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Red-Eyed Namekian (レッドアイドナメック星人 Reddo-Aido Namekku-seijin) is a transformation used by Namekians.


The user is able to achieve this form via different means with one of them increase high-level ki control similar to Super Saiyan God. The user's power puts them on par with a Super Saiyan God along with a Super Saiyan-like aura.


The user's muscle mass increase slightly while they gain a medium magenta & dark scarlet aura along with their eyes become bright red. Additionally - their bodies gain a brightened hue along with any pink patches they have turn pale yellow.


Piccolo first achieved this form during his training with Beerus: Heroes.


Blue-eyed Namekian[]

A superior form in which the user's eyes become blue instead of Red and their aura becomes greenish-white.