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Ryu's Revenge (aka DBA Movie 3: Ryu's Revenge) is the third entry of the Dragon Ball Advanced movie fan fics and is a sequel to the first entry, "The Supreme Meridian". The movie is set after SuperNova Saga and just before the events of the Intergalactic Tournament Saga. The story takes place a day after the events in SuperNova Saga, as the new Z-Fighters discovering where is Shenron after capturing all seven Dragon Balls. Trying to find clues, they all split up to see what happened and if Shenron was already out of the dragon balls. When Montezulma, Azul, Titan head to West City, they discover a shocking surprise... the return of Ryu, and he's stonger and has new powers for the Z-fighters.


When the Z-Fighters, June, and Prof. Willis found all the Dragon Balls and trying to cast much needed wishes, they discover Shenron is gone. Confused and wondering more about Shenron's disappearance, the gang splits up to different parts of the world to find Shenron. As Ganon and Youle head to the Southern Hemisphere, Kue and Carian head to China and Russia, Prof. Willis and June cover North City, Montezumla, Azul, and Titan head to West City. At West City, they all discover a shocking surprise. When they believe it was Shenron, it turns out to be Ryu. Shocked because of Ryu's return, Montezulma, Azul, Titan tries to finish him off for good. However, Ryu surprises them with a few new tricks of his own. Since he was forced underground in "The Supreme Meridian", he absorbs the Earth's enegry through its Core and minerals; refueling his strength and sworn for vengenance, Ryu begins using his new powers aganist the gang. Seeing no way to contact the others, Montezulma, Azul, and Titan have to stop the new and improved Ryu on their own. But for how long?

Featured Characters[]

The New Z-Fighters[]

  • Montezumla
  • Azul
  • Titan
  • Ganon (Seen and mentioned)
  • Youle (Seen and mentioned)
  • Kue (Seen and mentioned)
  • Carian (Not Seen, but Mentioned)


  • June - The z-fighters' best friend; she treats them as if she is their manager. She tries to search for Shenron with the help of Prof. Willis.
  • Professor Willis - The group's advisor; head scientist of the North Divison of Sane Corp. He along with June tries to search for Shenron.


  • Ryu - The so-called "The Supreme Meridian"; he ruled Meridia for years in ancient times. After being defeated and was forced to stay underground since the first movie, he's been harboring new powers by absorbing Earth's minreals and the enegery from the planet's core. He soon reappears just in time with his full strength and new powers to tkae vengeance on the Z-Fighters.


  • North City - Hometown of the Z-Fighters, Prof. Willis, Potter, June, and Melody.
  • West City - Montezulma, Azul, and Titan head there to see if Shenron would be there, but they soon encounter Ryu.