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Rough You Up!
Debut Copai Saga
Appears in Less than Normal
Inventor Copai
Users Copai
Class Rush Attack
Color       (finger beam)

Rough You Up! (ラフ·ユー·アップ!, Rafu Yū Appu!) is a technique used by Copai, which she used when Gohan was pursuing her. It is fairly simple, although hard to use, as it requires the user to be chased. First, Copai comes to a quick, unexpected halt, and lifts her left leg up behind her, kicking the chaser in the gut. Then, she quickly fires a lavender finger beam with her right hand, over her left shoulder. While it is hard to set up, it allows Copai to quickly attack without using relying on her sword, or worry about charging up lots of energy. Due to this, it is Copai's go-to move when flying. It also has a variation, the Roughhouse Dash (ばか騒ぎダッシュ, Bakasawagi Dasshu), where Copai initiates the attack by performing a hook kick to the enemy's gut, and then fires the finger beam over her shoulder.