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Rook (飛車, hisha) is a Human who is skilled in the art of hand-to-hand fighting, carrying the title The Great Old Man (偉大なおじいちゃん, Idaina ojīchan) for his age and skill. Skilled at honing the ability of Ki, Rook is known for creating his own unique technique known as Angel Shot.


A tall man, Rook has blond hair combed back with dark black eyes. He wears a white shirt, composed of bandages wrapped around his chest- with a gold colored belt wrapped slanted at his waist. He wears baggy black pants, with several straps around his calves. His right arm, lost somewhere during his past is replaced with a prosthetic which houses a multitude of unique weapons. Over his entire outfit, he wears a heavy black cloak with three gold straps over the right shoulder.

During a point in Rook's life, he took the persona of a skilled fighter in a tournament under the name Great King Ryūzaki. At this point, he wore a white mask reminiscent of a dog and a silver jumpsuit like attire. He carried around a naginata staff that could dissemble into a three-sectioned staff.


A noble old man, Rook keeps to his views on life often quoting them to his allies and opponents. Never choosing fighting as the first option, Rook has proved to be quite a spiritual man- claiming that a "fight without meaning is just senseless and brutish punching". Shown to be quite skilled in the area of hand-to-hand combat, when forced into the position of fighting Rook doesn't hold back and has shown to be quite fierce on the battlefield. His nickname The Great Old Man brings him great grief, as he constantly claims that he isn't "that old", but whether his claims are true is unknown.

Despite his dislike for senseless fighting, he isn't above taking on apprentices. Known for training dozens of worthy fighters in his style of combat, his students are known as Yūichi (優一, elegant one's) as a homage to the unique gentle and calming fighting style he teaches.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Master: Skilled in the art of hand-to-hand combat, Rook is famed for his unique style of combat. Able to keep up with other skilled fighters, and even able to overpower in some situations. He claims the key to skilled fighting is to become one with the nature and the elements which he states "increases one's power 10 fold". The true extent to his skill has only been lightly touched upon.
  • Ki Manipulation: A skilled manipulator in the element of "Ki", Rook has shown to channel it extremely well in combat. Shown to fire several hundred bullet shaped Ki energy blasts at one time, he can slow them down or speed them up increasing their destructive power if needed. He also carries with him the ability to sense the amount of Ki others have, a trait that is known for being uncommon.

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