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Debut Dragon Ball AN Episode 1
Appears in Dragon Ball AN
Race Saiyan
Date of birth 233
Date of death 246
Height 7'4
Weight 100
  • Fade (Father)
  • Goku (Lost Brother)
  • Meto(Brother)
  • Broly(Step Brother)
  • This all started when a teenaged Saiyan named Clay turned on his evil father, Fade. Clay's brother died protecting him from Fade's Sude Attack.

    Year's later, Clay got married to Letta and later has a son named Dimino.

    Fade Returns To Destroy Life[]

    5 years past and it was Dimino's 5th birthday. On that day they went to the zoo with Dimino. Larer Clay see's a saiyan spaceship hurtling down to Earth. When the pod hits the ground,the door opens.I t was Fade. Ragnarok was shocked that his father was still alive.Fade was walking to his son,but Clay jumped infront of Dimino and was getting ready to fight.Ragnarok told Letta to go home with Dimino. Clay asked his father why was he here, and Fade said that he's gonna Destroy All Life.

    A Saiyan Battle[]

    Fade punches Clay in the stomach and kicks him in the face. Clay gets up and Fade punches him instantly, but then Clay catches Fade's fist, and throws him out of the zoo.

    Clay SSJ3

    Clay as a Super Saiyan 3.


    Clay in battle suit.

    Clay fly's over Fade and slams him to the ground. Fade gets up and does his ultimate attack Fire Crush and gives Clay an uppercut to the chin and knocks him out. Dimino ran to his father to see if he was alive. Dimino couldn't take it anymore from being bullyed in school and his father almost dying. Dimino exploded full of rage into a Super Saiyan.

    Dragonball AN. Clay Saga[]

    Clay is in the new series Dragonball AN.He first appear's in the Clay Saga.Clay was the first one to defeat Fade.But Fade came back to earth too destroy him and everybody else.Fade almost killing Clay,Dimino explode's full of rage and turn's into a Super Saiyan.

    Within 5 minute's Dimino grabbed Fade on the foot and throw's him to outer space.Fade die's because space has no air.A week later,Clay recover's from the hospital.All though Clay was in pain,he just wouldn't stop training just to be ready for new evil.Dimino and Clay trained all week.Dimino was getting the Upper hand since he can turn into a Super Saiyan.Week's later Clay,reaches a new level it's the False Super Saiyan.Now Clay and Dimino was evenly matched.Dimino learn's a new move called Galaxy Gun.It's an attack like Galick Gun.They finally take a break from week's of training.

    Dragonball AN. Meto Saga[]

    One month later,two Saiyan pod's come's down to the Earth and land's in the desert.

    Two Saiyan's came out,one was Meto,Clay's older brother.And Tang came out.Tang is Clay's life long friend.At first Clay didn't know them at all.But then he had a flash back and remembered them.Clay was so happy to meet his older brother again and Tang.But they wasn't there to play around, they was on a mission.They found out about the Dragon Ball's some how.The Dragon Ball's scatered out in the galxy.But they heard about strong people,so they needed Clay's help. They were using The Dragon Ball's to wish back all the dead Saiyan's.

    Raian Dragon Ball AF by ExtremeNick

    Meto in battle suit.