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is a human and is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball: Gods who are Gone. After the destruction of his city by an enigmatic foe, who disappeared soon after, Rasse felt hurt and ashamed at his failure to rescue his friends and family, and started a new life in the newly-rebuilt Satan City, living a life of crime; his inhumane crimes inspired others to cause chaos all around Satan City, transforming it into--quite literally--a living hell.

After discovering that the one who destroyed his beloved city has resurfaced in another city called Balle-Dagga, Rasse leapt into action and was determined to destroy him once and for all, to disprove his nemesis' statement: "I am unstoppable."



Rasse is a very carefree and anarchistic individual. Before his descent into crime, he was very snide and cold, but still had a golden heart. What remained constant in the series was that Rasse did not take very kindly to loss; since, practically, all his life, Rasse has met with success time and time again, but when he could not rescue those close to him from the destruction that befell his city, he became more bitter and jaded, and refused to accept his failure to rescue them.


Rasse's main weapon was an energy-firing cannon called an Antares-D8Z; after moving to New Satan City, he modified it, giving it more firepower than ever before. Rasse also equipped his gloves and kneepads with a state-of-the-art electrical system, dealing as much as 200,000 volts of electricity to whatever gets hit by them.


  • Rasse has an affinity for cats, especially orange ones, as his dead girlfriend loved cats.
  • Rasse has gained the respect of nearly everyone in Satan City, and he strikes fear into the hearts of whoever sees him.
  • Rasse is based around the character of Shotaro Kaneda from the anime film Akira.
    • In fact, Rasse's name is taken from a lyric of Kaneda's theme song.