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Rorri absorbtion
Dragon Ball Generations Character
Vital statistics
Species: Majin
Gender: Male
Mother: Karameru
Father: Basuto
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Rorri (ロッリー) is a Majin hero. He absorbs Goshoku and Tsuyo, two Saiyan-Human hybrids, and takes on many of their characteristics and powers during a fight with with the former.


Rorri was born in Age 960 on Planet Buu. He was a warrior since the time he was a child, and he trained dutifully since that time. He was later made the captain of the Royal Majin Military, and, as such, fought in many wars and defeated many enemies.

One of his adversaries was a villainous Saiyan-Human hybrid named Goshoku who trained at both the Kengi School and the Eagle Academy. This adversary was too powerful for him and his army alone to handle, and, as such, Rorri was forced to enlist help from Earth in the form of the Z Fighters 42 and the mercenaries Koya and Tsuri. Their battle against Goshoku eventually became so difficult that Rorri had to have Son Benkei put a barrier around himself and hold Goshoku down so Rorri could absorb him. This didn't work, however, which forced the mercenaries to fuse together using the Fusion Dance and hold Goshoku down so Rorri could absorb them both. He later joined the Z Fighters 42.


Rorri is very tall, around 7'0", and has silver eyes with black scalera. Like other Majins, he has pink skin, no ears, and head appendages (in his case, a long tail). He normally wears a black and gold Metamoran vest, a grey and gold belt with an M on the buckle, and white sweatpants.

Before absorbing Goshuko and Tsuyo, Rorri was only around 5'10" and wore battle armor similar to the ones Saiyans wear and a scouter.