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This page lists the fanon history and makeup of the Red Ribbon Army. It will only list important facts about the Red Ribbon Army that are fanon expansions of KidVegeta's Universe. After the army's collapse in Age 750, the surviving officers split into two factions: the Red Ribbon Army Remnant and the New Red Ribbon Army.


Commander Red and Dr. Gero formed the Red Ribbon Army together sometime before Age 735. In that year, Dr. Gero, with the help of Dr. Flappe, created Android 1, although the android proved to be an utter failure. Gero crafted Android 2 by Age 736, though it was destroyed in combat shortly afterwards. Androids 3 and 4 were created not long after, with little improvements, to be used as soldiers in the Red Ribbon Army. They were successful in three military campaigns before being shipped back to Gero for repairs. When he tried to repair them, they attacked him, forcing the good doctor to deactivate them with his remote. He destroyed them in early Age 737, recycling their parts for future androids.

In Age 739, First Lieutenant Blue participated in a battle against a rival mercenary group. He and his soldiers were able to capture that group's leader, putting an end to the conflict. In Age 740, Captain Blue traveled to Papaya Island to receive a psychokinesis implant from Dr. Gero. He remained on the island for much of that year as he learned to control his power. Other soldiers, including Gero's son, Nagiri, received implants too. These soldiers formed the Red Ribbon Elite. In Age 741, Nagiri was killed during an operation to disable some Capsule Corporation manufacturing plants. After that mission proved to be a failure, the Red Ribbon Elite was dissolved.

Years later, Gero and Flappe created Android 5. This Android was used on several assassination missions to kill high-ranking members of rival groups. On one such mission against the Red Dragon Brotherhood, Android 5 was knocked into a vat of acid by a grenade, which destroyed him. He did manage to take out the unnamed leader of that gang, however, before being dissolved.

In Age 742, Captain Blue assassinated Captain Gray, an officer in General Copper's legion. This allowed him to be transferred from Muscle Tower to the tropical southern region of the world where he joined the Copper Legion.

In Age 744, Lieutenant Colonel Blue's division was deployed to East City to deal with Monster Carrot. They were able to kill several of his soldiers, but Carrot himself got away. He later framed General Orange in a false conspiracy to overthrow the Red Ribbon Army, leading to Orange's execution and allowing Blue to take his place as the new water corps. general. This plot was delayed until Age 746 due to Blue learning about his brother Samuel disappearing.

Also in Age 744, Gero and Flappe completed Android 6. This android was the most human-like one yet. He was put on the front lines and used in many military engagements against rival factions. Against the Sons of Piccolo, Android 6 was able to defeat them and kill their leader - that is, until a sniper's bullet severely damaged his power supply. Gero remotely detonated Android 6 before the Sons of Piccolo could capture him, which killed many more of their members.

By Age 747, Gero and Flappe had created Android 7 and innovated the android with a new infinite energy device. They sent him on a combat assignment to the one of Capsule Corp.'s manufacturing plants, hoping to damage it. When the Capsule Corp. Security Force attempted to stop Android 7, he fought them, but refused to kill them. General Blue ordered him to kill the humans, but he refused. He was deployed a second time against them, but this time, he did not seem to want to even fight them, let alone kill them. Android 7 was recalled to Gero's laboratory at deactivated, his infinite energy device being saved for Android 8.

That same year, during the events of Chasing Oblivion, Dr. Gero illegally sold an infinite energy device (used to power his androids) to Yunwu, the deputy mayor of South City. Colonel Violet was the first to find out about this and was tasked by Commander Red to retrieve it from the woman. She eventually found it in the Diablo Desert being guarded by Hasky. After recovering the device, however, she kept it for herself. Not long after, General Crimson hired Hasky to take back the device from Violet before she could return it to Commander Red, which she was able to do due to Violet's cocaine addiction.

In Age 749, Daniel Parroda hired General Blue and the Blue Legion to come to Orange Star City in order to kill a group of forty-nine solipsist monks for a hefty price. They succeeded in their mission, but were harassed by members of the Iboinoshishi School (including Yajirobe) to the point that Blue ordered half of the city be demolished for disrespecting the army so badly. Once they completed their mission, they were paid and returned to base, for Commander Red was beginning his second search for the Dragon Balls (with a now much-improved Dragon Ball radar at his disposal).

Later that year, Colonel Brown attempted to overthrow the Red Ribbon Army due to Commander Red attempting to compete in the automobile market with Capsule Corporation. He asked for General Blue's help, but Blue killed the traitor instead.

Android 8 was completed by Flappe (with Gero helping only somewhat) in Age 750. He was sent to Muscle Tower after being deemed a failure by Gero, for he refused to listen to any commands given to him by Flappe, Ninja Murasaki, or General White. Gero immediately began working on Android 9 thereafter, as he deemed Android 8 a failure. It was not long after these events went down that Goku appeared and ravaged the Red Ribbon Army, killing most of its senior officers and many of its soldiers. Gero's android blueprints and much of his lab were destroyed in the conflict, forcing him to start Android 9 from scratch later on.

Following the Red Ribbon Army's encounter with Goku, which resulted in the deaths of General White, General Blue, Commander Red, and Staff Officer Black (and many others), Dr. Gero decided to regroup with General Copper, the most senior officer still alive, and his legion, and form the Red Ribbon Army Remnant - a successor group to the Red Ribbon Army whose main goal was to hunt down Goku and gain revenge upon him for what he had done to the Red Ribbon Army.

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