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Rainn's Backstory

Rainn is a half human, half android. She is a great fighter, and is very nice. During the Blade Saga she met Ryou when their match started. She is the daughter of Krillin and C18.


Purple Android Aura

Solar Flare - Taught to her by Tien.

Kamehameha - Taught to her by Krillin.

Destructo Wave - A Destructo Disk in an energy wave form.

Aura Bullet - A white chain of aura blast's.

Infinity Bullet - A rapid barrage of energy waves.

Accel Dance - Rainn and Ryou charge at the opponent and unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks.

Energy Blitz - A strong purple energy wave fired from the palm of her hand.

Destructo Disk - A razor sharp disk made of pure energy.


Super Human

Super Human 2

Super Human 3

Super Android

Super Android 2

Super Android 3

SSj Pan by 2D75

Kid Rainn in her Base form and as a Super Human