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This article, SMT (Saiyajin Military Tactic), is the property of Raging Tiger Style.

Vegeta (Early) (Fireza Saga)

Vegeta used this combat system before training with the Z-Fighters.

The Saiyan Military Tactics, AKA SMT, is a form of military training overseen by the saiyan warriors. It was taught to forces under the supervision of the Cold Family.


The large saiyan presence in the Cold Empire's military forces had a profound impact on military operations following their addition to the ranks. In time, a mixture of saiyan ideas and traditional military training made way for SMT. Saiyans were able to develop basic hand to hand combat skills and more effectively wielded their ki powers with tactics offered by starfighter pilots.

Vegeta combined his SMT with the martial arts of the Z-Fighters to improve his hand to hand capabilities, but still used many princples of aerospace combat to use with flight and ki blasts.


It is primarily used by most every soldier who has at some point served under the command of the Cold Family, including:

  • Vegeta
  • Nappa
  • Raditz
  • Turles
  •  Bardock
  •  Fasha
  • The Ginyu Force
  • Cooler's Armored Squad