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Rayen was the girlfriend of Singan. She and him were childhood friends, but upon turning into teenagers, they started dating.

However, after Agafh attacked Singan, Rayen smacked him across the face. Agafh was heavily irritated by this, so, he killed her. This ignited the anger of both Singan and Agafh's family, and her death led to Singan unlocking the Negative Super Saiyan form.


Rayen was a stubborn, hotheaded girl, however, she cared about her friends and family. She would often get into arguments with Singan, but nevertheless, they loved each other.

Power level[]

Due to her incredibly strenuous training activities with Singan, her power level rose to heights greater than the normal human, coming in at approximately 1,235.


  • Punch!: Rayen will force all her power into her fist and smack the opponent across the face with it.
  • Titan Blast: Rayen will fire a small, blue ki blast.
  • Degrading: Rayen will force all her power into her leg, then kick the opponent in the groin.