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Ragluco (ラグルコー Ragurukō) is a Konatsian wizard that became one of the many Konatsian that were born after Universe 16 was restored by Android 17's wish. His name is a pun of Glucose of which Coconut contain a small amount of according to some sources.


Ragluco has a light skin like Tapion while having pink medium-length hair, long pointy ears, and stands roughly 5'9" tall. He wears an outfit similar to the outfit worn by Tapion albeit with a different colouration and with it mostly tattered from a number of confrontations.


Having been raised under the iron fist of Narak like most of his people. Ragluco has become bitter, reserved, and wary of others. However, he retains his kindness towards his wife.



Ragluco and his wife were enslaved by Narak's Dark Namekian Clan following their birth and used to help cultivate Chocolay's Dark Senzu Beans, Life Fruits, and other magical fruits. However, they soon joined Konats' Resistance along with their children. However, Week and a few other Dark Namekians were able to find him and the Resistance - destroying it with Ragluco and Mansucro survive while their children do not.


Ragluco is a talented fighter and wizard. He was able to defeat many Dark Namekians including Week, however, by the defeat of all but Gamelan of the Dark Namekians; Chronoa used Face to make Mansucro and Ragluco Universe 1's most powerful and proficient sorcerer as well as strongest and fastest fighter.


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Alteration-type energy technique - a special ki manipulation ability used by Ragluco. He is able to create energy swords and baseball Bats, however, after the wishes made to Face, axes, bow and arrow, spears, shields, and even kunai.
    • Energy Blade - The ability to create an energy sword.
    • Subjugation Smasher - An energy bat in the shape of a baseball bat.
  • Liberation Shot - A double handed finger Beam in which he extended his arms out holding fingers like the finger gun gesture and fires a blue and green energy wave.
    • Liberation Long Shot - Ragluco draws his right hand back getting into a similar position for a bow and fire a thin finger beam.
    • Liberation Rapid Shot - A rapid-fire version of Liberation Shot.
    • Super Liberation Shot - - A stronger and larger version of Liberation Shot
  • Grenade of Sovereignty - Ragluco brings his hands in front of him and begins creating an energy sphere between his hands as it expands until it is almost overfilling between his which he than raises his hands above his head allowing it to increase to the size of a large boulder before hurling it at his opponent.
    • Sovereign Light Grenade - An even stronger version used against Tercenia and Dae Vampire.
  • Undetectable Ki - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Mansucro and Ragluco have undetectable ki.
  • Spirit Control - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Ragluco was able to use Spirit Control.
    • Instant Transmission - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Ragluco was able to use instant transmission.
  • Gravity Manipulation - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Ragluco was able to gain the ability to manipulate gravity.
  • Hakai - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Ragluco was able to use Hakai.
  • Magic - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Ragluco become one of the two most powerful sorcerers in Universe 1.
    • Thunder Black Magic - The ability to use Thunder Black Magic.
      • Lightning Sentence - A super attack used by Ragluco thanks to Face.
    • Heat Magic - The ability to use Heat Magic.
    • Energy Shield - Ragluco creates a barrier around himself for protections.
  • Warp - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Ragluco was able to use the ability of Warp which enable him to travel rather quickly between the multiverse.
  • Attack Alteration and Redirection - A technique where the user uses their ki to catch an opponents attack, then alters it and fires it again as their own attack. Ragluco was able to turn Dae Vampire's Aochisenko into energy sphere and throw it at the Vampire.


Unlock Potential[]

By wishing to Face to become the strongest and fastest warrior as well as most powerful and proficient sorcerer; Chronoa was able grant power that Ragluco could have possibly accumulated over many lifetimes without the cost of his lifespan unlike Granolah, Gas, and Tapion. Aside from gaining dark marks around eyes - his appearance remains relatively unchanged.


  • Moog and Bongo - Killed with an Energy Blade.