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Radic rediseign


Radic is a elite saiyan who is born two days before Goku and Broly. His name is a pun on Radicchio. He is the husband of Pinach and father to Daiko. His power level is 55 000.


Radic's appearance is similar to Turles, except for longer pants, full gloves, blue scouter and hairstyle. Later he wears similar armor like Vegeta's. His personality is something similar to Goku, but he has a greater love for fighting.


  • Radic Blast - A double handed red energy sphere fired from both hands. It is strong enough to destroy an android.
    Radic blast

    Radic charges the Radic Blast

  • Full Power Energy wave - Radic can fire this technique from one or both hands.
  • Radic Bomber - Radic´s strongest attack. He charges up and blows a huge wave around him and blows away the opponents.
  • Galactic mouth wave - He can use this technique in both his base and Great Ape form.
  • Flight - He can fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki-blast
  • Power ball - An artificial moon light that enables him transform into a Great ape.


  • Great Ape - His favorite transformation. He use this form in battle. Like other Elite Saiyans he has full control over the form. His power level rises from 55,000 to 550,000.
    Mouth blast

    Great Ape Radic fires the Galactic Mouth Wave.