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Rauleli: A Tuffle's Tale is a bildungsroman piece of literature written by Koukishi. The story revolves around Rauleli, a Tuffle princess who must overcome multiple hardships as the world around her slowly spirals out of control. Throughout this story, Rauleli will come face-to-face with many important events in Tuffle history, such as the eradication of the Plants and the Saiyan-Tuffle war.

Essential pages Edit

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Sagas Edit

Prologue Edit

Chapter list Edit

  1. Beautiful Life

Maoto Saga Edit

  • Note: From this point on, the story is written in Rauleli's perspective, unless stated otherwise.

Chapter list Edit

  1. My Horrible Life
  2. The Tuffle Kingdom
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Behind the scenes Edit

Rauleli: A Tuffle's Tale was conceived when the author wanted to expand on the his interpretation of the history of the Tuffles. From there, the story blossomed. Please do not take any of this as canon, as this is merely my interpretation of what happened during the Tuffles reign on Planet Plant.

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