me.(well that and the Frieza saga). I also believe the author used great word choices for pretty much every sentence, especially nearing the end of story. I also like how he describes Krillin's journey, as being a hard, treacherous road to some perspective. (which granted it was) So overall I'd like to say it was a great read and a must read for any true Dragon Ball fan.


In stars: 9/10

Cons: The only con I can seem to include is that the speed kinda off set the fight and or short confrontation scenes.

Why Bother?[]

Ah, humor in the Dragon Ball universe at its best. When I started off reading the story, I could instantly tell it was to be a great humorous story to remember. To begin I would like to say I found no flaws in this writing as this is a quick humor moment, so there can be no canon or other issues. The story was just that much more hilarious with the repetition of Why bother? I'll only get hurt anyway, I also believe aside from the humor the writing was excellent at explaining what was occuring, using a great variety of language choice. As for anyone not knowing much about Yajirobe this would also give a decent overview of what he did in dragon ball z. Lastly I would like to say it greatly portrayed his attitude on being a careless lazy lard.

Rating: Z

In stars: 10/10

Cons: None!!!