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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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Return of Tercenia is the 143rd chapter/part of Dragon Ball Advanced.


Tercenia was in Captain Bacterian's Room of Spirit and Time and was using a Crystal Ball to listen into the training that Goku received from Whis and Merus. Tercenia proceeded to enter Ultra Instinct Sign and proceeded to display a level of mastery over it. Tercenia was intrigued by the growth of her power, however, her training was interrupted by Android 8000 and Android 19000. Tercenia looked over to Android 8000 and told him that he was interfering with her training to which Android 8000 telling her that he was ordered to bring her back to protect the Dark Namekians by orders of the Time Breakers. Android 8000 attempted to grab Tercenia, however, she swung her arm back bisecting Android 8000 before slicing 19000 in half with a swift kick before powering out of Ultra Instinct Sign before proceeding to destroy the pair with Kaioken Yumesatsugaikosen.

Tercenia re-emerged and proceeded to Universe 16's Konats. Z Broly arrived in his Sorcerer Saiyan state and stop Tercenia from going any further. Tercenia blasted Z Broly with Super Yumesatsugaikosen, but realised that Z Broly was no longer a majin. Z Broly proceeded to transform into Super Sorcerer Saiyan 4 after Tercenia managed to knock him back. Tercenia was sent flying into a rock after being punched by Z Broly.

Back on Universe 7's Konats; Vegeta and Dae Vampire were battered and bruised from their battle with another as Vegeta was less damaged. Vegeta proceeded to uppercut Dae Vampire but was slammed into the ground after the Vampire grabbed his face. Dae Vampire told Vegeta that her battle lust was greater than his as she proceeded to headbutt him in the head before winding her hand back, however, instead of punching him as Vegeta was preparing to anticipate - Dae kicked him in the back; sending him flying across the battlefield to which Vegeta was amazed that she was strong enough to challenge his Mystic Mega Instinct given the training he received. Vegeta stated that Ultra Ego was his own power and seeing someone else use it - excited him to point that he'll get a chance to enjoy a true challenge. Dae scoffed at Vegeta stating that he made someone else's power his own rather than evolving his own might. Vegeta pointed out that she basically did the same thing to which she told him that she wasn't ashamed to get help from others to improve herself. Dae and Vegeta proceeded to charge at one another and proceeded to headbutt each other. Dae Vampire crashed into a cliff while Vegeta crashed into the ground.

Over on Unverse 6's Konats; Tapion and Week clash fists as Future Trunks fire a barrage of ki blasts to aid Tapion while Series-3 blasts Piccolo. Mansucro and Ragluco continue to battle Series-4. Vibra was watching the battles and noticed that barrier was around the battlefield on Universe 7's Konats realised that Dae was using it to keep her true power from Gamelan. Vibra reflected on the time that he was ordered to recreate the Time Breaker Dragon Balls. Zento and Rime arrive on Earth 95's Konats.

Tercenia entered Ultra Instinct Sign and proceeded to deliver a powerful kick to Z Broly's gut sending him flying into the air. Tercenia proceeded to detailed her displeasure of her parents' killing to force her to accept their desires for her to which Z Broly told her that the Konatsian were going through same due to the Dark Namekians to which Tercenia exclaimed that her experiences were worse and proceeded to tell them that Dae Vampire was only using them as a means to an end before eliminating them to prevent them from being a threat to X's and Dae's plans. Tercenia proceeded to dodge Z Broly's punch before proceeding to slam her fist into the gut before sending him across the ground before using Divine Yumesatsugaikosen with Z Broly almost being killed by the blast. Tercenia attempted to swipe at Z Broly, but she missed him. However, she managed to pluck a hair from his fur and proceeded to consume it. As a result - she becomes a living voodoo doll. Z Broly proceeded to use his speed to deliver a punch to Tercenia - knocking her back, but he also was sent flying. Z Broly became confused and proceeded to launch a barrage of ki blasts at her as she proceeded to remain still causing her to be peppered by the blasts. Z Broly displayed the same injuries on himself to which Tercenia told him that he'll now experience any attack she endures to which Z Broly was enraged tried to punch her, but Tercenia created a small incision on her arm causing him to experience the same injury to which Z Broly asked how she was able fazed by her injury to which Tercenia told him that she was a Reanimation and she felt very little pain as her wounds healed as she used her magic to undo the damage.

Tercenia proceeded to bat Z Broly in the head with a thunderous punch sending him across the ground with him responding with Arcane Eraser Cannon to which Tercenia simply countered with a ki blast attack. Tercenia proceeded to state his name causing him to freeze in place with Tercenia proceeding to deliver a punch to Z Broly's gut as Tercenia felt a surge of energy coming from her - noticing this Z Broly proceeded to brute-force himself out of the paralysis and proceeded to punch her in the gut confirming that her living voodoo technique had timed-out. Tercenia was starting to get frustrated but realising her chance to take control of emotions - she proceeded to do so. The air around them proceeded to become eerily calm before all of a sudden a torrent of energy shot into the sky from Tercenia. Z Broly was confused and asked what she was doing before noticing her hair turn silver. Z Broly was about to launch his Arcane Blast Stinger when Tercenia suddenly grasped his wrist as her body began reacting on its own as she proceeded to flick her wrist into Z Broly's - causing to be sent flying and spinning uncontrollably into the ground. Z Broly powered down to Super Sorcerer Saiyan after his focus began to become undone due to his anger. Z Broly proceeded to regain his focus and remembered that he cannot maintain his new power if he used his out of control powers and as a result - he reclaimed his focus and powered back up to Super Sorcerer Saiyan 4.

Dae Vampire proceeded to use Divine Aochisenko as drawing her own blood to use the attack which Vegeta proceeded to dodge the attack. Vegeta proceeded to kick Dae in the chest - sending her across the the ground. Vibra contacted Dae and told her that she was requested by Gamelan. Dae Vampire proceeded to power down to her Sealed Form and told Vegeta that they'll have a rematch soon before using a portal to leave the battlefield. Vibra approached Vegeta and told him that Gamelan was planning to go to the next phase of the conflict by sending all the Dark Namekians to kill the Konatsian. Goku asked him why he was telling them as Vibra proceeded to heal and restore Goku. Vibra told them that he was brainwashed to help Gamelan and had be slowly but surely sabotaging Gamelan's plan by causing the rebellion, interfering with the growth of the Dark Senzu Beans revealing that he was responsible for the rotten beans, and secretly teaching Mansucro and Ragluco some martial arts and magic. Vegeta asked if he was alone in his quest and he told them no as it was Dae Vampire that broke him out of his brainwashing and suggested the plan to him. Vegeta powered out of Mystic Mega Instinct and simply repeated Dae's name.





  • Tercenia (Ultra Instinct Sign/Base) vs. Android 8000 & Android 19000
  • Z Broly (Sorcerer Saiyan/Sorcerer Saiyan 4) vs. Tercenia (Base/Ultra Instinct Sign)
  • Vegeta (Mystic Mega Instinct) vs. Dae Vampire (Ultra Ego)
  • Future Trunks & Tapion vs. Week
  • Piccolo (Blue-eyed Namek) vs. Series-3
  • Mansucro & Ragluco vs. Series-4