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"Those are the words of a dead man."

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-Raddis to Arlic

Raddis is a character stemming from the fan-fiction Universe 13. An AU of Dragon ball where the 12 universes suddenly gain a thirteenth. In this story everything revolves around new characters, races, and abilities.


Destruction of Planet Vegeta[]

Hours before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Raddis was still in his pod. His parents however, were in intense shock at his power level. Something that was never seen before in the history of Planet Vegeta. Raddis' power level was beneath zero, reaching -20.

"He should be dead, in fact it'd be better if he was!" Raddis' Mother Mamesa exclaimed.

His lineage was prideful, only raising and training the best warriors for the saiyan race. Even a single weakling would permanently stain their reputation.

"We must get rid of him..." Raddis' Father, Asparnius sighed in disappointment and took his son out of the pod.

10 Minutes before the Destruction of Planet Vegeta

Before what would be midnight on Earth, the two parents snuck out of their home and put Raddis in an escape pod, While he was still a child, he did not cry, but instead his eyes showed a glint of hatred. Quickly, his parents sent him to a far away planet known as Earth. Hoping he'd die in the ocean or of starvation.

While traveling through space Raddis calmly thought of everything that just happened, and how'd he avenge himself. However it seemed he didn't need to as this was the exact moment Planet Vegeta came to an end. Raddis looked at the beautiful particles of a once great planet and laughed. Even as a child Raddis understood what happened and cursed his parents.

Life on Earth[]

When Raddis landed on Earth, he landed on a tall mountain in the middle of Antarctica, afraid to go outside with his small power level, he curled up in his pod until he finally fell asleep. When he woke up, he noticed he was moving and immediately went on high alert. He may be weaker than the average human child, but he was still a part of a warrior race. The pod opened up and he rolled out of it, got up, and assumed a fighting position.

"Hoho, you're quite a wild child aren't ya?" An old man lifted up his snow goggles and smiled at Raddis. The old man had green eyes, white messy hair, and wore an outfit you'd see most arctic explorers wearing.

"W-Who are you...?" Raddis muttered his first words in his entire life. (At this time Raddis is 2 months old), The old man looked at Raddis with an angry face. "Haven't your parents ever told you to respect your elder's young man?" He pinched Raddis' cheeks and stretched them.

Raddis cried in desperation "Sorry mister! My name is Raddis!" he tried to fix the situation immediately.

The old man let go of his cheeks and proudly pumped out his chest "My name is Charles Washington III, Master Martial Artist and Ki manipulator!" He laughed heartily.

Raddis tilted his head in confusion. Charles sighed and picked him up

"From this day onward, I believe we will be great friends."

Indeed Charles was correct, Him and Raddis lived together for years, until Raddis' 16th birthday.

He came home from hunting polar bears, hoping to show his "Granpa" his haul, however all the lights were on, but no sounds were heard. At this point Raddis' power level way exceeded his previous -2 now reaching a level not even the scouters could calculate.

When he went into the kitchen, a sight he'd never expected to see in his entire life sat on the table. An alien being had pierced Charles' heart with a crystal hand. Raddis began to feel tears welling up in his eyes...his power level began to increase just as much as his rage. He looked at the alien, This alien was part of the Frieza force, sent to kill Charles due to his destruction of several of Frieza's ships. However, the alien knew exactly what this power was, a power so rare he'd never expected it. Raddis was a legendary super saiyan. The alien immediately tried to run, but Raddis shot him with a ki blast so powerful it shot through the house and kept going until it blew up the top of a nearby mountain.

Letting out one last scream of rage, Raddis swore to avenge his Granpa and kill Frieza.



Raddis is a 6'5 muscular Saiyan, his tail was cut off by Charles when he was 2. He has black, spiky hair that bends slightly to the back, similar to Vegeta's. His eyes are a light hazel and he is highly muscular and possesses a tan skin-color. He normally wears a black sleeveless shirt and matching pants with an unzipped blue coat that reaches his hips. He also wears white boots that can be compared to Vegeta's if not for their golden outline.


Raddis is a hard-headed, irritable person. Constantly going into countless dangerous situations. And destroying things when angered. Although his IQ is above even the smartest beings, however, most of it's potential is locked away. Raddis does his best to protect his friends and even his rival Arlic, even though he doesn't seem to want to admit it, he cares very much for them.


Atomic Flash[]

Raddis kicks the back of opponent's heel with incredible strength causing them to fall backward, then he flies into the hair and shoots a yellow energy wave at their face causing severe damage.

Climax Punch[]

Raddis coats his fist with a large amount of ki and states "THIS WILL BE THE END" (Although this statement is usually incorrect) then proceeds to launch himself forward with a ki blast using his other hand and punches the opponent in the chest. The destructive power of this punch is so powerful it has managed to split mountains

Final Flash: Climax[]

Although sharing the name of Final Flash, Vegeta's attack has no relation with this. Raddis releases a large amount of ki during the process of turning super saiyan, The ki begins to collect in front of his chest getting bigger and bigger until the transformation ends. Raddis then lets out a loud scream and releases the energy orb. If it manages to hit, it can have more destructive power than 3 missiles.

Spider Trash[]

A rush attack where Raddis uses instant transmission to get directly behind the enemy, then begins hitting the enemy in 8 different places multiple times using several climax punches and finally shoots them with a condensed ki blast. This attack gives Raddis the illusion of having 8 arms. This attack consists of 10-20 climax punches, therefore giving this attack a level of power 20x stronger than Climax punch.

Forms and Transformations[]

SSJ Graymatter[]

In this form Raddis' hair turns gray as well as his eyes. Small energy spheres, silver in color move around him like an aura. In this form Raddis' strength doubles each time he is seriously injured also allowing him to live through the most severe conditions and injuries as long as they occur within the form. He gained this form through his fight with Frieza after taking a severe wound in the stomach unlocking his intense willpower and thus, transforming. His power also increases 10 fold even without receiving damage.

Super Saiyan[]

Raddis possesses the legendary form known as "Super Saiyan" although he does not possess second grade. In this form his hair turns a light yellow and his eyes a light blue, The power increase of this form can be calculated to 5-50 times his base power level. He gained this form from years of training with Charles and his abusive training methods. However, they did pay off and Raddis thanked his Granpa for that.

Ultra Phase[]

Raddis possesses a form similar to Ultra Ego, however, this is a combination of both SSJ Graymatter and another one of his forms SSJ Divine Red (Not to be confused with Super Saiyan god). In this form His black hair turns dark gray and the orbs that would move around him are now purple. His eyes turn a bright purple as well and his muscle mass becomes noticeably larger. His power and speed are both increased significantly, able to beat Broly in SSJ Green and Golden Frieza.

SSJ Divine Red[]

Not to be confused with Super Saiyan God (Although both are similar) In this form Raddis only gains a significant change in muscle mass and gains a red-orange aura surrounding his body. This form increases his power by 90 fold and allows him to gain more power the more ki attacks are used on him.


Arlic (Rival)[]

He met and fought with Arlic when he was 20 and ultimately ended up losing. But due to his hard head, he didn't want to take the defeat but instead swore he would defeat Arlic in a battle someday. Arlic has been Raddis' goal, encouraging him to get strong enough to completely destroy Arlic.

Chalise (Love Interest)[]

Although he doesn't admit it, Raddis has romantic feelings for Chalise, often getting flustered around her or distracted when she is around. Arlic has taken notice of this and often pokes fun at Raddis.


  • Raddis is very prone to illness as his immune system is incredibly weak due to the fact he had a -20 power level when he was born.
  • Raddis often doesn't think about his actions, but instead rushes in. Nearly dying several times.