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"Who’s Vegeta anyway? You’ve never mentioned a Vegeta to me. Whoa, wait! His name is almost as weird as yours. Is he like your brother or something?"
Ryori, trying to figure out who Vegeta is

Ryori Hareki
晴氣はれき•りょり, Hareki Ryori
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Bean Daddy

A Quest for Booty

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: 青岸せいきし, Earth
Birthdate: February 17, Age 761
Date of Death: n/a
Birth Power Level: 0.0001
Maximum Power Level: 4
Personal Pronouns: オラ
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 82 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Student at Seikishi City School District (Age 766 - Age 774)
West City Middle School (Age 774 - Age 775)
Student at Blue Hal High School (Age 775 - Age 779)
Organizations: Starchasers (support) (Age 776 - present)
Favorite Food: Uni
Favorite Vehicle: Shoekki's motorcycle
Hobbies: Playing video games, stealing girls' panties, playing soccer, drawing
Family: Shoekki (brother)
Ledas (friend/roommate/husband)

Ryori (晴氣はれき•りょり, Hareki Ryori) is a human in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the fourth, fifth, and sixth sagas and is introduced in the chapter "Hazing".

Ryori is also featured as a minor character in A Quest for Booty and is a main character in the West City Saga of Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



Ryori is a human. He is a 13 year old boy at the start of The Forgotten. He is skinny and is normal height for his age. He has short, messy brown hair and blue eyes. He looks a lot like his older brother Shoekki otherwise, but has noticeable youth in his face; as well he lacks a beard.

Ryori usually wears his school uniform during the Planet Earth Saga. When he's off from school in that saga, he tends to wear dark-colored long-sleeved shirts with faded blue jeans. When Cardinal captures Ryori at the end of that saga, Ryori is seen wearing a white-and-blue hoodie with black jeans and black-and-white shoes. He continues to wear that set of clothes throughout the Reunion Saga and throughout much of the Fulfillment Saga. Near the end of the Fulfillment Saga, Ryori is also seen wearing black shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt with his usually black-and-white shoes.


Ryori's personality is very similar to that of Ledas, which is something that may have influenced their later friendship. Growing up around his brother Shoekki, Ryori's mental structure was heavily disturbed. So even though he is mostly playful and childlike, there are instances where his warped thinking come into play. This is seen several times in the school setting where he also expresses his alpha male mentality. However when not in school, Ryori is significantly less dominant. As revealed in the final chapter of The Forgotten, Ryori is a huge fan of Mr. Satan, and he becomes very fanboyish and excited when talking about the Champ.

After losing Shoekki, Ryori becomes incredibly angry and vows to kill the people who killed his brother. He becomes rather reckless and puts his own life at risk during this time. He adheres to the morality of "an eye for an eye" and doesn't see killing people are wrong. After he gets his revenge, he has some coping issues, and he tries to get rid of these through playing games and whatnot. It is suggested that he even starts drinking some alcohol in the finale of The Forgotten. Ryori has abandonment issues as well, and once he thinks that Ledas is going to leave to go off with Vegeta, he appears quite distressed. Of course, this does not happen, so Ryori's fears are removed by the end of the story.

Early in the West City Saga, Ryori agrees with Jia that he needs to return to school lest he mess up his life. He doesn't trust her at first, since she has been sent by Cardinal. Ledas assuages his fears somewhat by reminding him no human can touch him while Ledas protects him. The boys work together to scam Ledas through a seventh-grade education, Ryori taking the lead to teach the Saiyan how to write many common kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Before bed, Ryori asks Ledas how he deals with having killed people, as he is haunted by killing Supreme General Silver. Ledas reminds him that he had been forced to kill Silver, as the man had tried to kill him, and thus he has nothing to be ashamed of. Ledas says he's proud of Ryori for showing strength in that moment and promises he'll stay on Earth permanently, a major reason for that being his friendship with Ryori. This makes Ryori feel a lot better.

During the early days of the boys' class, Ryori tries to keep Ledas' identity a secret, pretending he's his cousin from the countryside. He and Ledas make friends with the other seventh-graders by the end of the first day. That night, Ledas leaves before bedtime, which triggers Ryori's abandonment anxiety. Ledas promises he's just going to train with Vegeta and will be back in the morning, promising that whenever he's away, Carawa will protect Ryori in case Cardinal tries anything. This once again eases Ryori's mind.

Ryori doesn't like Ledas' plan to complete the rest of the class while in Super Saiyan 2, but he cannot convince Ledas otherwise so drops the issue. Jia is concerned that Ledas' hair will be misconstrued as dyed, but since it isn't, Ryori knows he's in no danger, bringing up a case of a girl who had sued her school for forcing her to dye her naturally brown hair black. After the seventh-graders discover Ledas has a tail, he and Ryori convince them that the boy is just an animorphaline user.

Ryori takes part in the scheme to steal the ecology test answer key, showing he's not above using dirty tactics to pass the class. He knows how to break into Ms. Kairyupin's, as he had done so with his brother when they had been younger and much poorer. Ryori isn't happy with Ledas fighting Master Kamome, but after Ledas annihilates him, he's really impressed, perhaps marking the beginning of him falling for the other boy.

Ryori steals a pair of Ms. Kairyupin's panties shortly after he, Chiwan, and Ledas break into her apartment, showing he's oftentimes at the mercy of his hormones. During that scheme, Ledas is forced to fly the other kids out of Kairyupin's apartment so they can escape before their teacher notices they're in there. Afterward, Chiwan hugs Ledas and thanks him for the amazing experience. Ledas doesn't know what a hug is, thinking it's an invitation to spar, which forces Ryori to explain to him what's going on. The next day, Ryori shows the seventh-graders footage of Tien's battle against Jackie Chun in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, explaining that not only is he a WMAT superfan, but he's still trying to convince the others that Ledas isn't an alien, just a skilled martial artist.

Soon after, Ledas and Ryori begin their swordfighting competition, which marks the utmost beginning of their relationship (which is not official at this point). After learning that Azashi's older brother Anraku works at a bar called the Guac, he negotiates with him to buy a private room for a night of fun with weed and alcohol. Ryori has a significant desire and curiosity to try those substances. He's quite upset that Ledas isn't able to make the trip to the Guac the next night. Ryori doesn't show any attraction to Chiwan while he, Tabashi, Chiaki, and Azashi discuss her, which hints at him being homosexual. After he's caught by a police officer while running out of the Guac drunk, he's returned to Jia, who uses her SAARO connections to save him from being put in juvenile hall. Afterward, Ryori takes a much more positive view of Jia, considering her a good lady.

He is annoyed at Ledas for not going to the Guac with him and the others, thinking the boy had abandoned him. After Ledas explains that he had been off-world with Bulma researching PTO rejuvenation tank technology, his mood improves. He's ecstatic when Ledas promises to take him on a ride on his gravity training unit now that Bulma has installed an AI to pilot it.

Ledas and Ryori begin flying to school instead of having Jia drive them since they continue to get ready for school later and later, barely leaving them any time to get there. Ryori doesn't like that Ledas flies so fast and is often scared by how recklessly the Saiyan flies through the city.

When the seventh-graders take a trip on Ledas' gravity training unit, Ryori is overcome by emotion, perhaps experiencing the overview effect, seeing Earth from orbit. He doesn't want Ledas to admit he's an alien, but the Saiyan tells the other kids anyway since they already know he has a spaceship.

On June 7th, after learning that day was Ledas' birthday, Ryori is surprised and disappointed the Saiyan doesn't want to celebrate it to any extent, thinking he had been messed up badly by the PTO. Ryori's quite embarrassed by Ledas making a spectacle of himself during Ms. Mahobi's history lesson about the Saiyan invasion of Age 762. At lunch, he gets between Tabashi and Ledas, preventing a fight (Tabashi's father had been killed by Nappa, so he hated Saiyans), reminding Tabashi he has no chance against Ledas. Later, he tells Ledas that they will get Mahobi back for giving Ledas detention, which touches Ledas deeply. The bond between them strengthens considerably from then on.

Ryori helps Ledas cheat on almost all of his in-class assignments, writing answers for him to copy before erasing them and writing down his own. Ryori believes Mr. Satan defeated both Cell and Buu, which exasperates Ledas.

When Ledas and Ryori are attacked by Dr. Usuba's Kiseibachi, Ryori is badly injured. After defeating them, Ledas gives Ryori his last senzu bean, saving his life. Realizing this, Ryori shows immense gratitude to the Saiyan, especially since Ledas is significantly wounded at the time as well. The two begin dating in the aftermath, sharing their first kiss on top of the Royal Tottenham Bottling Company skyscraper. They get rid of their beds, replacing them with a single king-sized one so that they can enjoy greater intimacy.

During the "worst song of the year" contest in chapter 9 of the West City Saga, Ryori admits he doesn't hate the Justin Bieber song "Yummy", showing he has terrible musical taste. In chapter 10 of the WCS, Ledas accidentally left out a piece of paper in the master bedroom of his house that says "no-underwear-allowed area", which reveals to Tabashi and Chiaki that he and Ryori are dating. Ryori is embarrassed, though he later tells Ledas in private that they would've found out eventually, so it didn't matter too much. Ryori is happy that Ledas enjoys spending time with his friends even after two of his Saibamen were killed earlier in the chapter, saying that their presence was helpful for his mental health.

Later, after Chiaki, Tabashi, and Ledas received detention for their Spice Off challenge stunt, Ryori and Chiaki show Tabashi how to get away with detentions by signing their parents'/guardians' names on the detention slips in different handwriting, showing he's been in that position before and isn't naive about how to deal with it.

Ryori showcases impressive memory skills helping Ledas cheat during their English final. He had to write two entire essays from memory (one for Ledas, one for himself) to get them through the test. When the seventh-graders muse on what jobs they most desire when they're older, Ryori thinks being a porn star would be the best, which Anraku considers idiotic and short-sighted, as anyone in that field would get bored of sex very quickly.

In chapter 12.5 of the West City Saga, when Ledas and Ryori visit the ruined PTO outpost on Planet Cooler 92, Ledas shows Ryori where he had grown up. They share some passionate moments before Ledas finds Ryori a set of PTO armor in the armory, which he thinks looks rather erotic on his boyfriend. He admits life is a lot better with Ryori in it, thinking he couldn't have gotten through the past year without him.

During the bonus chapter of the West City Saga, Ryori expresses doubt that Ledas could have penetrative sex with a woman, though he finds it conceptually funny.

Ryori and Ledas have no respect for humans who just sit there and watch commercials. After spending considerable time with Ledas, Ryori develops more of a trollish, chill personality. His anxiety disappears after he and Ledas get together. He becomes more confident in who he is as a person.


Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Planet Earth Saga[]

Ryori, at the start of the Planet Earth Saga, was an active student at the local middle school. When Ledas arrived, he was put into Ryori's class. Quickly, through some naughty escapades, the two became friends. As the story progressed, Ryori played the role of a teacher to Ledas, showing him Earth customs and habits to which the Saiyan had no previous knowledge. Ryori was often annoyed with his older brother, Shoekki during this time. Shoekki was generally a good older brother to Ryori, though he was often nosy, and would sometimes be rough with his brother when using alcohol. Ryori, however, had to live with his brother, regardless.

When Cardinal came to town to hunt down Ledas, Ryori was kidnapped to be held as a hostage in drawing out Ledas. Ryori was stuck aboard Ledas' gravity training unit when the new Red Ribbon Army, under Cardinal's lead, used it to escape Earth and the terror of Majin Buu.

Reunion Saga[]

When they landed back on Earth, Ledas broke free and destroyed the remaining New Red Ribbon Army guards on his gravity training unit. Ledas told Ryori about his brother's death, causing Ryori to burst into tears. Ledas had to leave at that point, as he could feel Guva's power. This left Ryori alone. So Ryori took Dewberry's gun and left the ship. He eventually found the New Red Ribbon Army headquarters and conspired to kill everyone within the place. However, before he could, Silver and the remaining soldiers left for the battle site (between the Z Fighters and The Benefactor) out on the countryside. Ryori stole away in one of their trucks and went with them. After they all arrived, Ryori stayed where he was and just watched the soldiers set up their sniper teams. Soon, they were all destroyed by Ledas' Lightning Strike.

Ryori was injured during this too, but since he was hiding in a transport vehicle way in the back, his wounds were not as bad. After seeing the devastation the attack did to the army, Ryori cautiously jumped out of the vehicle to survey the area. He heard the cries of General Silver and quickly made way to him. After a brief speech where Ryori told Silver that he was going to get vengeance for his brother's death, he put a bullet through the good General's head.

Fulfillment Saga[]

Ryori was captured by Private Wisconsin after the end of the last saga. Once Wisconsin brought him to the city in order to be used as leverage against Ledas, Ryori woke up and escaped. Of course, Vegeta and The Benefactor were dueling above the city at the time, and their energy attacks ravaged much of the area. Ryori was injured by their attacks, though his wounds were not very severe. After Vegeta and The Benefactor left the city, Ryori and Cardinal were rescued by Nurse Yorokobi. As he was being carried to an ambulance, Ryori picked up a shard of glass and then attacked Cardinal with it. This forced Nurse Yorokobi to sedate Ryori. Afterwards, Ryori was put into the same hospital as Cardinal, though there was a police presence around his room at all times. Because he attacked Cardinal, he was technically going to be arrested and charged with attempted murder once he woke up.

After Ledas defeated The Benefactor, he traveled to the hospital and confronted Cardinal about Ryori. He forced Cardinal, under threat of death, that he had to bribe the police and get Ryori out of trouble for free. Additionally, Cardinal was forced to buy Ryori a new house to live in and pay for all of his expenses as penance for him murdering Ryori's brother. Cardinal begrudgingly agreed. A few hours after that, Nurse Yorokobi and an unconscious Ryori engaged in the first part of the second deleted scene of The Forgotten.

After Ryori woke up, Ledas and he went a local aquarium to see the whale who could jump out of his tail. Then, Ledas told Ryori about what he had forced Cardinal to do. They went to West City thereafter and moved Ryori's things into his new house. From then on, he mostly played video games and did what boys do. On May 12th, Age 774, Ryori read Ledas' letter from Cardinal and agreed to go with Ledas to Cardinal's tournament.

The two arrived at the tournament on May 19th, and stayed the night in a large hotel suite. Ryori didn't sleep the entire night, instead eating lots of food, (possibly) drinking some alcohol, and swimming in the pool. In the morning, he watched Ledas' tournament fight in the stands and got his face painted like Chiaotzu. After Ledas dueled with Vegeta, Ryori went with the two Saiyans back to Capsule Corp. to feast. In The Forgotten's finale montage, Ryori was last seen playing video games with Ledas in his new house, and he looked quite happy.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

West City Saga[]

On May 28, Age 774, Ryori and Ledas were playing video games in their home when Jia arrived. She informed them that she had been tasked by Cardinal to be their caretaker for the next five years and would make sure they completed middle and high school, otherwise they'd lose funding for the house. She had enrolled them in a four-week accelerated summer program (that would start next Monday) to get them through the seventh grade. They agreed to complete the class, though Ledas refused to allow her to put in place a curfew, citing his training with Vegeta sometimes going late into the night. After learning about Vegeta marrying Bulma, Jia requested a visit Capsule Corp. with the Saiyan because she wanted to snag a prototype CLEAN-BOT 1000 to help her with the housework. Ledas said they could go tomorrow.

That evening, Ryori and Ledas cooked dinner (fried rice and potstickers) while discussing the upcoming class. Ledas was worried he wouldn't be able to complete it since he couldn't read or write. Ryori suggested he use afterimages to fly around the room and cheat off of the other students' papers. Ledas liked this idea, seeing it as a way to train while in school. Ryori asked him if he trusted Jia. Ledas wasn't concerned. Ryori noted that Cardinal could try to kill them again given what had happened in the previous weeks, but Ledas promised he wouldn't let Cardinal's team hurt Ryori again. Ryori resolved to pass the class no matter what, as he did not want to be sent to live with his grandparents in the Red Sea.

The next day, before bedtime, Ryori helped Ledas practice his penmanship on certain common kanji. An hour later, the boys were in bed watching Jerry Springer. Ledas was excited to scam the humans in the morning. Ryori found his flippant nature strange. He wondered how Ledas could be like that after killing so many people. He asked him how he dealt with that because he was still harboring anxiety over killing Supreme General Silver in the Reunion Saga. Ledas shared his perspective, noting that he had killed mainly under Frieza's orders and would take it back if he could. He reminded Ryori that he had only killed Silver because the man would've killed him otherwise, and thus, he had nothing to regret. He was proud of Ryori and explained how he had nothing to apologize for. He told Ryori he was his best friend and the main reason he was staying on Earth, which put the other boy in a better mood. After finishing the episode, they fell asleep.

On May 30th, Ledas and Ryori attended their first day of classes, meeting Mr. Takkuro, Ms. Kairyupin, and Ms. Mahobi for the first time, along with their fellow students, Chiwan, Hachi, Azashi, Chiaki, Tabashi, and Ippi. Ms. Mahobi began the first lesson (grammar and spelling) by telling the class she would do her best to get them through the seventh grade in the month she had been allotted. She reminded them that the schoolwork would be intensive and advised the kids to get to know one another and study together to improve their chances of passing the class.

During lunch, Chiwan revealed that she and Hachi transferred to West City after catching whooping cough earlier in the year, which caused them to miss more than two months of school. Their father was transferred to West City after The Benefactor and Vegeta damaged the city, which was why they were enrolled in the class. Ryori admitted he had been caught up in that disaster, getting sidelined for weeks after part of a building had fallen on him, causing him to miss the end-of-year exams. Chiaki revealed he had been held back due to not attending classes because of his "acute type III post-modern malaise", as ascribed to him by his therapist. He was able to skip school because of that (and thus miss his end-of-year exams), although he recognized that was unsustainable and not useful for his future.

Hachi wondered what Ledas' deal was. The Saiyan had barely participated in the conversation, pigging out on his lunch. Ryori lied that Ledas was from the countryside. After the kids pressed him, Ledas said he was from Vegetaland far in the south. The kids began planning a get-together at Hachi and Chiwan's house, but the twins noted that their father turned the wifi off at 10:00 p.m. Chiaki ranted about how unfair that was. Azashi thought he was being unreasonable. Ryori mentioned that his house had a nice TV and they didn't have a curfew, so the class could hang out there. Chiwan challenged Ryori to a game of Smash, which he accepted. Chiaki offered to show Ledas how to beat Regret (from Halo 2) on Legendary, as he had recently beaten it with his sister. Ms. Mahobi watched the kids babble on from her office while finishing her lunch.

Later, during Mr. Takkuro's algebra class, Ledas fooled the other students into not being able to see him move about the room using afterimages to cheat off their papers.

After school, the kids walked to Fushimi Station sans Hachi and Chiwan, whose mother picked them up in a hovercar. Azashi mentioned that he had been cooking with wine his brother had given him. Ryori asked to talk to his brother so he could get hooked up with some too. They reached the train station. Ledas was overwhelmed by the amount of people. Azashi and Ippi said goodbye, walking to the third floor where the north-to-south line ran. Tabashi and Chiaki ordered food from a vending machine. Ryori whispered to Ledas that they'd need to get money from Jia tomorrow so they could have after-school snacks too.

Seeing this, a nearby woman, Subutayo, got up from her vegan propaganda table to confront Tabashi. A pair of vegan beta males assisted her in bullying the boy. Ledas found the concept of veganism abhorrent and unbearable. Chiaki mocked her. Ledas wanted to fight them, but Ryori held him back. Nevertheless, he exhaled a breath of air that flung their table and flyers away. The vegans retreated to collect their precious belongings.

Chiaki and Tabashi left on the east-bound train. Since nobody was around, Ledas broke into the vending machine to procure Ryori and himself minced katsu sandwiches. His tail popped out while doing so, which Chiaki noticed from the train. The west-bound train soon arrived, and the boys left.

That night, after an episode of Jerry Springer, Ledas sprung out of bed and got dressed into his training garb. Ryori asked him if he would be back by morning, which he promised he would be. Ryori shared abandonment anxiety with him, especially since his older brother was dead. He asked if Ledas was going to make Earth his home from now on. Ledas confirmed he was, as the other Saiyan survivors had settled on Earth. Before Ledas left, Ryori asked him once again if they could trust Jia. Ledas promised that if she or Cardinal tried anything, Carawa would protect Ryori, whether Ledas was off training with Vegeta or exploring other planets.

In the morning, after Ryori woke up and went to the kitchen for some orange juice, he noticed Ledas sleepwalking down the hall in Super Saiyan 2. He woke Ledas up. Jia came into the kitchen, saying she saw Ledas sleepwalking in the guest bathroom last night. Ryori reminded him he was in Super Saiyan. The Saiyan didn't know how he ended up out there, though he noted he had a history of sleepwalking both on his homeworld and Planet Cooler 92. Jia asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast, as they'd need to leave for school soon. Ryori wanted French toast, while Ledas demanded eggs and bacon. After getting ready for school, the boys returned to eat breakfast. Only two slices of bacon were ready, and they weren't cooked as crispy as Ledas liked, so he tried to make one crispier with a ki blast. However, he overdid it, turning the bacon to ash.

Ryori reminded him he was still in Super Saiyan. Ledas said he wouldn't leave the form until he had mastered its energy consumption. Ryori didn't like the idea, as Ledas might prove to be a danger in class. Jia didn't think it was a good idea either, as Ledas' hair color was now different, and his teachers would not tolerate that (dyeing one's hair in West City schools was not allowed). Ledas was appalled by human culture relating to dyeing one's hair, saying it wasn't the teachers' business. Jia noted that dyeing one's hair was seen as an act of rebellion and would reflect poorly upon her, but Ledas didn't care, stating again that even if he had dyed his hair, it was none of the teachers' business. He plucked out a hair to show them it wasn't dyed, which eased their anxiety somewhat. Ryori brought up an old case of a girl with naturally brown hair being forced to dye her hair black because her teachers didn't believe that was her natural hair color. She was able to sue the school for a lot of zeni. Thus, Ledas would be safe. While Jia relented, she preferred if Ledas didn't go to school in Super Saiyan. Ledas ranted about humans thinking they had the right to enforce hair color policies on students before scarfing down his plate of bacon.

During class, Ms. Kairyupin began her lesson. Shortly after roll call, she paused the lesson, asking Ledas to accompany her to the nurse's office. The kids murmured amongst themselves.

At lunch, the kids confronted Ledas about his hair. He tried to tell them that it wasn't dyed, but they weren't buying it. Chiwan noted that his eyes were a different color too. Chiaki revealed that Ledas had a tail, pulling it out of his pants to show the others. Chiwan asked if he was an animorphaline user, and Ledas went along with it at Ryori's urging. While they found it weird, nobody pressed the issue. Azashi passed out samples of lobster agnolotti, offering to cook everyone dinner on Friday. The seventh-graders were eager for the feast.

Ledas complained about how boring Ms. Kairyupin's lectures were. Chiwan wasn't looking forward to the ecology test on Friday. She asked the others if they'd be down for stealing the answer key. Tabashi, Azashi, and Ippi wanted nothing to do with it. Hachi didn't like the idea, but he couldn't say no. Chiaki, Ryori, and Ledas were in as well. Ryori offered to break into Kairyupin's house, as Shoekki had taught him how to years ago, and after Kairyupin had targetted Ledas earlier (for his hair), she deserved to get worked over. Ledas beamed at his friend for showing support. Ryori thought about swapping out her shampoo bottle with some that had hair dye in it, but Chiwan didn't want him to lose focus on the task at hand.

Chiwan found Kairyupin's address on her phone, while Chiaki said that some of them would have to check her school office too. Ryori was ready to do it that night, but Chiwan had violin practice and Hachi had choir practice, so they wouldn't be ready until the next day. Ryori offered to coordinate their scam at his house after school. Chiaki demanded refreshments and food, which Ledas heartily agreed with. Ryori told him to get Jia to cook the food, as he wasn't going to.

On June 1st, Ledas and Ryori took part in deleted scene #1. Later, Mr. Takkuro taught the seventh-graders math. Ledas was able to complete the assignment without cheating, though he was clearly injured from sparring with Vegeta. His condition deteriorated during Ms. Mahobi's lecture. During Ms. Kairyupin's lecture, he nearly revealed his game by blowing wind around the room when he awkwardly landed back in his chair. Nobody noticed except Ryori, who stifled his laughter with a hand over his face.

After school, Ledas struggled to walk, feeling pain in his knee. Ryori approached him, asking what was the matter. Ledas admitted that Super Saiyan 2 was draining him more than he expected and he just wanted to go to sleep. Ryori reminded him that they needed to get Kairyupin's answer sheet that night, so they weren't relaxing anytime soon. Steeling himself, the Saiyan resolved to find his second wind. Chiaki told them Hachi and Chiwan had been picked up by their mother, so the three were on their own.

In front of the staircases leading up to Fushimi Station, a large crowd had gathered around an Aikido showcase. Master Kamome engaged in a practice demonstration with three of his Aikido students (while the others watched), tossing them around like common housewives. Anyone who challenged Kamome and beat him would win Ƶ3,000,000 (after paying the Ƶ7200) entry fee). Ledas was appalled at the showcase, stating that the acolytes were engaged in an elaborate hoax. Chiaki didn't believe him, but Ledas didn't back down, noting that the acolytes were moving too slowly, using intentionally ineffective movements and attacks. Chiaki wasn't convinced; Ryori thought they were street scammers. Several onlookers criticized Ledas as being a stupid kid who didn't know anything. Ryori defended his friend, telling them Mr. Satan would destroy Kamome in a fight. Ledas asked Ryori if he could fight against Kamome to prove his point, but Ryori didn't want him to make a scene. Ledas promised he wouldn't raise his power level above Kamome, going forward with his plan anyway (much to Ryori's annoyance). He hated the arrogance of Aikido and felt the need to put its practitioners in their place.

Kamome finished his last acolyte, leading the crowd to give him a rousing bout of applause. Ledas booed him even as the applause died down, which embarrassed Ryori and entertained Chiaki. Kamome ignored him and asked for any challenger to come forth. Ledas convinced Chiaki and Ryori to help him pay the entry fee, then confronted the fake martial arts master. The crowd laughed at him. Chiaki ranted at Ryori for pressuring him to hand over zeni that would surely be lost. Kamome dismissed Ledas, but after the Saiyan took his Hazumi stance, the man reconsidered, recognizing Ledas' martial arts experience. He asked Ledas who his master was. Ledas had no master. Kamome introduced himself as a Ninth Dan Aikido Master, the reigning champion of the Underground Martial Arts Masters Tournament, and the purveyor of the purest style of martial arts. Ledas wasn't impressed. He mocked Kamome. Kamome retorted that his techniques were too dangerous to use in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Ledas was unconvinced and requested the man to attack. Kamome bowed and an acolyte demanded Ledas do the same. The Saiyan would do no such thing.

Ledas attacked with a straight slow lunge, mimicking Kamome's pupils. After fending off Kamome's parries, he hung his punch in the air, allowing the man to grab him by the wrist. Ledas spun around, rising to the air, hitting Kamome in the nose with a spinning back fist, sending him flying into a wall. The master had been knocked unconscious. The crowd cheered for Ledas as he collected his winnings. Chiaki and Ryori were floored by Ledas' skill. Ryori had to admit that Ledas was an amazing martial artist for his age.

A man from the crowd was unconvinced, challenging Ledas to fight for his winnings. Not one to back down from a fight, Ledas urged him to come forth. He parried the man's punch, breaking the guy's wrist in the process, then slapped him away with his tail. The crowd once again went wild for Ledas, but he ran off with Ryori and Chiaki. They entered Fushimi Station, jumping on a train that had just arrived and getting away before anyone could corner them for an interview.

On the train, Ledas gave Chiaki and Ryori Ƶ1,000,000 apiece, thanking them for helping him pay the entry fee. Impressed though he was, Ryori held his tongue. Chiaki thanked Ledas profusely, saying that his family would really put the money to good use. Ryori was unconvinced, theorizing that Chiaki would use it to buy a bunch of games for his Switch.

The boys returned to Ryori and Ledas' house soon after. Ledas snagged a mango from the tree in the front yard before Carawa popped out of the bushes, running over to greet them. Chiaki freaked out, but Ledas assuaged his fears by telling him that Carawa was part of his pack of domesticated Saibamen. Chiaki believed they were dinosaurs. Jia, having heard Chiaki's scream, opened the door and let them in. Hachi and Chiwan were inside. Hachi was petrified of Carawa. Ledas apologized for taking so long, Chiaki explaining that Ledas had been in a martial arts street fight. Jia brought them a platter of food, also giving Ledas a bowl of hot and sour soup spiked with poison before excusing herself. Chiaki thanked her, calling her "Mrs. Hareki". Ryori told him that Jia was their caretaker and was not related to him. Nevertheless, Ledas complimented her and called her part of the crew, which touched Jia deeply.

Ledas recounted his bout against Master Kamome as Jia retreated to her room. The kids got to work on their scheme, Ryori taking the lead on breaking into Kairyupin's apartment. He told them about how he used to pull the fire alarm inside apartment complexes (after leaving convincing, smoldering evidence) with Shoekki, which had worked well in the past. While slurping down his soup, Ledas said that if that didn't work, he had a foolproof backup plan. When Chiwan pressed him, Ledas refused to answer, stating that if Ryori's plan worked, nobody would ever know what he had intended. Chiwan asked Hachi to accompany Chiaki to the school to search Kairyupin's office while they went to her apartment.

However, they didn't know how to break into an office, so Ledas suggested they take his Saibamen with them. Ryori thought the Saibamen could break through a window and replace it after the kids were done searching the room. Ledas promised the Saibamen would listen to Chiaki and Hachi. Carawa jumped up from the couch, raising his juice box to the air, confirming he'd help. Hachi was scared of Carawa, but Ledas told him the Saibamen wouldn't hurt his friends no matter what.

Without warning, Ledas shuddered and ran to the trashcan, vomiting up the soup. He cursed Jia for preparing something that he assumed had gone bad before returning to the couch to fill his belly up again with mozzarella sticks.

That night, Ms. Kairyupin returned to her apartment (the doorman letting her in) with groceries. Chiwan, Ryori, and Ledas followed her inside, Chiwan lying to the doorman that their mother had sent them out for kaffir leaves. The doorman let them in, not wanting to be interrupted from watching a baseball game. They got off the elevator on the fourth floor and moved to the utility closet. Ledas broke down the door. Ryori set some paper on fire inside a plastic bag and threw it inside, closing the door. When smoke began seeping out from underneath the door, he pulled the fire alarm, then hid behind a vending machine while Ledas and Chiwan hid behind a trash can.

In her apartment, Ms. Kairyupin prepared a pot of yellow curry chicken while watching a soap opera (The Youthful and the Anxious). The fire alarm went off, causing Kairyupin to flee out the door, running down the stairs with her fellow flatmates. After everyone cleared out, Ledas, Ryori, and Chiwan entered her apartment. Ledas checked her study, Ryori checked her bedroom, and Chiwan checked the living room for the ecology test answer key. Ryori yelled out in triumph, so Chiwan ran into the bedroom only to find him holding some fancy lingerie. Ryori said that he'd be stealing the panties as a souvenir, which Chiwan found detestable, as that was probably one of Kairyupin's most expensive pieces of clothing. Ryori dismissed her concerns, noting that teachers probably made tons of money, so it'd be no big loss. Chiwan wondered whether he had a thing for their teacher, but Ryori rebuked her, stating she wasn't anywhere close to his type. He just wanted something to remember that day by.

From the other room, Ledas called them to the kitchen, where the yellow curry had boiled over onto the countertop and Kairyupin's purse. Ledas had found the answer key in her purse, and though it was covered in curry, Ryori took pictures of the papers. Ledas snagged a bowl from the cupboard and poured himself some curry when he sensed everyone returning to their apartments. The kids noticed the fire alarm was no longer ringing. Before they could run out, they heard Kairyupin close the door, entering the apartment. On their hands and knees, they scurried into her bedroom as she reached the kitchen. They hid in the bathroom. Kairyupin followed them in, taking several cleaning sprays from beneath the sink to clean up the curry mess, ranting and cursing.

Ryori thought their best bet was to sneak out the window, which Chiwan thought was insane since they were on the fourth floor. She assumed they were joking, but Ledas flew in front of her, showing that he really could do that. Ryori noted that several warriors in the World Martial Arts Tournament knew how to fly, and thus it made sense Ledas, who was a martial artist in training, could do so. Chiwan didn't think Ledas could hold them, as he was scrawnier than Hachi. Ledas flew out of the window, asking them to hop on. Ryori did so without question, climbing onto Ledas' back (where he was most comfortable). He extended his hand to Chiwan, who struggled to make a decision. Finally, she decided to trust him, jumping into his arms. He caught her, holding her close. They descended to the ground, Chiwan freaking out the entire way down. Once it was over, Chiwan complimented Ledas, saying that was one of her craziest experiences ever. She hugged him; he didn't know what that was, asking Ryori if she was trying to spar with him. They realized Ledas didn't know what a hug was. Ryori promised to show Chiwan footage of martial artists flying in previous World Martial Arts Tournaments. He received a text from Chiaki telling them the answer key hadn't been in Ms. Kairyupin's office. The kids walked off, Ryori texting him back that they had the goods.

At school the next day, the seventh graders took notes on a video of King Furry, Ledas doodling in his notebook instead of doing what he was supposed to. During lunch, the kids noticed workers replacing Kairyupin's window. Chiaki told the others about what had happened the previous night, causing them to laugh. After school, Ledas, Ryori, Chiwan, Hachi, Chiaki, and Tabashi studied at Ryori and Ledas' house while watching Jerry Springer. Tabashi was the only one who didn't study the answer sheet.

A little while later, the kids watched a news report on the computer of the West City Middle School janitor telling a story about how he saw a leprechaun on the campus grounds. His posse provided lots of love and support. The reporter showed a 180p picture of Carawa before interviewing supposed eyewitnesses. Chiaki was thankful the picture had been blurry enough to obscure the Saibaman's appearance. The kids found the interview to be hilarious, Chiaki speculating that the janitor and his posse had been trolling the news. Hachi wasn't so sure.

Ryori loaded up a video of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament where a handheld video from the stands showed Tien Shinhan flying during his match against Jackie Chun. Chiwan didn't know if she could believe it, but Ryori told her she was acting stupid, as the WMAT was the most prestigious fighting event in the world. Chiwan revealed that Ledas had flown them out of Kairyupin's apartment to the others. Chiaki wasn't surprised, reminding them that Ledas had destroyed an Aikido master the day before. They looked over to Ledas. He had fallen asleep on the couch, causing them to face fault.

That morning, Ledas and Ryori had their first sword-fighting competition, which was deleted scene #2. An hour or so later, Ms. Kairyupin was late to class. Ippi wanted to ditch after fifteen minutes. Tabashi told her they couldn't leave no matter how late she was. Chiaki and Ledas were willing to bail, but Chiwan warned them they'd get detention if they left. Kairyupin flung open the door, red-faced and sweating, apologizing for her tardiness. The copier had gone wonky, so she had been forced to switch to a different version of the ecology test. The kids realized they had studied a version of the test they were no longer taking, and in horror, had to deal with the fact they weren't prepared for the real test.

During Mr. Takkuro's class, the kids took notes while Ledas experienced obvious discomfort in his wrist. In Ms. Mahobi's class, he winced from discomfort in his ribs while pretending to take notes. At lunch, Azashi presented his classmates with a Hawaiian pizza with scallions, onions, and bacon. Everyone had some. Azashi revealed that he had made the pizza himself with a pizza oven his parents had given him for his birthday two years prior. They debated the merits of pineapple on pizza, with most (particularly Ippi, Ledas, and Hachi) loving it. Chiwan thought it was okay, but pepperoni and jalapeños would've been better. Ledas ate more slices than anyone else, his hunger briefly abating his physical pain.

After school, Azashi, Ippi, Tabashi, Chiaki, Ryori, and Ledas walked to Fushimi Station together. Azashi asked the Saiyan if he was coming to the party that evening because he would require extra portions. Ledas promised he would. Then, he kicked off into the sky, claiming he had to do something before joining them. The kids were blown away by his ability to fly. Azashi noted that he too was a prodigy and would prove it at dinner. Chiwan gave him a hard time for boasting.

That evening, Azashi held a dinner party at his house. All the seventh-graders were there. Azashi's mother and brother (Anraku) ate with them. Later, Tabashi, Chiwan, Ledas, and Azashi played Super Smash Triplets: Mega Ultimate Champion Mr. Satan Limited Edition. Ippi played on her phone while Hachi cheered his sister. Chiaki and Ryori sat on the other side of the room with Anraku. Ryori negotiated with him to get a private room in the Guac (the bar Anraku worked at). Anraku told them they could sneak in through a back door in the kitchen and promised nobody would throw them out.

Ledas received a call on his cell phone, stepping away from the game (Chiwan swiftly eliminated his character). Soon after, Tabashi won the game, defeating Chiwan (Azashi came in third place). Anraku told Ryori that his private booth would be available from nine to ten tomorrow night. Ryori reminded him that he wanted the deluxe package, which his older brother Shoekki used to order, which should include alcohol and weed. Anraku didn't think that was a good idea but didn't stop him. Ryori swore nobody would get wasted. Anraku didn't believe him.

On the night of June 4th, Tabashi, Ryori, Chiaki, and Azashi met up outside of the Guac. Ryori couldn't get ahold of Ledas, so the four decided to go inside without him. Azashi led them around back, banging on the kitchen door. An employee let them in. Ryori handed him a Ƶ25,000 bill for his trouble. Running through the kitchen, the boys made their way to their reserved room. Inside, there was tons of alcohol as well as blunts and ground-up weed. Tabashi and Ryori went for the beer, while Chiaki lit a blunt. Azashi showed Tabashi how to use the bottle opener (though he took the beer for himself afterward). Ryori nearly threw up after tasting the beer, incredulous as to how anyone could stomach it. The kids settled in, the alcohol hitting them hard and heavy.

Later, the boys were on the couch smoking their second joint. Tabashi didn't find the beer to taste that bad. Ryori disagreed completely. Getting drunker, Tabashi rocked out to "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj. Azashi monologued about bangers and mash. Finishing his fourth beer (no one else had finished their second), Tabshi took off his shirt, swinging it over his head while running around the room.

Chiaki asked his friends if he should text Chiwan that he liked her. Ryori warned him that she was feisty, but Chiaki liked that about her. Azashi warned him that he was only confident enough to text her because he was drunk and would cringe over what he texted her tomorrow. Chiaki asked them what they thought of Chiwan. Azashi and Tabashi thought she had great breasts and was hot, though she wasn't Ryori's type. Tabashi urged Chiaki to text her. Azashi cautioned restraint. Tabashi asked to see Chiaki's phone so he could text out a reply, as he was the only one of the four to have had a girlfriend before. By this point, Tabashi was on his sixth beer. Chiaki reluctantly handed over his phone. Tabashi texted a few lines before giving it back. Reading what he wrote, Chiaki was outraged, but before he could complain, Tabashi vomited all over the floor. At that moment, a stripper entered the room bare-chested. Azashi and Chiaki gawked at her (Ryori thought nothing of her). The stripper was horrified seeing young boys in there, fleeing out the door.

Azashi realized they were in trouble, jumping to his feet and telling them they needed to get out of there. Chiaki helped Tabashi to his feet. Ryori and Chiaki pocketed several blunts before following Tabashi and Azashi out. Azashi lagged behind as the others ran back to the kitchen door. Bursting out the door, the boys were met by a pair of bouncers. Startled, the men were slow to react as Tabashi peeled off to the left and Ryori and Chiaki peeled off to the right. One bouncer went after Tabashi, while the other pursued Chiaki and Ryori.

The boys tried to lose the bouncer in the crowd, but there weren't many pedestrians on the street. Ryori ran into a policeman. Seeing this, Chiaki faltered, allowing the bouncer to reach him. Ryori, realizing they'd been caught, cursed loudly.

Later, Jia and the Saibamen watched 90 Day Fiancé. The doorbell rang. Wilde paused the show. Jia went to see who it was. A police officer had Ryori in tow. The boy staggered inside. Jia smacked him on the back of the head and asked him where he'd been. Ryori gave a vague answer. The officer told Jia that Ryori and his friends had been in a bar and gotten drunk. He was going to charge him with misdemeanor minor in possession. Jia gave him a SAARO card, telling the man she was fostering Ryori under the orders of King Furry and would do anything to make the charge go away. Seeing that the king was involved, the officer agreed to let Ryori off with a warning, though if he ever caught the boy doing anything illegal again, he would charge him no matter what. Jia thanked him and said that if he was ever looking for a promotion, she'd put in a good word for him.

Once the officer had left, Jia demanded Ryori explain himself. Ryori said he didn't feel good and needed to lie down. Jia was fine with that but said they'd continue the conversation in the morning. Ryori thanked her for getting him off with a warning. He agreed with Ledas that she was a nice lady before stumbling to his room. Jia felt a great deal of pride, restraining herself as best she could.

In the evening of June 5th, Ledas returned home. He found Ryori in the living room watching baseball on television. Ryori was peeved at Ledas, saying he'd been texting him for the past two days without hearing back. Ledas apologized, saying he'd been off-world with Bulma and hadn't received the texts until he returned to Earth. He told Ryori about the rejuvenation tank adventure, which eased Ryori's emotions. He asked his friend what had happened on Earth while he was gone. Ryori told him about the debacle at the Guac. Ledas apologized for not being there and offered to make it up to him by taking him on a ride in his gravity training unit to any planet he wanted to visit, as Bulma had installed an AI to pilot the ship for them. Ryori was delighted, eager to see Jupiter and Neptune up close.

While Ledas ate chicken korma, he asked them to change the channel, as he couldn't stand baseball. Jia assumed he was going to rant about how stupid and barbaric humans were, but that wasn't it at all. He said that since Goku and Vegeta had chosen Earth to live on and had humans as mates, he didn't see why it'd be any different for him. Because of that, he loved Jerry Springer, as he found the showcase of human culture very informative. Jia changed the channel to a romantic movie where a woman and a man were kissing. Ledas thought the woman was trying to bite his lips off. Jia and Ryori had to explain to him what kissing was.

Later, Jia, Carawa, Ryori, and Ledas played monopoly. After Carawa lost most of his money to Jia, he rage quit, running down the hall screeching while the others watched The Three Stooges, having a grand old time.

The next morning, Jia cooked breakfast while Ledas and Ryori had a sword-fighting competition to mark deleted scene #3. They ate breakfast fairly late, leaving just a few minutes before class began. Ryori hopped on Ledas' back (a natural position for him) and the two flew off through the city, reaching the school in under a minute. Ledas used his fingers to comb Ryori's hair into something semi-presentable before they ran to class.

In class, Ms. Mahobi led a history lesson. A video played on a projector. Mahobi told them they would be studying the four species-ending disasters that week. The kids would have to write an essay on one of the disasters to be submitted the following Monday. She asked the class what the first disaster was. Chiwan instantly answered that it was King Piccolo's attempted usurpation of King Furry. Mahobi praised Chiwan for her knowledge, telling them about King Piccolo's near annihilation of humankind. Ryori watched the clock, impatient for class to end. They watched various videos of King Furry, King Piccolo, and kid Goku. When Goku's tail was shown, Chiaki looked at Ledas, Ryori noticing.

After school, the kids went to Fushimi Station together. Azashi showed Chiwan and Hachi how to buy tickets to get onto the platform. He ended up having to do it himself because the train arrived just then. They rushed onboard, nearly missing it. They got off at Sanshō Station, walking to Chiaki's house a few blocks away. They found Chiaki's older sister Shuku and her boyfriend in the living room, which startled the kids. Shuku was smoking from a bong, noting that her professor had canceled her final class of the day, which was why she had come home early. She threatened to tell their mother Chiaki had brought friends over (he was grounded after the debacle at the Guac). He told her not to be a rat. She said he should chill out and take a hit from the bong, calling him Chiyakisoba. The seventh-graders laughed at his nickname. Chiaki insulted Shuku to her boyfriend, saying that she went through guys every week or two and he'd be no different, before marching out to the backyard, his friends following him in awkward silence.

Ledas activated his gravity training unit from its capsule and everyone went inside. Theodosius greeted them, asking if Ledas wanted to train or return to Planet Frieza 173. When Chiwan asked where that planet was, Ryori tried to lie that Theo was malfunctioning, but Ledas firmly told them the truth. Chiwan wanted to see Earth from space first, so Ledas gave the command to Theo. Everyone strapped in to their seats and the AI piloted the ship into the sky.

In orbit around Earth, the kids unbuckled from their seats, Hachi falling to the floor and vomiting profusely. Ledas asked Theo to clean it up. The AI sent out a pair of CLEAN-BOTs to deal with the mess. Everyone moved to the looking window. Chiwan teared up, overcome with emotion. Ippi recorded a video for her TikTok. They were struck by how bright Earth was in the sea of black. Ledas told them that it was one of the most vibrant planets he'd ever visited. Ryori didn't want him to say that, but Ledas rebuked him, stating that their friends knew Ledas had a spaceship, so they had to expect he'd been to other planets before. He wasn't going to treat them like they were stupid.

Chiwan realized Ledas was an alien. Ledas said to him they were the aliens. Chiaki asked if he was Goku's son. Ledas knew Goku but wasn't related to him. He explained they were Saiyans. He recounted how Planet Vegeta had been destroyed by Frieza, thus they had come to Earth to find a new home. Ledas said he loved the climate of Earth. Chiwan hugged him, empathizing with him for losing his homeworld. She said Earth could be his new home and he was welcome to live out his life with them. Hachi called her cheesy for saying that, but she didn't care.

Ledas asked them where they wanted to go next. Tabashi suggested Jupiter. Ledas ordered Theo to take them there.

On the morning of June 7th, Jia was awakened by a strange beeping sound. She noticed Ledas passed out in the guest bathroom as she went looking for the source of the noise. It didn't take her long to realize the sound was coming from Ledas' space pod (which was in the backyard). Jia returned to the bathroom and woke Ledas up. When he heard the sound, he shuddered.

Ryori joined them in the backyard. Ledas swore there wasn't anything wrong with his ship but refused to explain what was going on. After he hesitated to open the pod door, Ryori did it for him, triggering a song the Plantains had recorded mocking his birthday. He ran into the pod to turn off the song (otherwise it'd loop forever), noting he'd disable it if he knew how. Ryori asked if those voices were the members of his PTO team he'd mentioned before. Ledas confirmed it. Ryori felt sorry for him that his teammates had been so abusive. Jia wanted to know if he wanted a party for his birthday. Ledas wasn't comfortable with that human custom. He requested they treat it like a normal day. Ryori was flabbergasted, not understanding why he didn't want a big party with everyone from school. Ledas said having attention on him was awkward and he'd prefer to just chill. Ryori believed the PTO had really messed him up; Ledas returned to the house, hoping to get a few more minutes of rest before class began.

In Ms. Mahobi's history class, the seventh-graders learned about the Saiyan invasion of Earth. Mahobi recounted that a group of eight warriors had gathered to fight the Saiyans and their little green men, most of whom were previous World Martial Arts Tournament participants. She noted that while the name of the little boy (Gohan) wasn't known, these same fighters appeared at the Cell Games some years later. Chiwan recognized Yamcha from the Taitans. Ledas couldn't hold in his laughter when he saw Nappa and Vegeta. He was in disbelief that Nappa had gone bald. Hachi didn't understand how Ledas knew the aliens' names. Mahobi threatened to give him detention if he didn't settle down. She next showed them an interview with Yajirobe in a restaurant. Ledas once again laughed. Yajirobe told the reporters that the aliens were called Saiyans, promising Goku and the other warriors would deal with them.

Chiaki recalled Goku was the kid who defeated King Piccolo. Mahobi praised him for remembering that, noting Goku and Yajirobe joined the battle later for unknown reasons. She gave a brief overview of the Saiyans' destruction of East City before showing news footage of the Z Fighters fighting the Saibamen. The seventh-graders had a visceral reaction, realizing those beasts were of the same species as Ledas' pets. Mahobi told them Yamcha was killed by a Saibaman, but the rest of the fighters made short work of the Saibamen. After another close-up of Nappa, Ledas guffawed. Mahobi gave him one final warning not to disrupt the class again. Chiwan brought up that Nappa had also destroyed a second city, Cumin City, although there was no footage of it. Tabashi added that a navy detachment had been lost too. His father had died in the battle. Mahobi agreed, although King Furry had refused to share any footage of the incident. She showed additional footage of the battlefield after Nappa killed Tien and Piccolo. She said that by this point, the fighting had shifted elsewhere, with Goku and Yajirobe joining the battle. Ledas asked what had happened to Nappa. Mahobi told him he had died in the fighting, which Ledas found odd, as he didn't believe any of the fighters could match his power level of 7300. The other kids thought he had chūnibyō because he was measuring power as if they lived in a video game.

Having had enough, Mahobi gave Ledas detention. The boy was most displeased but said nothing. Mahobi stated there was almost no footage of the second stage of the battle, but the Z Fighters won without taking further casualties. The only bit of footage was a shaky helicopter camera shot of Vegeta falling from the sky unconscious (after getting hit by the Spirit Bomb). Yajirobe and Goku were visible on the battlefield. Vegeta got up, releasing an explosive wave that glitched out the camera. The last footage they were shown was of Nappa's space pod blowing up in a government facility. Tabashi watched Ledas, anger coloring his cheeks as he grit his teeth.

At lunch, Tabashi confronted Ledas, accusing him of being just like Vegeta and Nappa (who supposedly killed Tabashi's father). Ledas dismissed his concern, saying he hadn't been on Earth when that had happened and wasn't involved, so he didn't feel any guilt. Tabashi screamed that Saiyans weren't welcome on Earth before punching him in the face. Ledas hardly felt it; Tabashi recoiled, his hand numb with pain. Ryori jumped up and got between them before a fight could break out. He told Tabashi Ledas wasn't responsible for anything Nappa had done. Tabashi brought up how Ledas owned Saibamen like the other Saiyans, thinking Ledas was just like them. Ryori recommended he sit down, lest Ledas kill him in under a second. Chiaki lamented not getting to see Tabashi go flying like Kamome had. Chiwan backed up Ryori's point, noting he had been the one to show them other planets up close, a life-changing experience for all of them. Ippi lamented that everyone thought her TikTok videos were fake. Chiwan said she should let the haters hate, as they didn't know any better. The kids continued their conversation, the tension easing.

After school, the seventh-graders played a game of soccer with some other kids their age. While playing, Ledas was distracted, sensing Usuba's Kiseibachi manipulating his energy in the New Red Ribbon Army lab. Not understanding why he was sensing his own energy so far away, he missed the ball, allowing Tabashi to tackle him. Tabashi passed the ball to Chiwan, who moved past Ryori to score a goal. She crotch-thrust in Ryori's face (he had never experienced a greater horror) before her team swarmed her in celebration. Ryori was mad at Ledas for letting Tabashi get that pass off. Ledas said he wasn't going to power up beyond their power levels to keep things fair. Ryori reminded him that Tabashi was still pissed at him. They'd have to deal with that.

Ledas' watch timer went off, which meant his detention was almost over. He prepared to leave when Ryori told him they'd get Mahobi back for what she did to him, which put Ledas in a great mood. He flew back to school (in front of everyone, shocking the soccer players) to finish his detention.

On June 8th, Ledas and Ryori arrived to class just before it began. Everyone gawked at Ledas, who was donned nearly head-to-toe in bandages and casts. He told them he had overdone it while sparring with Vegeta the previous night. They recognized Vegeta as the guy in blue from the previous day's history lesson. Ledas admitted as much, though asked them not to tell Ms. Mahobi. Ms. Kairyupin entered a minute later, beginning her lesson for the day. Later on, during a vocab test led by Ms. Mahobi, Ryori helped Ledas cheat by writing answers for him to copy before erasing them and writing down his own.

Following the end of the school day, Ryori and Ledas walked to Fushimi Station, arguing over Mr. Satan's abilities. Ryori was convinced he'd beaten Cell. Ledas was adamant it had been one of the Z Fighters. Ryori also mistakenly believed Mr. Satan had beaten Buu, but Ledas shut that notion down quick (though he credited Mr. Satan with an assist, for what it was worth). Fushimi Station was terribly crowded, so they decided to fly home. Ryori asked him to fly slower, as he couldn't withstand high speeds like the Saiyan.

Soon after taking off, the boys were attacked by something they could not see. Explosions went off around them. Ledas created an energy shield around them, but the blasts broke through, sending them crash-landing onto the top of the Royal Tottenham Bottling Company skyscraper. Badly burned and unconscious, Ryori lay in a crumpled heap. Ledas got to his feet, his body thrumming with pain. Again the invisible enemy attacked, explosions going off all around him, sending him flying into a wall.

After getting to his feet, Ledas was attacked again. The Kiseibachi hit him into another wall. He was damaged significantly by a slew of attacks that sent his body flying like a ragdoll. With an explosive wave, he destroyed the closest attackers. The rest came at him, but he released another explosive wave, destroying the rest of the swarm. Ledas noticed the charred shell of a Kiseibachi, taking it in his hand. He limped over to Ryori, force-feeding him the last remaining senzu bean to save his life.

Waking up, Ryori asked what had happened. Ledas didn't know, though someone had to be hunting him. He wasn't concerned, as even in his weakened state, he had easily handled the Kiseibachi. Ryori was worried that Ledas was injured, but the Saiyan lied that he was fine. He was more anxious about Ryori. He revealed he'd given Ryori the senzu. Upset, he thought Ledas could've used it more, which Ledas found funny, as it showed Ryori was worried about him. Ledas noted he wouldn't be able to train for a few days, but he was alright. They bickered playfully before deleted scene #4 began. Therein, after Ryori thanked Ledas for saving his life, the two shared their first kiss and began dating before returning home.

After arriving home, in deleted scene #5, Ledas told Jia about the Kiseibachi before asking her to replace his and Ryori's beds with one king-sized bed. While she was surprised, Jia agreed to do so. Later that night, she investigated, noticing the boys sleeping in the same bed and realized they were dating. She texted Cardinal the details.

On June 9th, Jia, Ledas, and Wilde were in the kitchen, the former two working on Ledas' history essay. Wilde enjoyed pineapple juice while watching television. Ledas wanted her to add a point about how ineffective King Furry was in defending Earth from the Saiyans. Jia didn't want to, as that could be construed as disrespectful to the monarchy. Ledas didn't back down, asking her if they lived in a free society or a totalitarian regime where one could not speak one's mind. Ryori entered. Jia said Ledas could say whatever he wanted about the king, but his teachers might lower his grade for offending them (without any way of proving it). Ledas refused to remove the line, stating that were it not for the Z Fighters, Earth would've been conquered years ago. Jia didn't want to add that point either, as while correct, Ledas' teachers would think he was acting like a delusional chūnibyō. Ryori agreed with Ledas' assessment, though he thought Ledas might get another detention for speaking badly about King Furry. Ledas didn't care, saying he'd do another afterimage showcase if that happened. However, that'd be two strikes against Ms. Mahobi. Wilde left, having finished his pineapple juice.

Ledas asked Jia how they could prank Ms. Mahobi. Jia refused to help, worried they could be expelled if they were caught doing anything to their teacher. Ryori dismissed her concerns, stating they weren't going to do anything serious or get caught. Ledas' power and speed would protect them. Ledas also wanted to add a point in the essay about how Mr. Satan was a fraud, incapable of beating even King Piccolo. He and Ryori bickered over Mr. Satan's abilities, with Ryori noting Ledas would probably get a shitty grade if he disparaged the world champ. Ledas didn't care because it wasn't like he was going to become a scholar. They were able to convince him to soften his language, however, to not risk getting too bad of a grade. Jia tried to get Ledas back on track by analyzing the Saiyan invasion.

On June 11th, the seventh-graders convened on Mr. Hakimoto's yacht, Knot Me Daddy along with Hachi and Chiwan's parents and siblings. Mr. Hakimoto wore a beachside version of his fursuit (which was a wolf). The kids were at a table having a "worst song of the year" competition. Tabashi submitted "Freak" by Doja Cat. They thought the song was low-energy and boring, with the singer being terrible. Finally, Ryori had had enough and played "Gooba" by 6ix9ine. They insulted the childish lyrics, with Chiaki making a joke based on a lyric that most of the kids (except Ippi and Chiwan) found funny. He wasn't very happy Chiwan didn't like his joke. Chiaki played "Yummy" by Justin Bieber. Most of them were creeped out and found it cringe, but Ryori didn't think it was half bad.

Hachi and Chiwan darted off with a go-pro to their older brother Hizara, who was standing on the port-side with a drink. Tsuwa ran over to the table where the others had remained, noticing Ledas trimming his nails with invisible ki blasts. Tsuwa retreated to her sister Donburi, traumatized. Donburi shot her with a squirt bottle, causing Tsuwa to run over to their father. Hizara measured the depth of the ocean beneath them (8.52 meters), deeming it shallow enough for their game to begin. Chiwan threw the go-pro over the edge, then asked everyone else if they wanted to play a game of who could find the go-pro first. Tabashi was scared of sharks. Hizara used the boat scanner to confirm there weren't any within three miles (and he'd let them know if that changed). Chiaki flirted with Chiwan, boasting that he had been a great diver in kindergarten and would easily find the go-pro before her.

Chiwan jumped overboard. Tabashi took some goading from Hizara before he went over. Hizara threw Hachi overboard after the boy hesitated to jump, making the others laugh. Hizara then accused Chiaki of having a thing for Chiwan. Chiaki tried to deny it, but he didn't convince the young man. He chucked Chiaki overboard as well. Mr. Hakimoto asked him to ease up on the boy, as he didn't want to receive a call from Chiaki's parents later. Hizara told him he didn't have to pick up the phone if he didn't want to be involved in drama.

The kids spent a while looking for the go-pro without luck. Azashi, Ippi, Ryori, and Ledas moved over to where Hizara was. Azashi asked him what the prize was for finding the go-pro. Hizara offered them his jet ski. Azashi was wary, as supposedly one could not drive a jet ski unless one was at least sixteen years old. Hizara rebuked him for having such a naive view of society. He confirmed it was a real jet ski. The only reason he was getting rid of it was because he was moving to North City in December because he was transferring to a four-year college. Convinced, Azashi jumped overboard.

Ryori wanted Ledas to find the go-pro, but Ledas thought that'd be too easy. He wanted to see which one of them could do it. Jia could buy them one if Ryori wanted one so badly. Ryori jumped overboard, intent on winning the competition without having to ask her. Ippi refused to take part, typing away like a mad woman on her phone. Ledas used his injuries (he was still done up in casts and bandages) as his excuse. Hizara recognized him as the alien his twin siblings had told him about. Ledas was a tad annoyed they had told him; Hizara promised to keep Ledas' identity a secret, asking if he could take a ride on his spaceship. Ledas told him the entry fee was a case of beer. Hizara reminded him he wasn't twenty-one yet, so it'd be hard to get beer. Ledas said he'd have to steal it from his dad or he wouldn't go to space.

In the water, Chiaki surfaced, showing Chiwan a piece of abalone he'd found. She giggled, splashing him, loving that. Several hours passed before Hizara had had enough. Throwing his shirt off, he dove overboard, surfacing less than a minute later with the go-pro in hand.

They had dinner afterward (halibut tacos with onions, mangoes, lettuce, cilantro, and jalepeños (for those who could handle it) and sweet chili sauce), served by Mrs. Hakimoto. Like her husband, Mrs. Hakimoto wore a beachside fursuit (hers was a fox). Seeing Chiwan eat the jalepeños, Chiaki asked for some. Having finished serving the kids, Mrs. Hakimoto walked over to her husband, whispered something in his ear, and the two of them scurried off to the cabin. She asked Donburi to watch the seventh-graders while they were gone. Donburi was extremely embarrassed by her parents' behavior. Mr. Hakimoto told her it was his boat, his rules before disappearing inside.

Back at the table, Ryori told the others they were planning on pranking Ms. Mahobi. Azashi didn't like the idea, thinking Ledas had earned his detention. Ledas called her arrogant for assuming she knew more about the Saiyan invasion than him. Chiaki could hardly handle the spice of the jalepeños. Chiwan wanted to prank her for being a King Furry apologist. Tabashi wanted to know if Ledas had actually known those Saiyans. Ledas revealed he had been trained by Nappa and had grown up with Vegeta, which didn't make sense to them because Ledas was much younger than the aliens had been in the videos. Ledas told them about how he'd been frozen in stasis for several decades, only reaching Earth recently. Chiaki showed sympathy for him. Ledas admitted he didn't have much in common with Vegeta anymore and had fallen far behind his friend in power, needing to put all his effort into catching up. Chiaki wondered if Ledas would start aging like normal now. Ledas didn't know.

Ryori said they were getting distracted, redirecting the conversation to pranking Ms. Mahobi. Chiwan didn't want a repeat of what had happened with Ms. Kairyupin. Tabashi wondered what had gone wrong there, but she refused to elaborate, as Tabashi hadn't been part of the operation. They began brainstorming when Chiaki accidentally brushed the side of his eye with his finger, getting the spice of the jalepeños in it. Tsuwa wandered over to her father's chair, finding his car keys. Before Donburi could stop her, Tsuwa unlocked the pepper spray canister and sprayed it into the wind, the liquid flinging back onto her face. She fell to the ground, crying out, Donburi rushing over with a distressed, guilty look on her face.

On the afternoon of June 12th, Chiaki, Azashi, Ledas, and Ryori played Halo 2 in the master bedroom, discussing their plan to prank Ms. Mahobi. Chiaki, Azashi, and Ledas thought replacing her shampoo with instant tanning cream was a tad too mean. On a second monitor, an episode of Reno 911! ended, the program transitioning to an emergency news report about the building in Central City Ledas had destroyed (Chiaki and Azashi didn't know about that). The kids discussed the disaster, Ledas betraying no emotion as he refused to engage in the conversation.

Chiaki noticed that there was now only one bed in the room and asked where the other had gone. Ryori said they'd upgraded to a single king-sized one. Chiaki noticed a note on the nightstand that Ledas had written with a drawing of a naked stick figure which read "no underwear zone". Embarrassed, Ryori snatched it from him, yelling at Ledas for forgetting to put it away before Chiaki and Azashi came over. Realizing Ledas and Ryori were dating, the boys made a few jokey comments that Ryori didn't appreciate. They resumed their game shortly afterward, with Chiaki winning. After winning another game, Chiaki recorded his celebration on his phone, trash-talking his friends.

After Chiaki and Azashi left, Ryori and Ledas prepared fruit smoothies for dinner. Ledas apologized for leaving the note out. Ryori said they would've found out about the boys dating at some point anyway, so it didn't matter. He was curious if Ledas had been okay with them coming over after what had happened to Ses and Ame. Ledas mentioned how he had been lonely and isolated in the Planet Trade Organization. Hanging out with them had kept his mind off the tragedy, and while he would never forget Ses and Ame, he appreciated what his friends had done for him more than they could know. Ryori took the note out of his pocket, declaring the policy back in effect, which caused Ledas to laugh.

At lunch at school the next day, Tabashi and Ledas competed in a Spice Off challenge to settle their differences. Chiwan revealed a bowl of habanero peppers while Hachi brought out a cooler filled with bottles of milk. The first to drink the milk would lose. They had to eat a pepper every minute. Ledas and Tabashi took a habanero, staring each other down. Tabashi was still furious with the Saiyan. Ippi recorded them on her phone.

The boys ate their first peppers quickly, although the heat hit them immediately. Staring down Ledas, Tabashi ate another one. Ledas hurriedly followed suit. Tabashi ate a third. Ledas did so as well, but was much slower. They were sweating profusely by now. Ledas promised he wouldn't lose, for he hated milk. They finished the rest of the bowl in quick succession, impressing the hell out of Chiwan.

Next, Chiwan brought out the Carolina Reapers. She warned them these peppers were ten times hotter than the habaneros, but that didn't stop the boys from eating one. They hunched over in pain, absorbing the spice, liquid dripping from their eyes and noses. Ledas said that was the hottest thing he'd ever eaten. After a minute passed, neither one was willing to eat another. Chiwan decided whoever ate the next Reaper would become the Spice Off champion.

Chiaki ran over to the bowl, taking a Reaper in each hand. Calling Tabashi and Ledas pussies, he quickly ate both. Hachi declared him the champion. The spice hit him like a freight train. He ran to the cooler, taking a bottle of milk and guzzling it down, complaining that it barely stemmed the heat. Chiwan was impressed by his courage. Tabashi shook Ledas' hand (Ryori had to tell him what that meant), respecting him for taking part in the Spice Off. With that, their quarrel seemed to be over.

In class, they watched a movie with Ms. Mahobi. The three spice contestants had rolls of paper towels on their desks that they used to dab at their eyes, noses, and mouths. Ms. Mahobi was none too pleased with them, though she said nothing.

After class, Ryori, Tabashi, Ledas, and Chiaki walked home together, the latter three holding detention slips. Chiaki ranted about how detention as a concept was morally repulsive, stating that in his opinion, teachers shouldn't have the right to keep students in a room after class. Ledas agreed. Chiaki declared they'd have to get Ms. Mahobi really good now. Instant tanning cream wasn't harsh enough. Tabashi was freaking out, thinking his uncle would send him to military school if he returned home with the detention slip. Ryori and Chiaki told him he could just sign his uncle's name himself in different handwriting, which they promptly did before walking off. Tabashi followed suit, calming down somewhat.

During class on June 16th, the seventh-graders took an English exam. Ryori helped Ledas cheat by writing answers for him to copy before erasing them and writing his own answers. Ms. Mahobi was glued to a talk show on her computer. After class, everyone left except Ledas and Ryori. Jia was waiting for them in the hallway. Mahobi, Ledas, and Jia entered the teacher's office while Ryori played on his phone outside. Once the meeting was over, Ryori regrouped with them and everyone left.

After school, Azashi, Ledas, Ryori, Chiaki, Chiwan, Hachi, and Anraku met up at Azashi's house. Chiwan, Chiaki, and Ledas worked on math homework while Hachi, Azashi, Anraku, and Ryori played a racing video game. Azashi said he wanted to be a chef who owned his own restaurant when he grew up. Ryori wanted to be a porn star. Anraku found that ridiculous, thinking he'd get bored of sex very quickly if he had to perform almost every day. Hachi wanted King Furry's job. Chiwan thought that was about the most idiotic thing he could've chosen, given how busy and stressful the king must be all the time. Anraku won the race and trash-talked his brother, which Azashi did not appreciate.

Ledas and Chiaki ranted about how they didn't like seafood, especially how people ate the eyes, brains, and inner organs of many of the animals, including shrimp. Ledas didn't like the taste of any seafood, which surprised Azashi, but he couldn't convince the Saiyan otherwise. After the next race finished, Hachi asked Chiwan if she was ready to go home, as they had planned to go to the skate park later. She needed more time to finish her homework, so she offered to go to the park with him on Saturday. Chiaki wanted them to wait until after he, Ledas, and Tabashi got out of detention. Hachi wasn't pleased they were coming along, as he was beginning to suspect Chiaki had a thing for his sister.

They told Anraku about the Spice Off challenge and how Mahobi had given them detention for it. Ryori showed Anraku a picture of Mahobi. He thought he recognized her, speculating she was a semi-regular at the Guac (showing up once or twice a week). Ryori wanted Anraku to get her super drunk if she showed up on a school night so that she'd come to class the next morning either hungover or still drunk. Despite Azashi's fears that he could get fired for it, Anraku didn't think it was a bad idea. He just didn't know why he'd do it. Ryori offered him a ride on Ledas' gravity training unit if he messed with Mahobi. Azashi showed him a video of Neptune on his phone. Anraku didn't necessarily believe them but was willing to go along with it because Ryori promised him Ƶ250,000 if they were lying about the spaceship. Anraku told them he was going to bring his girlfriend with him, so they'd need to have two seats ready. Ryori said that wouldn't be a problem, but he couldn't use the ship before the nineteenth, as that was the day Hizara was going for a ride. The boys started another race as Chiwan and Chiaki continued working on their geometry homework.

The next day, after Ms. Kairyupin's lesson ended, she received a text from someone (which seemed to massively irritate her). She informed the class Ms. Mahobi wasn't feeling well, so she'd be filling in for her during the history lesson that day—a documentary by Jimmy Firecracker about Mr. Satan's fight against Cell: ‘Hail Satan: World Hero or World’s Biggest Fraud?’. Firecracker claimed that Mr. Satan might not have defeated Cell, which offended Ryori. Kairyupin told them they'd be writing a three-page double-spaced response to be submitted next Monday, so they'd have to take notes. After starting the video, Kairyupin texted a response to Mahobi, and judging by her facial expressions, she was pissed.

A couple of hours later, Ledas and Ryori took part in deleted scene #6. They lost their virginities in the scene.

In the afternoon of June 19th, Jia, Ryori, Ledas, and Chiaki visited the West City Zoo, looking through all the exhibits. At the monkey exhibit, Chiaki pointed to one who was masturbating, calling him Ledas' brother. Ryori remarked the monkey had more stamina than Ledas. Chiaki was jealous of the easy life the monkey lived, receiving free food and housing and getting to masturbate all day every day while people watched. Ryori thought he'd enjoy prison if he thought that was so great. At a cafe, Ledas made a bit of a spectacle of himself by eating eight sandwiches and about a pound of fries in one sitting.

Chiaki confirmed to Ryori that Chiwan had found the messages Tabashi had drunk-texted her from his phone funny. Ryori wondered why he didn't ask her out. Tabashi was very worried about what would happen to their friends group if she rejected him. Ryori wanted him to ask Jia for advice. Jia admitted she'd never dated anyone before, so she wouldn't be the best person to ask. Given that she couldn't have kids, her dating pool was a bit shallower than one would expect for someone as attractive as her. Ledas said he and Ryori were pretty much her kids because they were orphans. She very much appreciated how they had accepted her into their lives.

A girl walking by gawked at Ledas' tail (which was clutching a sandwich). Her mother promised it was just a toy and boys did not, in fact, have tails. Chiaki said his therapist had recommended he just ask Chiwan out and see what happens. Ryori agreed with that, but Chiaki didn't find it easy to do. Ryori recommended he should try to learn how to skate to impress her, which Chiaki didn't think was a bad idea.

Later, they visited the tiger exhibit. Ledas thought the tigers looked incredibly cool. Unable to help himself, Ledas flew into the tiger enclosure, trying to pet one. The tiger took several swipes at him. He dodged with afterimages, petting the feline and agitating it. Several women noticed him in the enclosure and began to scream, so Ledas flew back to the others in a flash of light. Jia told them they were leaving before anyone recognized Ledas as the one who had jumped in the tiger exhibit, as she didn't want to deal with the zoo's security staff.

On June 21st, Ryori and Ledas watched a news report about the old vaping woman burning to death in her home. The reporter speculated that she had spontaneously combusted. Ryori asked Ledas if he had been responsible. The Saiyan denied involvement. Ryori wondered if the Saibamen had been responsible. Ledas didn't think so, as it was their rest day. The two resumed playing a video game, thinking nothing more of it.

On June 24th, Ryori, Ledas, and Tabashi were the last three in the classroom with Ms. Mahobi, finishing their in-class English essay. Ryori was writing and erasing a lot so that Ledas could copy his answers. Finally, Ledas finished his test, turned it in, and left the room. Ryori breathed a sigh of relief, thinking to himself that Ledas would owe him big-time for that. He got to work on his answers.

Later, everyone returned to the room, including the other teachers, as the class celebrated the end of their last day by eating cake and watching a low-budget movie Mr. Takkuro had a small role in as a cop. Afterward, they were released from class.

The kids spent the afternoon learning how to surf. Each one had an instructor. Ledas was the worst at surfing (his poor tail didn't help) and Chiwan was without a doubt the most skilled. As time went on, the kids returned to Hachi and Chiwan's yacht except for Chiwan and Chiaki, who practiced for several hours longer. Chiaki was improving, but he was still nothing compared to her. The kids and Hizara watched them continue going at it, realizing they weren't going to come back to the boat any time soon. Eventually, Chiwan and Chiaki returned to shore, the pair having a grand old time together.

Back home, Jia, Ledas, and Ryori had bowls of ice cream to celebrate the kids' seventh-grade graduations. Jia was extremely proud of them. Ledas wondered if the teachers had known he was scamming them. Ryori didn't believe so. Jia thought they'd recognize that his essays had been written at a level above a seventh-grader's but wouldn't be able to prove it, especially after that last in-class essay. She praised Ryori for his memorization skills that had helped them accomplish that. Ledas said he hadn't really learned how to read many kanji, but he had been able to do the math on his own for the most part. Ryori asked him if he was going to go to school with them next year. Ledas didn't want to (the scam would be much harder to pull off over a whole year), though he confirmed he was going to be around no matter what. He had to make sure he could focus on his training. He knew there'd be plenty of opportunities for them to hang out with the other seventh-graders as Ledas was certain Earth was his home now. He wasn't going anywhere.

While this was going on, Jia poured Carawa a cup of juice. The Saibaman took his prize and scurried off. Jia asked the boys not to get into any trouble, as Ledas' powers wouldn't be able to save them every time. Ryori promised. When the television show went to commercial, Ledas demanded they mute it, and the three conversed about how weird it was that so many people will just sit there and watch commercials. Ryori thought those people belonged in the trash, which made even Jia laugh.

On June 25th, the eight seventh-graders had lunch together at the Terco Bobo taco truck, Azashi sharing homemade salsa with everyone. That night, Ledas and Ryori took part in deleted scene #7.

Just after midnight on June 27th, Ledas went to the bathroom at the Guac. A patron saw him, though Ledas teleported away, causing the guy to think he had hallucinated the experience. Ledas returned to a private room where Chiaki, Azashi, and Ryori were. They were doing shots. Azashi threw up on the floor. Ledas thought the beer tasted better, while Chiaki didn't understand how his mom could drink that nearly every day.

On June 30th, Tabashi, Chiaki, Hachi, Ryori, and Ledas visited Temoto's auto shop. Temoto showed them how to repair something in a hovercar's engine, although when Ledas helped him, the boy got oil all over his face. Hachi noticed Chiaki furiously texting someone, assuming it was Chiwan, and grew suspicious.

On July 2nd, the seventh-graders had dinner at Azashi's house along with Azashi's parents and little sister Kaiten. Ledas pigged out, shocking Azashi's family, until Chiaki waved a shrimp tail in his face, making him gag.

The next day, Ryori, Ledas, Yajirobe, and Korin played hot pepper poker (whoever loses a hand or fold pre-flop has to eat a hot pepper (either serranos, tabascos, or habaneros)) on Korin Tower. Korin put in a bet pre-flop, causing Yajirobe and Ledas to fold and eat serranos. The fat samurai was in agony from the spice. Ledas laughed and laughed, though he too ate a pepper.

On July 6th, Ryori, Chiaki, Chiwan, and Tabashi played a game that looked like Gears of War 3 while in orbit around Jupiter on Ledas' gravity training unit. They were having fun, although they were getting destroyed by the enemy. After they lost the round, Chiwan leaned against Chiaki, giggling at their collective ineptitude.

On July 11th, Ryori, Hachi, Ippi, and Tabashi visited the West City Millennium Theater. They bought tickets to a movie and went inside. Chiwan and Chiaki were inside the theater, sitting together and sharing a bucket of popcorn. They noticed the other four entering the room, and muttering to one another, ran out the exit so they wouldn't get caught. They were annoyed that Hachi had been snooping on them. Before they could run off, however, Hachi and the others followed them out the exit, confronting them on the sidewalk.

Hachi laughed, proud of himself for finding them. Ippi took a picture of the new couple, biting her lip with glee. Chiwan wasn't happy they had intruded on her date. Hachi wanted to know why she was being so secretive, accusing her of being ashamed of dating Chiaki. Chiaki called Hachi immature. Ryori wanted them to just admit they were together, thinking they had nothing to hide. Nevertheless, the pair looked mightily embarrassed.

On July 22nd, the eight seventh-graders had lunch at the Terco Bobo taco truck again. As one would expect, Ledas had like ten burritos and four plates of tacos compared to everyone else's single plate of food. The kids debated the quality of Death Note, with Hachi thinking the series went to shit after L died. Ryori noticed Ledas was wearing one of his shirts. Ippi wanted Ledas to start a mukbang channel, given how much food he could eat in a single sitting. Ryori explained to him what a mukbang was. Ledas was in awe of human culture. Ippi also thought he'd get super popular if he shared videos of him flying through cities and whatnot. Ledas wasn't interested in internet fame, so he politely declined. Ippi didn't understand how anyone could think like that.

At that time, Subutayo and her four vegan beta males ran up to the taco truck, blocking the ordering window in protest. The customers in line yelled at them, but they refused to move. The Terco Bobo owner exited his truck, holding a propane cooker. He set it on a table near the vegans while his assistant brought out raw meat for him to cook in front of them. He cooked to cheers and applause from the customers while calling the vegans assholes. Azashi walked over to the protestors, saying he respected people who were vegans (his dad was one), but they didn't have the right to control other people. Humans were built to eat meat, whether they liked it or not, and it wasn't immoral to do so. He said they could smell the meat just as much as he could, and they'd be lying to themselves if they didn't think it smelled good. Chiwan thought it was funny the vegans had taped their mouths shut, as it made them look like clowns.

Vegan beta male #2 slapped Azashi across the face with his sign, then pinned him to the truck and kneed him in the stomach. The Terco Bobo owner sprayed him and the other vegans with pepper spray, saving Azashi. The vegans collapsed to the ground, writhing in pain while the owner laughed at them. The crowd and the seventh-graders in particular gave the man a round of applause for dealing with those fools.

On July 29th, during chapter 12.5, Chiwan, Hachi, Ledas, Ryori, and Chiaki played a game of spin the bottle where whoever the bottle landed on had to answer a question no matter what. In the second scene, the boys played a porn test challenge where Chiwan determined what stuff they were attracted to. In the third scene, Ryori, Ledas, and Hachi had some fun while Chiwan watched and Chiaki played video games in the living room. In the fourth scene, on August 9th, Ledas and Ryori visited the ruined Planet Cooler 92. Ledas showed his friend the outpost he had grown up on. They visited Guva's manse, found a bottle of chillrose wine, and snagged a set of PTO armor for Ryori in the armory. Afterward, they had fun together before leaving the planet, sharing several moments of romantic passion.

In the bonus chapter, on September 9th, Age 777, Chiaki, Tabashi, Chiwan, and Ryori hung out at Chiaki's house and played Halo: Reach. They shared a bong of weed. Ryori and Chiaki ranted about how terribly unbalanced the Black Eye skull was. Chiaki didn't think Reach was that great of a game in general. After they finished the round, Tabashi showed them a picture of a girl he'd hooked up with at Azashi's party two days back, claiming she had gone down on him. Chiwan called him a whore, which Tabashi didn't appreciate.

Chiaki backed him up, saying he'd also had some naughty fun with a woman three days prior. Ryori wasn't sure he was telling the truth even though he said it had taken place at Ryori's house. He claimed he and Ledas had tag-teamed a woman with a tail. She was apparently an alien and a friend of Ledas'. Chiwan didn't believe him either. Ryori was skeptical, mainly because he didn't believe Ledas was capable of having penetrative sex with a woman. Chiaki wasn't worried, saying Ledas would confirm the story whenever he returned to Earth. Chiaki wondered whether what the Saiyan had done was cheating. Ryori dismissed the notion, saying that he and Ledas had made a deal where Ledas could have as many sessions with one woman as he needed to get her pregnant (and that was it) because he had revived Ryori's older brother, Shoekki, with the Dragon Balls. He hadn't seen Ledas in a month, however, for the other boy had been bounty hunting off-world.

Chiaki claimed he and Ledas had Eifel Towered the woman. Tabashi thought he was making stuff up based on the porn he watched. Nobody took Chiaki seriously (especially since he claimed to have had anal sex with the woman) even as he swore Ledas would confirm the story. Tabashi and Ryori laughed at him as they resumed their game. Chiaki called Chiwan jealous. She wanted to know where the mystery woman had gone. Chiaki didn't know, thinking she'd returned to her planet, which made them even more certain Chiaki was lying.

Bean Daddy[]

Ryori attended Bulma's birthday party in Age 775 in this story. When he noticed Mr. Satan, he couldn't help but act like a fanboy around the legendary wrestler, which embarrassed Ledas. Mr. Satan put on a show for Ryori, showing off some of his fighting moves.

A Quest for Booty[]

In the fourth scene of chapter 2, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado arrived in West City on their hunt for the fourth Dragon Ball. They eventually landed at a house, which was where the Dragon Ball was supposedly located. Beelzebub kicked the door in, ordering his bodyguards to search the place for the ball. It wasn't long before Abo found it in a box sitting on a table in the living room. He showed it to Beelzebub. Abo's reward was a tub of chocolate ice cream from the refrigerator. When Kado tried to join in, Beelzebub slapped him and berated him for not finding the ball.

Just then, Ledas and Ryori, the boys who lived in the house, returned. Ledas was telling Ryori not to worry, for Bulma would make them a new Dragon Radar (presumably the radar they had used to procure the Dragon Ball Beelzebub stole had been broken). They noticed that the front door had been kicked in. Before Beelzebub and his bodyguards could hide, the boys ran inside and found them. Ledas spotted the demon holding the Dragon Ball and demanded to know what was going on. The prince merely ordered Abo and Kado to knock out the boys. The aliens were unsure if that was necessary. Ledas told Ryori to stay behind him so that he could take care the thieves himself. Ryori ran outside.

Ledas fought and defeated Abo and Kado with little effort. He then confronted Beelzebub. The demon complained about how ineffective Abo and Kado had been before Ledas slapped him so hard, he flew into the refrigerator in the kitchen before collapsing to the floor. The Saiyan plucked the Dragon Ball from his grasp and told him that he and Ryori were collecting the balls to wish Ryori's brother back to life. He would not let anyone stop them from making their wish.

Soon after, he confronted Aka, the fusion of Abo and Kado, noting that while the alien had become far stronger in his fused form, he was still no match for Ledas. The two began their duel. Ledas was able to comfortably dodge Aka, though the warrior demolished half of his house in the process. Outside, Ryori lamented the fact that Ledas allowed the house to take so much damage. Finally, Ledas ended the fight by going Super Saiyan. He threatened to kill Aka if the alien ever tried to steal the Dragon Ball from him again. With his increased speed and power, he easily outpaced the fusion. Without being seen, he kicked Aka's legs out from under him, teleported in front of him, elbowed him downwards, and then hit him with a vicious uppercut that sent the poor purple fellow sailing through a wall. He came to a stop halfway through the tree on the front lawn, though he did not move and leaked blood. A pedestrian who had seen that raced off in his hovercar in horror only to hit a parked car three blocks down the road.

Ledas regressed to his base form and walked over to Beelzebub. He made sure the boy had heard what he had said to Aka. Beelzebub was flustered. He knew he couldn't give up on his quest. He decided to strike a deal with Ledas. He would gather all of the Dragon Balls, and in return for Ledas' ball, the boy could have his wish to revive Ryori's brother. He showed the Saiyan the three balls he had already collected. Ledas agreed to the partnership, stating that Beelzebub would make up for destroying his house if he found the remaining three Dragon Balls. Ryori butted in by noting that Ledas could have prevented Aka and Beelzebub from destroying the house, but Ledas shrugged him off, reminding his friend that he could have Cardinal give them a new, bigger house. Ryori seemed to like that, for he had wanted a new bathroom anyways.

Beelzebub asked if he could hold onto Ledas' Dragon Ball, but the other boy refused to give it up. He told the demon to return to Capsule Corp. when he had collected the other six balls so that Ledas could make the wish himself. Beelzebub couldn't argue any further, so he returned to Aka, who had by that point de-fused into Abo and Kado. He told them to follow him, and groggily, they took to the sky, pursuing the next Dragon Ball.

In the sixth scene of chapter 3, Ledas remembered when Ryori had told him what had happened to his brother. He felt guilty, for it had been because of him that Cardinal had killed Shoekki.

In the fourth scene of chapter 4, Ledas gathered the seven Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. He used the third wish to bring Shoekki back to life, fulfilling his promise to Ryori.

In the sixth scene of chapter 5, after Towa took Beelzebub hostage, Ledas was reminded of when Dewberry had taken Ryori hostage and how he had saved his friend from that goon. He decided to use a similar strategy to deal with Towa.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

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  • Like most of the humans in The Forgotten, Ryori's name is based on the Japanese for cooking stuff. His namesake is cooking itself.
  • In The Forgotten, Ryori is one of a handful of humans who never dies (the others being Cardinal, his New Red Ribbon Scientists, and Mr. Satan).
  • Due to the events of the Fulfillment Saga, Ryori is counted amongst the Z Fighters' friends whose memories of Majin Buu are not erased by Shenron.
  • Ryori is a huge fan of Mr. Satan.
  • Ryori is the last character be born in The Forgotten's timeline.
  • Ryori's theme is My Name Is Jonas.

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