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Riku is the son of his mystery mom he never got to know, and Turles: A ruthless saiyan that came to earth trying to destroy him. But Ryou Kicked his ***.Riku is a full blooded saiyan who lives to fight and loves meeting knew people.

Riku met Marron in an alley with Tak when he was 14.They lived in cardboard box's behid SubWay.Marron saw they were homeless so she fed them.Tak saw that Marron and Riku liked eachother so he left.Marron and Riku's life started with ythe kiss in that alley and ended up with two son's and a daughter. Ryou(son),Saik(son),Silk(daughter). They were all 1/3 Saiyan,1/3 Human,and 1/3 Android.


Ssj Riku

Ssj3 Riku

Ssj3 Riku

Ssj4 Riku

Ssj4 Riku

Golden Great Ape Riku

Golden Great Ape Riku


Ssj - First transformed when Goku and Gohan were hurt by a Gelotinic Goo like substance.

Ssj3 - Like Gotenks,Riku doesnt waste time ascending to Ssj2.He skips it and goes on to Ssj3

Ssj4 - First transformed when he trained with Vegeta, preparing for the Turles Tournament.

Great Ape - When looking at the moon he transforms into a Great Ape.

Golden Great Ape - Before transforming into a Super Saiyan 4 for the first time, you transform into this. Also if you look at the moon as a Ssj4 you transform into a Golden Great Ape.



Space Pods

Turtle Uniform

Tien's Uniform

Vegeta's Suit

Trunks Clothe's

Saiyan Uniform

Special Abilities[]

Aquamarine Aura

Gogeta Fighting Style

Tien Fighting Style


Soma Charge

Soma Blast

Soma Blast Barrage

Soma Combination

Soma Smash

Soma Bash

Soma Crash

Final Soma Cannon

Soma Blast Combination

Soma Attack

Soma Bang Attack

Soma Spirit

Soma Spirit Combination

Soma Gun

Soma Flash

Soma Buster

Soma Kamehameha

Soma Masenko

Soma Masendan

Soma Buster

Soma Rush

Soma Breaker

Soma Tension

Super Soma Blast

Super Soma Blast Barrage

Full Power Blast

Full Power Blast Barrage

Burst Soma Rush

Soma Burst

Super Soma Volley

SomaBall Fist

Ultra Soma Masendan

True Soma Masendan

Demonic Soma Blast

Soma Blast Charge

Super Hadouken