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Alternate names Ruru
Appears in The Past and Present
Race Saiyan
Gender Female
Date of birth June, Age 754
Occupation Warrior
Affiliations Future Rugula(Alternate time-counter part)
Chi-Chi(Adoptive mother)
Gohan(Close Friend)
Future Panisa(Mentor and friend)

"Honestly, I think the best way to help someone out is to run over to them, give em a big ol' hug, and let 'em know you got their back!"

Rugula (ルーグラ Rūgura) is a major character in The Past and Present. A young Saiyan girl raised on Namek, her odd but friendly nature helps the cold and bitter Future Panisa question her selfish reasons for fighting.


Rugula has the standard Saiyan look of messy black hair and black eyes. In all of her appearances, she has her mother’s bright red ribbon tied into her hair. She has lightly tanned skin with several noticeable scars on her arms and legs. Her most common outfit is an amber colored gi with a rust colored lining and a small star patch sewn on the chest. With this outfit she wears a dark blue sash, short sleeved shirt, and wristbands, similar to the other Z-Fighters. She also wears slightly baggy maroon colored pants, white socks, and black flats.

As a child, she had shaggy black hair than barely touched her shoulders and was a head taller than Gohan. In her first appearance during the Namek saga, she wore a Namekian style cream colored tunic with a dark blue vest, a red sash, white pants, and brown shoes. She later gets a new outfit from VG to help fight Freeza; a typical Saiyan armor set with a blue jumpsuit, brown under armor and white boots and gloves.

While training with Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo for the Android attack, she wears a yellow colored shirt with a red sash and black shorts. She wears pink sneakers and white socks with this appearance. Some other casual outfits of her’s include a long blue hoodie with black leggings and red shoes, a white and purple shirt with dark pink cargo shorts, and a light blue and yellow striped shirt with blue shorts.

As an adult in the Buu arc, Rugula has a drastic appearance change. Her hair is much longer thanks to a hair product she had Bulma create to make her hair longer, and is tied into a loose ponytail with her red hair bow. She wears a short sleeved aqua colored kimono with a dark magenta sash and wrist bands with black pants and red boots. She is now slightly shorter than Gohan.


Rugula is very boisterous, carefree, and fun loving. Loud and full of laughter, she is easily bored and always ready for a fight, leading her to mostly train in her free time or pester her friends to spar with her. She is oftentimes crudely mannered, overly straight forward, and develops a fondness for using curse words as she grows up. Her hyper energy and loud nature can often annoy those around her, especially more serious fighters such as Piccolo, Vegeta, and sometimes even Gohan, though she usually means well.

When first meeting the Z-Fighters on Namek, Rugula was initially distrustful of them, having already lost many of her friends to intruders. The more time she spends with them, the more she grows to trust her new allies. After arriving on Earth she shows a boundless curiosity with everything around her and took delight in learning every tiny detail should could about the planet.

During battle, Rugula retains her upbeat personality, typically making snarky comments when she has the upper hand. When facing a fighter stronger than herself, however, Rugula had a habit of losing her composure overtime and becoming incredibly angry with her opponent, to the point of accidentally putting others in danger just to land a single shot on her enemy. As she grows older, Rugula learns to control her temper and take her battles more seriously, though she still enjoys throwing in a few sarcastic remarks. Despite her competitive and battle hungry nature, Rugula only seriously hurts or kills her opponents when absolutely necessary, otherwise fighting solely for the fun of it. This is due to her childhood with the peaceful Namekians, who taught her to use her powers to protect herself and others.

Due to growing up on an alien planet, Rugula has little understanding of human culture and society, often acting in ways that would be completely normal on Namek but bizarre on Earth. She often messes up common Earth sayings, disregards common social cues of human culture, and fails to notice when others are teasing her. As she grows up, Rugula slowly becomes more adjusted to life on Earth, though occasionally still acts oddly. While living on Earth, Rugula develops a fondness for cooking and gardening.

As an adult, Rugula becomes very protective of young Trunks, Panisa, and Goten acting as both a fighting mentor and nurturing older sister figure to them. She helps Piccolo train Trunks and Goten during the Buu saga, and consistently keeps a close eye on Panisa to keep her safe. She does have her limits with them, however, and will become strict with them when necessary. When Piccolo first suggests training Trunks and Goten to fight Majin Buu, Rugula immediately shoots down the idea for their own safety.

Her childish and rough nature hides a surprisingly mature and nurturing part of her personality. Due to often being harshly judged as a child, Rugula is very perceptive of how others feel, and usually attempts to cheer the Z-Fighters up during heavy situations. Her years of feeling alone has helped her grow into a very sympathetic person who takes it upon herself to help make others happy. This is best seen with her interactions with Future Panisa, who she desperately tries to befriend despite the former’s lack of patience or interest in her.

However, Rugula’s bright personality hides many of her internal struggles. Though she loved them, Rugula always knew she was radically different from the Namekians who raised her, leaving her confused on where she really belonged in the world. She was also very aware that many Namekians feared her due to her destructive powers. As a result, Rugula often felt very alone as a child, and was desperate to find someone just like her to be her friend. She usually acted very silly and overly friendly to others in order to gain their acceptance, though most of the time she ended up embarrassing herself instead of making any real connections. Her sensitive nature and habit of constantly trying to make and keep friends is a clear consequence of how alone she felt as a child, made worse by her lack of understanding of human society when she moves to Earth.


Rugula’s parents were Poto and Choy, two young Saiyan delinquents wanted for the murder of a high ranking member of Freeza's army. Fleeing the planet Vegeta together, the two of them barely managed to escape the destruction of their old home. Now alone in the universe, and with Freeza hunting them down, Poto and Choy survived by planet hopping. Eventually, they visited Namek and befriended its residents. Overtime, the delinquents fell in love, and years later in Age 754 Rugula was born on Namek. Knowing she would be much safer with the Namekians, Choy and Poto reluctantly chose to leave her behind on Namek and continued their travels to keep Freeza's men away from the baby. Far away from Freezas forces, Rugula grew up with the Namekian people, though she was never told of her origins to keep her safe. As she got older and her powers began manifesting, she was taken in by the Warrior Clan and trained to use her powers for good and protecting others.


"So, uh. . .does mean we’re friends now? ‘Cause I feel like saving your life kinda automatically makes us friends, if that’s cool with you! I’m no saying you HAVE to be my friend, it’s your choice, y’know! I don’t wanna force you to be something you’re not if you, uh- "
— Rugula speaking to Gohan

"Future me- no...I, should have taken better care of you when you were a vulnerable, emotional kid. If what you’re saying is true, then I spent most my time crying over the past instead of helping you grow. It’s because of the person I am today that you had to deal with such a mess of a mentor. . .who’d of thought I could be such an idiot? Doesn’t matter if it’s a different timeline, or universe, or whatever. I failed to keep you happy, and it’s my fault you have to deal with so much now. Um, what I’m trying to say is. . .I’m sorry."
— Rugula blaming herself for Future Panisa's unhappiness


  • Rugula was initially a much different character. Starting off as a girl named Tamera, she was originally a much more rude and tomboyish character with few redeeming qualities. Her character was ultimately rewritten to be much more friendly but lonely to make her more interesting and likable.
  • Rugula is known to be a very good cook amongst the Z-Fighters; ironically, Future Panisa makes it very clear Future Rugula was a horrible cook who was known to burn her food terribly.
  • Her interests in cooking and gardening, two traditionally feminine interests, were given to make her character seem both very girly and tomboyish at the same time.
  • Rugula's character was initially given a hair bow to make her less like a boy, while also adding a cute but spunky accessory look to her appearance.
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