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This article, Runaway From Life: The Story Of A Nerd, And His Game, contains mild or major swearing. You have been warned.


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Hi, it's me again. This time, imma do a real-life story about a nerd named Marshal Drake Marie Smith, age 16, and his game, Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2.

Marshal Drake Marie Smith's Gamer Journal:[]

Raging Blast 2 Log:[]

Day One:[]

Hi, I just got my copy of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2. I never played any Dragon Ball games, so I'm figuring out the controls on my 360. So, um, one question: HOW THE FUCK CAN I BEAT KRILLIN IN GALAXY MODE FOR GOKU?! I mean, seriously, he's so good! AND IT SAID KRILLIN WAS EASY! I keep spamming my Kamehameha, but it still won't kill him! I mean, that's how I beat Tekken 5! TEKKEN. FUCKING. 5. And I didn't even use a cheat in that! My girlfriend, who's waaaay hotter than your girl, says I'm addicted, but I'm not!


Day Two:[]

I finally beat Krillin by brutally raping Goku's Kamehameha and Solar Flare. Krillin was literally SMDing, but I killed him. I. FUCKING. KILLED. KRILLIN.

But why the fuck does Yamacha get a PARTNER and I DON'T?! SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK! I keep raping Goku's Solar Flare and Kamehameha and not attacking without ki, but I still can't beat them! I can't even get past Yamcha! This game is so fucking hacked. HACKED, I TELL YOU! HACKED I TELL Y'ALL WHEN I'M FAMOUS, HACKED!

And now I have to buy two new controllers... and a new window. GTG PEACE MY DAAAAWWWGZ!

Day Three:[]

I still can't beat Tien! Why my daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawgz, why?! This game is so fucking- OMFG DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWGZ! I beat Tien! I. FINALLY. FUCKING. BEAT. TIEN! TAKE THAT, JASMINE! Oh, did I mention I broke up with my girl? Who needs her anyway! I mean, my Wii has a hole in it, and it can't pregnant! FORGET HER!

Besides the fact that I'm made as fuck... GTG PEACE MY DAAAAWWWGZ!