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Ryo is Kuro's assistant and bodygaurd, he first appeared at Master Lee's house and challenged Shoran to match that he easily won, he then explained about Icer's invasion in a year, he took Shoran and Sora his master's temple where they trained and prepared for the Invasion.


Not much is known about Ryo's past, when Shoran asked him how long he's worked for Kuro he replied with " A long time". Ryo arrives at Master Lee's house where he challenged Shoran to match that he easily won, he told Shoran who he was and about Icer's invasion; he took Sora and Shoran to Kuro's temple to train for the upcoming threat. He sent Shoran and Sora to Planet X for a month then when they came back they met Kuro the Defender of Earth, then they trained again for two months and Shoran and Ryo decided to have a rematch; Shoran won but he knew Ryo wasn't using his true power. After a few weeks of training they took break and Sora brought three new fighters to help with the invasion: Ray, Sai and Tobi. Ryo trained them until the invasion began.


Ryo is tall and muscular, he has short cut black, he wears a white headband, a black gi with a blue undershirt, a blue belt, blue boots and blue wristbands.


Ryo is smart, wise, kindhearted and his only goal is to keep his master Kuro safe and he will do whatever it takes to do so.


You're weak - This move is performed when Ryo's opponent charges him and tries to kick him but he blocks it with his forearm then his opponent tries to punch him but he blocks it with his palm and says "You're weak" then he slams his opponent into the ground. He used this attack to beat Shoran in their first fight.