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"Who’s Vegeta anyway? You’ve never mentioned a Vegeta to me. Whoa, wait! His name is almost as weird as yours. Is he like your brother or something?"
Ryori, trying to figure out who Vegeta is

Ryori Hareki
晴氣はれき•りょり, Hareki Ryori
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten

Bean Daddy

A Quest for Booty

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: 青岸せいきし, Earth
Birthdate: February 17, Age 762
Date of Death: n/a
Birth Power Level: 0.0001
Maximum Power Level: 4
Personal Pronouns: オラ
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 82 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Student
Organizations: Local school district (Age 767 and onwards)
Favorite Food: Uni
Favorite Vehicle: Shoekki's motorcycle
Hobbies: Playing video games, stealing girls' panties, playing soccer, drawing
Family: Shoekki (brother)
Ledas (friend/roommate)

Ryori (晴氣はれき•りょり, Hareki Ryori) is a Human in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the fourth, fifth, and sixth sagas and is introduced in the chapter "Hazing".

Ryori is also featured as a character in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance.



Ryori is a human. He is a 12 year old boy. He is skinny and is normal height for his age. He has short, messy brown hair and blue eyes. He looks a lot like his older brother Shoekki otherwise, but has noticeable youth in his face; as well he lacks a beard.

Ryori usually wears his school uniform during the Planet Earth Saga. When he's off from school in that saga, he tends to wear dark-colored long-sleeved shirts with faded blue jeans. When Cardinal captures Ryori at the end of that saga, Ryori is seen wearing a white-and-blue hoodie with black jeans and black-and-white shoes. He continues to wear that set of clothes throughout the Reunion Saga and throughout much of the Fulfillment Saga. Near the end of the Fulfillment Saga, Ryori is also seen wearing black shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt with his usually black-and-white shoes.


Ryori's personality is very similar to that of Ledas, which is something that may have influenced their later friendship. Growing up around his brother Shoekki, Ryori's mental structure was heavily disturbed. So even though he is mostly playful and child-like, there are instances where his warped thinking come into play. This is seen several times in the school setting where he also expresses his alpha male mentality. However when not in school, Ryori is significantly less dominant. As revealed in the final chapter of The Forgotten, Ryori is a huge fan of Mr. Satan, and he becomes very fanboyish and excited when talking about the Champ.

After losing Shoekki, Ryori becomes incredibly angry and vows to kills the people who killed his brother. He becomes rather reckless and puts his own life at risk during this time. He adheres to the morality of "an eye for an eye" and doesn't see killing people are wrong. After he gets his revenge, he has some coping issues, and he tries to get rid of these through playing games and whatnot. It is suggested that he even starts drinking some alcohol in the finale of The Forgotten. Ryori has some abandonment issues as well, and once he thinks that Ledas is going to leave to go off with Vegeta, he appears quite distressed. Of course, this does not happen, so Ryori's fears are removed by the end of the story.


Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Planet Earth Saga[]

Ryori, at the start of the Planet Earth Saga, was an active student at the local middle school. When Ledas arrived, he was put into Ryori's class. Quickly, through some naughty escapades the two became friends. As the story progressed, Ryori played the role of a teacher to Ledas, showing him Earth customs and habits to which the Saiyan had no previous knowledge. Ryori was often annoyed with his older brother, Shoekki during this time. Shoekki was generally a good older brother to Ryori, though he was often nosy, and would sometimes be rough with his brother when using alcohol. Ryori, however, had to live with his brother, regardless.

When Cardinal came to town to hunt down Ledas, Ryori was kidnapped to be held as a hostage in drawing out Ledas. Ryori was stuck aboard Ledas' gravity training unit when the new Red Ribbon Army, under Cardinal's lead, used it to escape Earth and the terror of Majin Buu.

Reunion Saga[]

When they landed back on Earth, Ledas broke free and destroyed the remaining New Red Ribbon Army guards on his gravity training unit. Ledas told Ryori about his brother's death, causing Ryori to burst into tears. Ledas had to leave at that point, as he could feel Guva's power. This left Ryori alone. So Ryori took Dewberry's gun and left the ship. He eventually found the New Red Ribbon Army headquarters and conspired to kill everyone within the place. However, before he could, Silver and the remaining soldiers left for the battle site (between the Z Fighters and The Benefactor) out on the countryside. Ryori stole away in one of their trucks and went with them. After they all arrived, Ryori stayed where he was and just watched the soldiers set up their sniper teams. Soon, they were all destroyed by Ledas' Lightning Strike.

Ryori was injured during this too, but since he was hiding in a transport vehicle way in the back, his wounds were not as bad. After seeing the devastation the attack did to the army, Ryori cautiously jumped out of the vehicle to survey the area. He heard the cries of General Silver and quickly made way to him. After a brief speech where Ryori told Silver that he was going to get vengeance for his brother's death, he put a bullet through the good General's head.

Fulfillment Saga[]

Ryori was captured by Private Wisconsin after the end of the last saga. Once Wisconsin brought him to the city in order to be used as leverage against Ledas, Ryori woke up and escaped. Of course, Vegeta and The Benefactor were dueling above the city at the time, and their energy attacks ravaged much of the area. Ryori was injured by their attacks, though his wounds were not very severe. After Vegeta and The Benefactor left the city, Ryori and Cardinal were rescued by Nurse Yorokobi. As he was being carried to an ambulance, Ryori picked up a shard of glass and then attacked Cardinal with it. This forced Nurse Yorokobi to sedate Ryori. Afterwards, Ryori was put into the same hospital as Cardinal, though there was a police presence around his room at all times. Because he attacked Cardinal, he was technically going to be arrested and charged with attempted murder once he woke up.

After Ledas defeated The Benefactor, he traveled to the hospital and confronted Cardinal about Ryori. He forced Cardinal, under threat of death, that he had to bribe the police and get Ryori out of trouble for free. Additionally, Cardinal was forced to buy Ryori a new house to live in and pay for all of his expenses as penance for him murdering Ryori's brother. Cardinal begrudgingly agreed. A few hours after that, Nurse Yorokobi and an unconscious Ryori engaged in the first part of the second deleted scene of The Forgotten.

After Ryori woke up, Ledas and he went a local aquarium to see the whale who could jump out of his tail. Then, Ledas told Ryori about what he had forced Cardinal to do. They went to West City thereafter and moved Ryori's things into his new house. From then on, he mostly played video games and did what boys do. On May 12th, Age 774, Ryori read Ledas' letter from Cardinal and agreed to go with Ledas to Cardinal's tournament.

The two arrived at the tournament on May 19th, and stayed the night in a large hotel suite. Ryori didn't sleep the entire night, instead eating lots of food, (possibly) drinking some alcohol, and swimming in the pool. In the morning, he watched Ledas' tournament fight in the stands and got his face painted like Chiaotzu. After Ledas dueled with Vegeta, Ryori went with the two Saiyans back to Capsule Corp. to feast. In The Forgotten's finale montage, Ryori was last seen playing video games with Ledas in his new house, and he looked quite happy.

Bean Daddy[]

Ryori attended Bulma's birthday party in Age 775 in this story. When he noticed Mr. Satan, he couldn't help but act like a fanboy around the legendary wrestler, which embarrassed Ledas. Mr. Satan put on a show for Ryori, showing off some of his fighting moves.

A Quest for Booty[]

In the fourth scene of chapter 2, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado arrived in West City on their hunt for the fourth Dragon Ball. They eventually landed at a house, which was where the Dragon Ball was supposedly located. Beelzebub kicked the door in, ordering his bodyguards to search the place for the ball. It wasn't long before Abo found it in a box sitting on a table in the living room. He showed it to Beelzebub. Abo's reward was a tub of chocolate ice cream from the refrigerator. When Kado tried to join in, Beelzebub slapped him and berated him for not finding the ball.

Just then, Ledas and Ryori, the boys who lived in the house, returned. Ledas was telling Ryori not to worry, for Bulma would make them a new Dragon Radar (presumably the radar they had used to procure the Dragon Ball Beelzebub stole had been broken). They noticed that the front door had been kicked in. Before Beelzebub and his bodyguards could hide, the boys ran inside and found them. Ledas spotted the demon holding the Dragon Ball and demanded to know what was going on. The prince merely ordered Abo and Kado to knock out the boys. The aliens were unsure if that was necessary. Ledas told Ryori to stay behind him so that he could take care the thieves himself. Ryori ran outside.

Ledas fought and defeated Abo and Kado with little effort. He then confronted Beelzebub. The demon complained about how ineffective Abo and Kado had been before Ledas slapped him so hard, he flew into the refrigerator in the kitchen before collapsing to the floor. The Saiyan plucked the Dragon Ball from his grasp and told him that he and Ryori were collecting the balls to wish Ryori's brother back to life. He would not let anyone stop them from making their wish.

Soon after, he confronted Aka, the fusion of Abo and Kado, noting that while the alien had become far stronger in his fused form, he was still no match for Ledas. The two began their duel. Ledas was able to comfortably dodge Aka, though the warrior demolished half of his house in the process. Outside, Ryori lamented the fact that Ledas allowed the house to take so much damage. Finally, Ledas ended the fight by going Super Saiyan. He threatened to kill Aka if the alien ever tried to steal the Dragon Ball from him again. With his increased speed and power, he easily outpaced the fusion. Without being seen, he kicked Aka's legs out from under him, teleported in front of him, elbowed him downwards, and then hit him with a vicious uppercut that sent the poor purple fellow sailing through a wall. He came to a stop halfway through the tree on the front lawn, though he did not move and leaked blood. A pedestrian who had seen that raced off in his hovercar in horror only to hit a parked car three blocks down the road.

Ledas regressed to his base form and walked over to Beelzebub. He made sure the boy had heard what he had said to Aka. Beelzebub was flustered. He knew he couldn't give up on his quest. He decided to strike a deal with Ledas. He would gather all of the Dragon Balls, and in return for Ledas' ball, the boy could have his wish to revive Ryori's brother. He showed the Saiyan the three balls he had already collected. Ledas agreed to the partnership, stating that Beelzebub would make up for destroying his house if he found the remaining three Dragon Balls. Ryori butted in by noting that Ledas could have prevented Aka and Beelzebub from destroying the house, but Ledas shrugged him off, reminding his friend that he could have Cardinal give them a new, bigger house. Ryori seemed to like that, for he had wanted a new bathroom anyways.

Beelzebub asked if he could hold onto Ledas' Dragon Ball, but the other boy refused to give it up. He told the demon to return to Capsule Corp. when he had collected the other six balls so that Ledas could make the wish himself. Beelzebub couldn't argue any further, so he returned to Aka, who had by that point de-fused into Abo and Kado. He told them to follow him, and groggily, they took to the sky, pursuing the next Dragon Ball.

In the sixth scene of chapter 3, Ledas remembered when Ryori had told him what had happened to his brother. He felt guilty, for it had been because of him that Cardinal had killed Shoekki.

In the fourth scene of chapter 4, Ledas gathered the seven Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. He used the third wish to bring Shoekki back to life, fulfilling his promise to Ryori.

In the sixth scene of chapter 5, after Towa took Beelzebub hostage, Ledas was reminded of when Dewberry had taken Ryori hostage and how he had saved his friend from that goon. He decided to use a similar strategy to deal with Towa.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

To be added.


  • Like most of the humans in The Forgotten, Ryori's name is based on the Japanese for cooking stuff. His namesake is cooking itself.
  • In The Forgotten, Ryori is one of only a few humans to never die (the others being Cardinal, his New Red Ribbon Scientists, and Mr. Satan).
  • Ryori is a huge fan of Mr. Satan.
  • Ryori is the last character be born in The Forgotten's timeline.
  • Ryori's theme is My Name Is Jonas.

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