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The evil Raditz will return to destroy his younger brother Goku, (Kakarot) he will transforn into a ssj to defeat Goku, (Kakarot) but the Z-fighters are ready for everything that raditz is bringing. Raditz is shocked that prince Vegeta is apart of the z-fighters now and has already transformed into a super saiyan, he also finds out that Goku has turned into a super saiyan also, but he is amazed that his nephew Gohan is all grown up and has became super saiyan two. Raditz transform into a ssj2, surpassing his former ssj state, and yet the batte is to come! So will Raditz be able to beat the Z-fighters knowing that Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan are super saiyans?! Find out on the next episode of Dragonball: the return of great villans

DS Raditz

Raditz In His Demonic Saiyan Form

Warp Star Dragonball Saga

Raditz Returns In The next Saga To Help Goku, And The Z Fighters Find The Warp Star Dragonballs, Goku Said if He Helped Find All Of Them He Would be brought back To Life By The Earth Dragonballs.

Raditz going SSJ

Raditz Going SSJ