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Rashmorphe (ラッシュモーフェー Rasshumōfē) is a Bio-Warrior created by Towa that has the ability to invoke all of Babidi's magic powers. His name is a pun of Shem HaMephorash


Rashmorphe is a 5'6" tall individual with Human-type Earthling features with the exception of scales around his right eye which he keeps hidden underneath a bandanna. He wears a black cloak around his body along with brown clothes, dark brown pants, and dark brown pants. He has a monkey's tail due to his monkey DNA and his sclera are black while his eyes a yellow.


Rashmorphe is remorseless, fearless, and arrogant due to the fact that he could control beings that even Babidi wouldn't have been able to control.


Rashmorphe has powerful magic which makes up for his fighting skill as he isn't as powerful as Sorcerer Saiyan Vegeta.


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Manipulation Sorcery - The ability to turn people into Majins.
  • Regeneration - The ability to regenerate due to his Majin DNA.
  • Tail Attack - The ability to attack with his tail.
  • Self-Destruction - The ability to self-destruct.