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This page, Questions That Need Answering: A Detailed Look Into KidVegeta's Stories, is property of KidVegeta.

With all stories, even Dragon Ball, it should be expected that the author sometimes makes mistakes, or does not properly explain certain events. There is, of course, a difference between a mistake and a lack of detail. But, in the end, they both still cause confusion. Over the next few days, I will be adding questions pertaining to The Forgotten that have already been asked of me. Any additional questions are welcome. Do note, that these are not restricted solely to mistake, or canon breaking material; if you have any questions at all, that are not answered in the actual sagas, please post them here. I will answer them.



Prince Vegeta Saga[]

You said Vegeta's power level was going to be greater than 12,000 before the end of saga 1. How can this be, since 24 years later his power level is only 18,000?

  • I did say that. Vegeta's power level will indeed be greater than 12,000 before the end of "Serentiy and Atonement". Now, as to why it was only 18,000 years later. Canon media states that the King's power level was close to 10,000. 12,000 is not canon, but it is a safe estimate. So in canon media, Vegeta had to have a power level of over 10,000 but less than 18,000 when he was a child. I'm going with 12,000. As to why it barely went up after that... well, that's a mistake by Toriyama, who got caught in his own inconsistent power level increases. So, two things could have happened; 1. Vegeta lied, when he said he had surpassed his father (to Frieza) , or 2. He really did have the power, but then after the genocide, he didn't rise in power level as drastically as before. I, and my story follow number 2.

But why doesn't Vegeta's power level go up as fast any more?

  • It is also noteworthy that both Saiyan children were instructed by King Vegeta, Nappa, Layeeck, and the best Saiyan scientists to give them the greatest amount of tactical training available. But, this was a double edged sword. Both Ledas and Prince Vegeta had a power level of over 12,000 at the end of the 1st Saga, and their teachers had powers of much less. This would have (if planet Vegeta was not destroyed) presented problems, as the two would eventually learn everything they could from their teachers. At this point, their power levels would probably slow. This is backed up by Vegeta’s power level after the destruction of his planet. In his first 5 years, he gained a power level of over 12,000, while in his next 24-25 years, he only gained an additional 6000 to his power level. As all of his Saiyan mentors were killed, besides Nappa, who had nothing more he could teach, Vegeta was stuck gaining power simply by fighting. Power gained by fighting is gained based on the skill of the opponent. So it can be assumed that all the species that he conquered for Frieza were hardly a challenge, and that he rarely had to fight for real, otherwise he power level would be closer to Ledas‘. His comrades were of no help either. Raditz’ power level of 1500 was less than Vegeta’s before he even started training, and Nappa’s of 4000, wasn’t much better. So training with them was near useless. This also may explain his extreme motivation to go to earth and fight Raditz’s killers, perhaps hoping that they would put up a real challenge.

Ledas' and Vegeta's power levels seem awfully high. Why did you give them such high levels at birth?

  • We are never shown what an average birth level is. Goku was said to be extraordinarily weak (at 2), while Broly was far beyond any other Saiyan (at 10,000). Considering 2 is a weak level for lower class Saiyans, I have decided that the average birth power level for them should be about 50-75. With Elites, they would be born with power levels much higher, in the 250-300 range. I had Vegeta's level be 515 because he was the Prince of all Saiyans. He has greater potential than any of them, so his is double. Ledas' is 400 because he is also gifted. This is the reason why he was chosen to be Vegeta's training partner. Aside from those two, no other child had a power level that could compare.

Why don't Vegeta and Ledas fight a bad guy, like a final boss at the end?

  • While Ledas and Vegeta are the main characters of the first saga, they do not face the main villain, Frieza, because it wouldn't make sense for them to. Instead, I have Frieza fight King Vegeta and Layeeck, who grown a hatred toward the tyrant. Also, while they don't directly fight Frieza, the battle with him ultimately sets up the next saga for Ledas, and Vegeta's personality for the rest of his life. So, consider the battle psychological in this saga, one that is based more on King Vegeta's emotions.

Who cares about King Vegeta's feelings? I want to see some fights!

  • Yeah, well that's not what my story's about. I'm not going to change it, because that would compromise quality. Fights are intregal, yes, but so is character expansion. Sorry.

Why does Frieza blow up Planet Vegeta?

  • I do not claim any responsibility for this. The destruction of Vegeta was canon to the original Dragon Ball story. Frieza saw the Saiyans as dangerous, so he eliminated them. With The Forgotten, the difference is that I've gone into more detail as to why it even got to that point. King Vegeta is one of the most fascinating characers ever created (Dragon Ball or otherwise), and unfortunately, he didn't see much air time. So much of him and his motives was shrouded in mystery. The Forgotten reveals a bit more, especially into his relationship (strictly professional, of course) with Frieza. But, ultimately, the result is the same. Frieza blows up the planet because he saw the Saiyans as dangerous.

Why does Ledas survive the genocide?!

  • Ledas' survival, is in concept for the same reason why Prince Vegeta (and almost by accident, Nappa) survived. They were both sent on a mission by Frieza, because the tryant wanted them alive. However, Ledas' pod has to stay behind for repairs, while Vegeta and Nappa leave. So, when he finally does take off, to follow the prince, planet Vegeta is destroyed, while he is still in the solar system. The shock wave knocks Ledas unconscious, and puts his pod off course, thus leading him onto the rest of his life.

Who is the Benefactor?! Does he play an important role?

  • The Benefactor's role in saga 1 actually isn't all that important. Although, he does, briefly, start to bring a great fear about Ledas, something that the child is unfamiliar with. But The Benefactor's great importance comes from his special, Outbreak: Paved In Blood. I suggest you read it to get a better understanding of the character of the Benefactor.

In The Chapter "Always Remember Your First", who was Nappa talking to on his scouter?

  • Those were mercs hired by King Vegeta to test his son. Nappa was conversing with the king over his scouter.

Who is Ledas' mother? Why is she never shown?

  • Ledas' mother remains unnamed, unseen. That was done on purpose. As to why... that is to reinforce the Saiyan warrior culture that exists. No other Saiyan women are shown (except for Fasha, who is a soldier, herself), so I chose to keep things consistent. A keen eye will note that I (or Layeeck) makes one reference to her in PVS, so yes she does exist, just not as a character in my story.

Why doesn't Frieza kill Nappa when he finds out the latter survived the Saiyan Genocide?

  • Nappa was with Prince Vegeta, when their planet was destroyed. If you notice, when done with missions, Vegeta usually goes alone to visit Frieza (only once does Ledas accompany him), and it's the same, even after Planet Vegeta is destroyed. So, Nappa kind of remained hidden from Frieza during this time. And since Frieza didn't even know about Nappa until much later, when he and Raditz did start accompanying Vegeta, I doubt by that point, he cared any more.

Why Lettuce as a pun?

  • Because I wanted something that would sound close to my name.

With that said what do you mean by "Your name"?

  • "Ledas" is pronounced and written in a similar way to my (real) name.

Why did you start in Pre-Dragon Ball era?

  • I was inspired by the Bardock special, and I always wanted my story to be about a Saiyan. Not to many options with that, seeing how early on Frieza killed them all.

Why did you make ledas and Vegeta have such high power levels?

  • Vegeta's power level of 12,000+ is canon. My story is just about how he gets there. Ledas is just as strong as Vegeta because they train together.

Lauto Saga[]

Why does Ledas land on a Cooler planet? He lives in Frieza's part of the galaxy!

  • If you note the timeline of The Forgotten (found here) you should see that Ledas was, due to the immense shock wave of Planet Vegeta's destruction, knocked unconscious, almost into a coma-like way. His pod drifted for almost a year before finding Planet Cooler 92. Drifting for that long can take you quite a ways.

But then how did he survive? Didn't he starve/go thirsty?

  • As seen when Vegeta is in his own pod, these vehicles have AI in them that can take care of their occupants, if they suffer damage. The pod's AI was able to sustain Ledas up until his landing.

What the purpose of the outpost on the planet? Why are there soldiers?

  • The planet was under the control of Governor Guva, and by extension Cooler. It was used as a mining facility, with the native species becoming unwilling slaves. Where do you think all those scouters come from? They have to be made by somebody. PC92 is one of such facilities. Banas and his squad are there to prevent uprisings.

How come Guva and Banas are trying to kill each other?

  • The two had a bitter rivalry in the past (both competed to become the governor of the planet).

How strong is Guva? Banas? The others?

  • Guva, Banas, Lieme, Payar, Meloon, Aprido, and the other soldiers are all of varying power. Aprido is weak (but strong for his species) at around 5000. The average unnamed soldier has a power of about 150-200. Meloon, Payar, and Lieme are much stronger in the high two hundred thousands. Guva and Banas are even stronger than that; each is stronger than Frieza's first form. You can see all power levels here.

Why don't they kill Ledas when he first gets there?

  • Payar and Meloon think that they can give him as a present to Cooler, to get reassigned to a different planet (they find 92 a boring place). When Guva finds out, he does the same thing, presenting Ledas to Cooler... only it doesn't have the same effects as he thought. Cooler, not caring at all, leaves Ledas' fate up to Guva. Guva, not one to shy away from opportunity leaves Ledas alive, to be used as a tool later, for when dealing with Banas.

Who is Lauto?

  • He is a fallen Grand Supreme Kai. He reigned over the universe just before the last Grand Supreme Kai did (the one who was absorbed by Majin Buu). Thus, he is very old and very powerful.

Why does Lieme agree to train Ledas? I thought they were enemies?!

  • Lieme doesn't do it for Ledas. Basically, Lieme was the most grounded of all Banas' troops, and he alone saw that Ledas was powerful. Lieme wanted to use that to get stronger himself. Indeed, he wasn't even trying to teach Ledas how to sense ki, but the child was able to pick up on nonetheless.

Why did you make Ledas stop aging when he was 12? Does he still grow mentally?

  • Fundamentally, I had a lot of fun writing the child-like aspects of him in PVS, and I didn't want to lose that. When looking at Ledas, I always imagined him to be a kid, even now I can't see him grown up like I can with Vegeta. So, being my story, I did what I wanted to.
  • Mentally, he doesn't actually mature either, it's just the circumstances that change him (but not permanently). The Stomping Grounds Saga is the prime example of him being "broken" mentally. He's still the same kid, just he has a darker look on things because of his environment. He lightens up again when the overall environment does. But, he'll always be a kid, mentally and physically.

So Lauto makes Ledas stop aging? How? At what age does Ledas stop aging? That seems to be a pretty strong power!

  • This power is indeed strong, but it is also consistent with what Old Kai's powers showcased. But Lauto didn't do it on purpose. He was gathering up his own energy and The Benefactor's in order to transfer bodies. When Ledas absorbs the energy so suddenly, it has profound effects on his body.

What race is Lauto?

  • He was a Grand Supreme Kai. Basically, he's a highborn Shin.

What's the story to those skeletons that Payar and Lieme found on Lauto's planet?

  • The soldiers were members of other Cooler Planets, and were part of squads that was sent to Lauto's planet (and thereafter never heard from again). How they died that way, well... It was Lauto, and Lauto can kill in multiple ways, so I've no doubt that he killed them for walking in on him and The Benefactor. The conditions on the planet caused them to decompose so rapidly.

Is Lauto very strong? How strong is he?

  • His full power is never showcased because his body is very old. However, he has a power level spike of over 5 million, so he could probably hold his own against most people.

Are Planet Cooler 92 Soldiers (Lieme, Payar and Meloone) stronger than Planet Cooler 71 Soldiers?

  • Well... yes. They are elite soldiers on 92 (having power levels in the high 200,000s). 71 also has elites, but none are on the same caliber as Lieme, Payar, and Meloon.

Why does Ledas get so strong so fast during the Lauto Saga?

  • If you pay close attention to the chapters, and the timeline you would see that Ledas' rises in power level is not fast at all. The entirety of the Lauto Saga spans multiple years, and Ledas faces quite a few enemies (and gets a few Zenkais) during that time. As well, Ledas gets a lot stronger due to his environment and him training with very strong beings.

But why doesn't Vegeta get as strong as Ledas during this time? They were the same strength at the end of Prince Vegeta Saga!

  • I've answered this in the above section about the Prince Vegeta Saga. Second or third question, I think. Short answer is that I wanted Ledas to get more gradual, logical, and consistent boosts of power, which Toriyama did not do for Vegeta (or Goku, for that matter).

What do you mean his environment? How does that make Ledas stronger?

  • Just as Vegeta didn't get stronger because of his environment (weak planets to conquer, no real foundation for training from Frieza), Ledas was the opposite. The planet he was on, Planet Cooler 92, had half the gravity of Planet Vegeta, so it was easier for him to train in it. It also meant, right away, that he would get a sizeable power level boost because of that. Consider it like taking off weighted clothes.
  • Another key factor of Ledas' environment is his fellow soldiers, the Plantains. They pushed the Saiyan child up to and beyond his limits, from the day he got there, until the day he left (for good). Over the years, as he continued to face stronger and stronger opponents, and continued to spar with the elites, Ledas' power level shot up. It's also worth mentioning that Ledas' power level goes up around 33% (based on the power level readings of Goku and Vegeta, 33 seems remarkably accurate, so that's what I'm using here) every time he is nearly killed, and that happens quite a lot, actually. Vegeta never had training or structure like that, and his power level showed for it.

If Ledas stops aging, won't he ever die? I mean, die of old age like all other living organisms (including Saiyans) do?

  • I have come to the conclusion that Ledas will not die as normal. He still has a lifespan, but now it is much greater than his original was. I'm not quite sure on exactly how long it'll be. But it's less than the amount of time Old Kai gave Goku and longer than a normal Saiyan lifespan.

Is Aprido an allegory for Jesus?

  • Yeah, he's an allegory for Jesús Navas González' life.

Who are the rebels?

  • Former Cooler Soldiers who are dissatisfied with Cooler's tyrannical reign.

Is Lenomi a high-ranking rebel?

  • No. She's a mid-ranking one. The higher ups are never shown. The installation that Ledas conquers is not the main base. There are millions of rebels, so they wouldn't all be at the same place.

Why did the rebels attack Planet Cooler 92?

  • They did so to get retribution for Banas turning down their offer in the third chapter of the saga. He also killed some of their soldiers when they did, so they wouldn't take kindly to that.

Why use Saibamen?

  • When fighting rebels, it can lower the morale of regular soldiers. Fighting against your brethren is disheartening. As well, it may be hard for commanders to tell who is who on the battlefield. Using Saibamen solves this problem.

Why were some of the Saibamen red?

  • I took this from the alternate costume of the Saibaman from Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2. In my universe, Red Saibamen are more experience. Essentially, they evolve into the red version after getting enough experience and whatnot. So they are the Dragon Ball Pokemon.

Did Lieme know about Lenomi? Did he contact her while on the mining facility?

  • It is unlikely that Lieme knew about Lenomi. They were born in different cities on their home planet, and are of different ages. The far more interesting question is if Lieme communicated with her once he went on board the facility. As any astute reader knows, Joleans (the race that Lieme and Lenomi are both a part of) can telepathically communicate with one another. So it's perfectly reasonable to think he did. However, Lieme does not indicate that he knew about her to Ledas or the others, and he did not defect. So even if he did talk with her, it doesn't seem like it would have changed much. Or perhaps Lieme was the rebel leader all along.

Stomping Grounds Saga[]

Why does Banas frame Ledas in the beginning of the saga?

  • Banas is trying to save his own life, whatever the cost.

What is the Stomping Grounds?

  • It was the first planet given to Cooler by his father. Thus, it's the Capitol of his entire empire. Most of his best soldiers are on the planet.

Who are the councilors?

  • They are not very important characters, but they interrogate possible leads about the rebels.

How did Cooler not kill Ledas?

  • He was barely powered up, and Ledas manipulated his power level to make it look like he was killed later.

How strong is Grif?

  • Grif's power level is in the 400s. Because of this, he was able to put Ledas in stasis when the boy lowered his power level to hide from Cooler.

Why did you put the 21 year gap in?

  • There were two reasons for this. For one, I didn't want Ledas to become a Super Saiyan before Goku. The second one was that without it, Ledas would search for Earth for too long, which didn't seem realistic to me.

Why did it hurt Ledas to use power after coming out of stasis?

  • His body isn't used to using ki. It's like how someone has a hard time walking after having to stay in bed for a while.

Who is Digranite?

  • Digranite is Cooler's commander. He is the third highest ranking member of Cooler's armies, behind Salza and Cooler himself.

Why is Digranite stronger than Salza?

  • It's like how Captain Ginyu is stronger than Zarbon.

What ever happened to the rebels? Were they defeated? Why weren't they the focus of this saga?

  • Digranite hunted them down and eliminated them some years after Ledas was put into stasis. I didn't make them the focus of the saga because that would be too predictable. I'd like to create a world where not everything gets paid off (similarly to how it worked on The Sopranos). Sure, the rebels are there, but in regards to Ledas, it only made sense to have them meet him once. Otherwise, it would just be too forced.

What was the inspiration for Nepar? And what is he, exactly?

  • He was inspired by a Magic the Gathering card called Eternal Dragon. Additionally, I picked a creature like him because I was tired of only having enemies who were bipeds. But he's still an alien like all the rest. He's not as sentient as them - he's more like a guard dog. But a very powerful guard dog, really. He's stronger than any being on the planet aside from Digranite and Cooler.

What meeting was Digranite in when his bodyguards called him?

  • Cooler had called together all of the governors of his planets to tell them that Frieza was dead. Digranite left before Cooler revealed the information, but Cooler had already told him privately. It was somewhat difficult for me to clearly convey what was going on in words during this part. It's much clearer in the manga version of TF.

Why did Guva help Ledas fight Digranite?

  • Because his whole point of keeping Ledas alive was to have someone help him kill Banas. After hearing that a Saiyan was on the planet, he assumed it was Ledas. Ledas meant more to him than Digranite, so he helped him.

Why did Aprido try to kill Ledas?

  • He thought Ledas would take away his ability to become a Plantain. As it turned out, Ledas didn't care either way.

Why does Ledas become a Super Saiyan?

  • He finally snaps when he realizes that all his life, no one has cared about him. They have all just tried to use him. That made him ascend to Super Saiyan.

What happens to Banas at the end of the saga? Why does he go missing?

  • He escaped from Guva at the end of the saga, but don't worry. He is not gone for good.

Planet Earth Saga[]

How long does it take for Ledas to find Earth?

  • I've put up a concise timeline here. Check it out for specific dates on all things that happen in my story.

What Dragon Ball Z saga will Ledas arrive to Earth during?

  • The Planet Earth Saga. He arrived on Earth in the 774 age, just before Buu showed up.

Since this saga will have mature themes how will you get around not posting them?

  • Those sections will have a <PERMANENT REDACTION> sign over them, so you will know when they take place, just not what they entail. For reference, there are two of those scenes total, and one is in this saga. Its text color is different as well, being pink.

How do people like Vegeta and Gohan not sense Ledas' arrival to Earth?

  • Ledas can hide his power level, which he did. Upon arriving on earth, his power level was 2. Nigh undetectable.

But how can he train? Wouldn't Vegeta sense him when he trains?

  • No, as explained in the story, Ledas gets a gravity training room from Capsule Corp, which also has power suppression units in it. Basically, they are things which negate any power output, so that Ledas can train at any level (but only inside the gravity room) and be undetected.

If this saga takes place on Planet Earth, will any of the Z Fighters and/or their supporters be playing a prominent or even secondary role in the saga?

  • Bulma, Dr. Brief, Vegeta, Yajirobe, Korin, and Piccolo will all be in this saga, and they all play moderate to significant roles.

How can Layeeck be back in this saga? He was killed at the end of Prince Vegeta!

  • It's not really Layeeck. More like a ghost, similar to the character "Harry" from the show Dexter. Ledas' mental state is pretty damaged by this point, even though he doesn't show it all that often. His constant hallucination of his father is this manifested.

But then if he's a ghost, how does he get to Earth? And how does he even become a ghost?

  • It's not really Layeeck. Check out what I said earlier about Harry. It's the same with Layeeck. It's not really him, but rather Ledas' memory of his father. Due to Ledas' damaged psyche after his experience on Planet Cooler 92, his loneliness caused him to form, in memory, his father. Much like having an "imaginary friend", only with someone as powerful as Ledas, this "imagination" has a physical presence. But no, he's not a real person, just an image.

You said before that Ledas would be the main villain of this saga. How does he destroy stuff without people like Gohan and Vegeta sensing (and stopping) him?

  • The cat and mouse interaction you are referencing is that between Vegeta and Ledas. That's the most crucial relationship in the series, and is no different in this saga. Vegeta and Ledas are both Saiyans. Here, I think he was apathetic at best to stop Ledas' destruction. This isn't to say that he let Ledas have free reign of the world. He just wasn't there to stop him. That job was left to Piccolo (Gohan was too busy at this time).

Who is Cardinal? Why is he included in Death Note: Our Truths and The Forgotten?

  • Cardinal is a wealthy, powerful character. Much of his true intentions remain shrouded in mystery though, and it's not really given why he ever takes an interest into Ledas. I've always thought of him as the kinda king of the world, not like King Furry but moreso like the puppetmaster behind it all.
  • As for why he's in both my stories, that's just kinda laziness. I had two character roles (in two stories) that were basically the same and it didn't feel necessary to make those roles for two different people.

You mention that Shoekki and File have sex in one of the earlier chapters, where Ledas observes sounds coming from their room. However, it is later shown that they had never mated before, and that she had male body parts. Why is this? Was something else going on in that room?

  • ;) They weren't having "normal" sex the first time. A certain recent president may even say that it's not sex to begin with. And I never said File had male parts, even though yes that's why Shoekki killed her.

How is the Red Ribbon Army back?

  • It's not really back. The new army is mainly a political juggernaut, and they only have a few soldiers. Captain Green and General Silver are the only commanders.

Wasn't Silver an original Red Ribbon Army member?

  • Yes, he was a Colonel then. His father is Cardinal, who is the leader. Because Cardinal is and was such a political juggernaut, he was able to save his son during Dragon Ball.

Why did Cardinal's men take Ledas' ship into space?

  • They were trying to escape Majin Buu.

Reunion Saga[]

Why does Guva go to Earth?

  • That is revealed later in the saga. It's spoilerish, so I don't want to say here.

Where were Mr. Kyokatoshi, Mrs. Fanshi, and Shoekki not revived when the Earth was brought back after Kid Buu was killed?

  • Mr. Kyokatoshi was not revived because he was not a good person. The wish that they made in the Majin Buu Sagas was to revive everyone who was killed and who was good. This does not include Mr. Kyokatoshi. This is the same reason why File and the other members of the New Red Ribbon Army are not revived.
  • Mrs. Fanshi is revived, but she is not seen again. As to what she thinks happened to Ledas, I cannot say, as it is not part of the story. Surely, she would have tried looking for him, but she would not have found him, since he and Ryori relocated to West City at the end of the Fulfillment Saga. Ledas may have looked for her, himself, however. If he did ever find her, he would have told her that he wasn't going to live with her any longer (with no ill-will, mind you).
  • Shoekki was not revived because he was not killed by anyone else. He committed suicide, so his death does not fall under the type of death that would result in a revival from the wishes made in the Kid Buu Saga.

How does Ledas survive a bullet to the head?

  • Being a Saiyan, even powered-down, bullets don't do as much damage to him. While it went into his head, it didn't hit anything important. Thus, he could use two senzu beans to save himself.

How come Ledas doesn't see the ghost of his father after being shot?

  • That was specifically intended. The gunshot was responsible for that. While he still saw his father immediately after being shot, after being healed, he was healed of seeing that hallucination as well.

Why does Yamcha challenge Guva first?

  • He could have been drunk, but he wanted to impress Bulma. Bulma wasn't even there.

What was the device that Guva opened on Korin Tower and will it serve any purpose in the future?

  • If you notice, it is the same device that Ledas found in the previous saga. As to its importance, I cannot say.

Why did The Benefactor appear when he did?

  • This is explained two chapters from his appearance.

Why did The Benefactor kill Guva?

  • He had no more use for him. It also shows how brutal he can be and how little another being's life matters to him.

What was the significance of chapter 7, Snow Day?

  • Snow Day was a chapter used specifically to show that the Benefactor had killed Ledas' grandfather and father (and thus was after him next), how Ledas became aware in his great ape form, and also to show a bit of how Ledas and Vegeta play and such when not on missions. I think the PVS was a little too "mission" oriented and thus not much of the two kid's off time was shown. And I wanted to show a little bit of that.

So Guva was forced to do The Benefactor's bidding? Why?

  • He was the weaker of the two. The Benefactor threatened to torture and kill him if he refused to help.

How does The Benefactor defeat the Z Fighters?

  • He uses his attack, Locke's Ruse, to subtly drain their energy. Once they attack him, they are too weak to overpower him.

Why does Ledas act so mentally unstable in this saga? He attacks Vegeta multiple times and then apologizes afterwards.

  • This is due to The Benefactor's energy flowing through Ledas' veins. Remember that in the Lauto Saga, Ledas absorbed that large ball of power that contained Lauto's and The Benefactor's energy. That energy is still inside him. As The Benefactor gets closer to him, the The Benefactor's energy within him calls to the alien. It's like how in The Lord of the Rings, the ring becomes more corruptible the closer it is to Sauron and Mount Doom. Because of this, in parts, Ledas acts very primal and hateful. He is somewhat able to control it at times, however.

Why does Ledas save Vegeta? I thought he hated him!

  • As explained above, he doesn't hate Vegeta. It's The Benefactor's energy that is affecting him.

What is The Benefactor's goal here?

  • He simply wants the energy Ledas stole from him in Lauto's cave back.

Why does Vegeta go Super Saiyan 3?

  • He sees all that Ledas has gone through. Especially after Ledas saves him with giving him the senzu bean, he realizes that Ledas is real. And then his old friend does all he can to stand up to The Benefactor but still fails. Vegeta wants to help him so he is overcome with emotion and becomes a Super Saiyan 3. As to how he can even ascend, take note that Vegeta's gotten 2 Zenkai's since his fight with Kid Buu, so he would be significantly stronger than at that point.

Why do the Red Ribbon Army soldiers attack Ledas again?

  • To get revenge for him killing Dewberry and Kindler.

Why did you even have the Red Ribbon Army attack Ledas again? It seems kind of weird considering he's in the middle of fighting a much stronger opponent.

  • It shows the futility of human power, which is a running theme with all of my human characters throughout TF. They mustered up all of their resources, used their best scientists to craft poison bullets to kill Ledas, and in the end, they were wiped out relatively easily. The entire Red Ribbon Army's existence and plot is a long metaphor on the fall of human power. A similar theme was used for Ledas' ascension to Super Saiyan, where his powerlessness and slavery propelled him into an emotional state which triggered his legendary transformation. The humans don't have such a transformation, so it's definitely not a theme that resolves in a positive way.

Why does Ryori kill Silver?

  • To get revenge for the Red Ribbon Army killing his brother. He didn't know exactly which one of them killed Shoekki (it was Cardinal), so he had to hate them all equally. Looking at the question above, this also shows how in an instance, Ryori captures a bit of human power that the Red Ribbon Army never could.

When Vegeta and The Benefactor duel at the end of the saga, who wins the beam struggle?

  • It is not revealed within this saga. However, during Ryori's scene at the end, it can be seen that there are tons of new craters and gashes in the landscape. So while it isn't shown who wins, it is shown that something serious happened since the end of Vegeta's scene and Ryori waking up.

What is the significance of the last flashback?

  • There are multiple reasons for it. For one, it shows a time when Vegeta and Ledas were the closest of buddies, which even though Vegeta does relent and try to save Ledas in the Reunion Saga, is something which can never be returned to. Additionally, when Ledas brings up his desire to have stories told about him, that brings up another major theme of the story - really, even down to why it's titled The Forgotten. Because at that point, the two young boys wanted to be Super Saiyan Legends - warriors that the entire universe would know about. And this brings up the theme that, truly, the only forgotten are those whose stories are no longer told or remembered. This becomes important because it shows how through his life, Ledas has not become a hero like Vegeta or Goku has. While he has done (in some cases) equally accomplished things, there was no one left to appreciate what he did. That is until he returns to Earth. This scene was almost singularly responsible for the changing of the theme song of the saga from Waiting On You (Weezer) to The Stars Are Projectors (Modest Mouse).

Fulfillment Saga[]

Why did Vegeta revert to his base form after fighting The Benefactor? He didn't seem to take that much damage!

  • Bear in mind that this was Vegeta's first Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Super Saiyan 3 creates a huge strain on one's body, and it has massive ki consumption. Vegeta wasn't prepared for those things, and because he wasn't used to the form, once the ki consumption of it started getting higher and higher, he could no longer maintain the form.

Why did Wisconsin kill Police Chief Nagamo?

  • The first reason would be that he's a soldier in an evil army. The second would be that he wanted to get Cardinal out of the city, and killing Nagamo was the quickest way to end Cardinal's conversation with the Police Chief. Brutal, yes, but that's just how Wisconsin is.

Why does The Benefactor get so hurt by absorbing Ledas' energy?

  • He's using the same technique that Lauto used on him, without properly aligning his life force to Ledas'. So he absorbs this foreign, hostile energy all at once, and his body rejects it. This causes him significant injury (many of his veins burst, and there was significant organ and muscle trauma as well). It was only because he was so powerful to begin with that he survived it at all.

If that's true, then why was The Benefactor able to absorb some power from the Z Fighters?

  • So, with that attack, The Benefactor was using a Locke's Ruse. When he was absorbing Ledas' power, he was using an Energy Ripper. These are two different techniques. The Energy Ripper rips out the opponent's energy rather rapidly and then causes it to be absorbed at once. Locke's Ruse does neither of those things. It slowly drains energy from the opponent(s) and then mingles it in a black fog with The Benefactor's own energy. This forces the energies to become one over a long period of time. Additionally, the Locke's Ruse attack only allows The Benefactor to absorb a small portion of the energy. Its main goal isn't absorption, but energy draining.

If that's the case, why didn't The Benefactor use Locke's Ruse on Ledas?

  • Quite simply, The Benefactor was impatient. He didn't foresee the faster absorption technique hurting him at all. And as mentioned above, if he used Locke's Ruse, he wouldn't be able to absorb the majority of Ledas' energy, which was the entire point of him coming to Earth to begin with.

Why can Ledas fight The Benefactor so well after he eats the senzu bean? Before, The Benefactor was able to dominate him rather easily!

  • After eating the senzu bean, Ledas was able to get a Zenkai. Additionally, The Benefactor was significantly injured by trying to absorb some of Ledas' power. He was weary from his fight with Vegeta as well. So in his weakened state, he was roughly equal with Ledas (though he does beat Ledas in that battle, anyway).

Is the mind prison that Yajirobe threw at The Benefactor the same device seen by Ledas in the Planet Earth Saga when he visited Korin Tower and the one that Guva accidentally opened when he also went to Korin Tower with Goku in the Reunion Saga?

  • Yes. I specifically did that to show that the mind prison was always around and wasn't some random thing introduced to get rid of The Benefactor. It's why I also wrote a special about Verlate, and why Korin was sucked into the mind prison too. It's build up, man.

How was Ledas able to use the Particle Beams in Super Saiyan 1?

  • He had plasma sparks about him at the time. Truly, he was in the early stages of going Super Saiyan 2, but he never did at that point. It was a bit of foreshadowing.

What happened to The Benefactor's Planet Buster?

  • It was sucked into the mind prison, where it dissolved away. Verlate had utter control of the inside of her mind prison, so she could destroy energy whenever she wants.

What are those creatures inside of Verlate's mind prison? I thought she was alone in there!

  • The Screechers, Tentacles, and even the Lurker were thoughts produced by Verlate herself. With her being in seclusion for so long, she had become somewhat insane, so she used her thoughts to keep her company. She had enough power to form her thoughts into physical manifestations.

If that is true, what are the power levels of her thoughts?

  • Her Screechers, Tentacles, and Lurker all had her power. This means that whenever she would use them to fight The Benefactor and Ledas, she would use her own power, through them, to attack.

Why did Verlate use them though?

  • She wanted to test the two and see how strong each one was. Using those creatures gave her a clear idea of the power levels of the two.

Aren't Ledas and The Benefactor stronger than Verlate?

  • The Benefactor is, and Ledas is too, while he's in Super Saiyan. Verlate can control their power levels in her mind prison, so she tended to lower them to manageable levels whenever she needed to.

What is the significance of Ledas wearing different clothes while inside the mind prison?

  • You should notice that the order of the clothes he wears chronicles his life (Layeeck's armor, Banas' armor, Yajirobe's clothes, Kindler's suit). I'm not going to explain the themes of that, as I think the readers should make their own guesses. The only hint I will give is that each thing that happened to Ledas while he was wearing each set of clothes was not random.

Yes, but how was he wearing those? Was it Verlate who did it? Why didn't she do the same to The Benefactor?

  • Yes, of course. Verlate was the only person who could do such a thing. As mentioned before, she has complete control over her mind prison. As to why she did it to Ledas and not The Benefactor is simply because she did different things to each person - note how she had The Benefactor fight a Lurker and Ledas fight many Screechers. I think putting him in different clothes was just for her own amusement, as she was showing how much control she actually had.

Why did Verlate give the two riddles?

  • In prior versions of The Forgotten, the riddles held actual significance. In the final version, they are merely a distraction so that Verlate can switch energy signatures with Ledas. Additionally, she got quite bored in her mind prison, so sharing riddles she made up would be something she had a great desire to do. Keep in mind that Verlate crafted each person's riddle based on how they fared in her tests in the mind prison.

Why did Verlate commit suicide?

  • As explained in the story, she had been in the prison for tens of millions of years. She had very little hope to begin with. Once she found Ledas and The Benefactor - the first people to meet her in hundreds of years - she saw them as her last hope. She couldn't wait any longer to get out. Once she tried all of her tricks to trade places with them and found that they failed (the mind prison was expertly constructed to not allow the person sentenced to it to get out through any means), she lost all hope. What's interesting is that in her greatest moment of hopelessness, Verlate became rather calm and happy. She saw suicide as setting herself free in the only way she could do at that point.

Why did The Benefactor torture Ledas after beating him? I thought he wanted to leave.

  • The Benefactor has a bloodlust in him that is common in his species. He can't control it, as is seen when he killed Layeeck and whatnot. This is what kept him inside for a few extra moments. He wanted to make Ledas bleed and hurt him badly before leaving.

What ultimately triggered Ledas' Super Saiyan 2 transformation?

  • Several things. Being called the son of a coward hurt Ledas deeply. He had remembered an idealized version of his father (with his hallucinations), and he didn't want to tarnish that legacy. Hearing that The Benefactor had personally killed his father and grandfather also put him into an intense emotional state. As well, Ledas realized that he would be stuck in the mind prison forever if he had lost; he would have never been properly reunited with Vegeta, which was what he had geared his entire life towards (since they had been separated). And finally, The Benefactor had said he would kill everyone on Earth as soon as he got out. Ledas had friends there - Vegeta, Ryori, Yajirobe, etc - and he didn't want to see them hurt or killed. All of this propelled Ledas into his Super Saiyan 2 transformation. Take note that the first Super Saiyan transformation took 34 chapters to reach (Ledas wasn't in chapter 1 of TF), and the Super Saiyan 2 transformation took an additional 34 chapters to reach. So it was a natural progression for Ledas.

Where does Ledas keep the mind prison once he gets out of it?

  • As is revealed at the very, very end of the story, he keeps it hidden away in his gravity training unit.

Why did Cardinal hold a tournament?

  • To atone for his past crimes. He specifically enticed Ledas to it by promising that the boy could fight Vegeta.

I thought Ledas didn't want to meet back up with Vegeta until he got stronger (as is said in chapter 71 by Ledas, himself!).

  • Yes, that is true. He didn't want to reunite with Vegeta at that moment, because he saw how much stronger Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta was than him. The tournament was scheduled for about a week after that, however, so it gave Ledas time to train and grow stronger. Additionally, by it being a set tournament, Ledas didn't have to deal with Vegeta's rejection (which, in his mind, was a possibility). They would have to fight.

Was Ryori drinking alcohol in the hotel room before the tournament?

  • It is suggested, but never outright stated. The bottles weren't shown clearly enough to see if they are alcohol bottles.

Was Wilde on the verge of reaching another transformation?

  • I speculated so, myself. He was much stronger than the other Saibamen, so he could have been about to transform. It wasn't shown in the story, either way, but it may be shown in another one of my stories.

What color would he turn, in that case?

  • I'm thinking Blue.

With the end of the story, does that mean that Ledas will stay on Earth for the rest of his life?

  • He's mainly staying with Ryori, yes. As is seen in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance, however, he does travel and explore space too.

Why isn't Ledas in the Tarble movie and Battle of Gods if that is the case?

  • For the Tarble movie time, he could have just been traveling in space. It's no big deal. I don't count Battle of Gods as being canon at this time (and you can see my blog about Dragon Ball canonicity to see why).

Is Yorokobi going to be a love interest for Ryori or Ledas in the future? Is she the mother of Nir?

  • No, on all counts. Nir was born over 150 years after the end of The Forgotten, so Yorokobi wouldn't even be alive at that point.

Would Cardinal continue to pay for Ryori's life after he dies?

  • I'm sure he had some kind of fund set aside for Ryori for when he dies.

Outbreak: Paved In Blood[]

Why does The Benefactor not like to hunt like the others?

  • He has a genetic defect that does not allow him to experience frenzies like the rest of his race. Instead of expending adrenaline and energy at the sight of blood, he bottles it up, effectively raising his power level.

Why does The Benefactor cut himself?

  • He's not emo. He's fascinated with blood. As can be seen, he quickly moves onto other targets.

Where does The Benefactor's mother go?

  • She is taken as a prisoner by the warring factions on the planet.

Who is warring?

  • Apart from The Benefactor's city, there are tons of other cities. Many of them are warring with one another. Indeed, at one point, a space-shot of the planet shows that an entire hemisphere is destroyed. The warring consumes the entire planet.

Why does The Benefactor go to live with Loriphim?

  • Because he had nowhere else to go. It's the duty of the town elder to provide for the town.

Why does The Benefactor kill Loriphim and his daughter?

  • They were quite mean to him and every second he spent in their house was torture.

What happened to The Benefactor's mother?

  • It is not revealed. There are numerous theories: she could have been killed before The Benefactor began looking for her, she could have been accidentally killed by The Benefactor, she could have been killed in the last city by Frieza's forces, and she could have even survived it all and died when The Benefactor blew up his planet (though that is by far the least likely). Regardless, she dies one way or another, and since The Benefactor never finds out, neither do we.

Why does The Benefactor go with Frieza?

  • Because there's nothing left on his planet.

Why does Frieza want The Benefactor to kill a legion of his best soldiers?

  • He wants to see the boy's power for himself.

Is The Benefactor's real name Jim?

  • Sure.

Forever Alone[]

Who is Verlate?

  • Verlate is a Legate, an emissary of the self-proclaimed god race, the Daman.

Why is she on the Kai planet?

  • Her job is to travel to planets in order to document species and make contact with them. So the Kais were the next on her list.

Why is the first Kai unable to control Verlate's energy?

  • He has never used energy before so he doesn't know what to do with it.

Why does the Kai absorb the energy to begin with?

  • This is a feature of the Kai race, being able to absorb energy. After the original Kai is killed, the others absorb his energy and so on.

What happens to the Kais after Verlate is taken into custody by Sertung?

  • Sertung created a new planet for them, then transported their remaining populations (after removing the energy from them) and their surviving Kaiju Trees to it. That planet later comes to be known as the Sacred World of the Kais.

Why does Sertung train the Kais?

  • Because his species is dying and there needs to be a new caretaker for the universe. For reference, by the time Sertung goes to train them, his species is effectively extinct. He is one of about half a dozen Damani still living. So there needed to be new gods.

What is the mind prison?

  • One's body is shrunk down and put into a box where one is confined to the imagination of their mind. The prisoner will not die within it, although they are unable to get out of it unless another being opens the prison and gets sucked inside.

Is Verlate the strongest character in The Forgotten?

  • Sertung is stronger than Verlate. Sertung's base power level quite high, though it is smaller than The Benefactor's. As well, most of the Saiyans who have Super Saiyan transformations are overall stronger than Sertung and Verlate. Ledas, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Gotenks are all examples of characters who are stronger when in Super Saiyan 1 or higher, even if their base forms are much weaker.

Why did Korin open the box?

  • Cats are curious. Obviously he didn't know what was inside a runic pyramid in the middle of the desert.

How did Verlate's prison come to Earth?

  • This is never specified. However, considering Sertung held the prison with him when he was training the Kais, it is likely that the Kais kept it when Sertung died. Perhaps it was brought to Earth when The Eastern Supreme Kai went there to bury Majin Buu deep in the planet.

Why didn't Verlate try to bind Korin to the mind prison?

  • This is a great question. Basically, she wasn't nearly as "rampant" or hopeless as she was when The Benefactor and Ledas came upon her. Indeed, she saw Korin as a friend, after he taught her riddles and gave her suggestions on how to get out. So she wouldn't betray that friendship simply because that isn't the type of character she is.

The Redacted Scenes[]

How did Ledas get so good at licking pussy so quickly?

  • Because he's a Super Saiyan.

If Chaiva was fucking Ryori and Ledas, who was looking after her children?

  • At the end of Chapter 6, Chaiva gives her son to Cuber to take care of for a while.

How is Cuber as a father? Does he teach his children algebra?

  • Although Cuber is not my character, I assume he works on shaping his children's personality first and foremost.

Does he take away his children's clothes to teach them lessons?

  • I don't think they have disobeyed him enough for him to confiscate their clothes.

Miscellaneous Questions:[]

On your character page, you have strange lists of people with names like "<REDACTED>". What does this even mean?

  • Redacted Characters are characters that I'm not ready to reveal. Each one has his/her own name and personality, so they are just like the revealed characters. Only, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and reveal everything before it's finalized. As of the completion of Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten, there are no more redacted character names.

You mentioned a manga. Are you going to draw the Forgotten?

  • This will eventually happen. Some storyboarding of the manga has already occurred, and more is on the way. After that, the final drafts of the manga will be drawn.

What are the mature themes that you talked about? Do they have any impact on the story?

  • My story deals with mature themes, which I will not go into detail on. I think you should all be able to guess what they are. As for impact on story... no. None of them have any impact, so I don't need to include them.

What is your favorite saga/chapter?

  • My favorite saga is Planet Earth Saga. My favorite chapter is chapter 69, "When Time And Life Shook Hands And Said Goodbye". The fight between The Benefactor in that chapter and the use of the two TSFH songs makes that extremely memorable. It's the climax of the entire story, so there's a lot of emotion in it. I think it's the single best fight scene in the story as well.

Who is your favorite character? Who is your least favorite?

  • My favorite character is Ledas. I put extensive effort in creating him, his mannerisms, his abilities, and his history. I tried to buck the trend of fan fiction writers who create stories which introduce random new Saiyans post-Z (or post-Gt in some cases) who have ungodly powers and new Super Saiyan levels. Ledas gets an extensive backstory to the point where once he reaches Earth, he's a developed enough character to really make him unique. I loved writing his interactions with Vegeta during the Prince Vegeta Saga and the two flashbacks in the Reunion Saga. His Super Saiyan ascensions were also very difficult, but very fun for me to write.
  • My least favorite character is Mr. Kyokatoshi. I had a few teachers like him in my schooling experiences and I really hated all of them. So yeah, he was based on them.

Why aren't there any movies? Why only Specials?

  • I don't really see a difference between the two... and I felt that a "special" was more appropriate to chronicle the Benefactor's life. It wasn't meant to flow like a movie either.

Is Lauto the Benefactor?

  • At one point, this question had some merit. Early drafts of TF had Lauto as an unseen force who acted quite neutrally in matters. However, in the final draft, I crafted an actual character for him, so he is most certainly not The Benefactor.

What is your favorite quote, from The Forgotten?

  • When the Benefactor says "Can't let you do that, Boss.", when he impales Layeeck. It's like super cool and stuff. A close runner up would be Cooler's quote in the Lauto Saga, where he says "Tell me, governor, was I wrong?". That was one that I say out loud a lot. If I ever made a trailer for TF, that quote would be in it.

What is your favorite moment within the story?

Why does Ledas mimic moves from other people, including the Prince and Layeeck?

  • Kyorra Flash isn't really mimicking, because it was taught to Ledas by his father (being the family's signature move). The Galick variants are mimicked, I think because Ledas looked to Vegeta as his big brother, and always tried to be just like him.

Who is the strongest character in The Forgotten?

  • Vegeta in his Super Saiyan 3 form had the highest power level. Now, I know what you're thinking - Goku went Super Saiyan 3 as well. Why isn't he at the same level? Well, he was being afflicted by The Benefactor's energy-absorbing technique when he went Super Saiyan 3. So he never got to his full power. If he had, he would have been about equal with Vegeta.

Why did you pick the story you did for The Forgotten? Surely it was a risk to not feature any main characters from the Dragon Ball series (besides Vegeta in the beginning) and to not take part in the craze of adding new, more powerful Super Saiyan levels. Why did you do this?

  • Honestly, I see the Dragon Ball universe as pretty linear. All the characters within don't have that much leeway for extra stories. So I thought it would be interesting to tell about the Saiyan Genocide (perhaps the most signifigant event in Dragon Ball history) through the eyes of one of the Saiyans within. And then I wanted to expand on that, and show what would happen to a Saiyan who survived the genocide. Above all else, that was the most curious idea to write about, in my opinion.

The Benefactor is the most reoccurring hallucination that Ledas sees. And he sees him a lot? Why?

  • The Benefactor made Ledas scared. For the first time. It was something that, after they met, no matter what he did, Ledas could not forget. These hallucinations continued throughout the story, also, because I wanted to keep the Benefactor as a character, even after his "death."

Do you use criticism? How much of the DBF community has influenced your stories/writing?

  • To be honest, I haven't seen too much criticism for The Forgotten. I think the most recurring one, though, is that it's boring. And I'm fine with that. Actually it makes me happy. Because (and please no one take offense to this) most of the users here are young children. And I know, first and foremost, that they want to create SS5+ stories of Goku after GT. That's the plot for about 99% of all the stories on here. And that's fine. But my story is more substantive than that, and I frankly don't care if others like it. Now, that may sound elitist, but it's true. While criticism is always a useful tool, I have to realize who it's coming from, and if it's pragmatic. Mostly, it's not. And I think the story has become better because of that.
  • As to influences... yes. The main influence was length. PVS and LS were both about half as long as they were before I posted them, and reading other fan fictions, I realized that my story needed to be longer. A lot of authors don't have a grasp for length, and entire sagas can be only paragraphs long. The Lauto saga is actually the longest page on the wiki as well.

Who do you think is the single most important character in the series, excluding Ledas?

  • Prolly a tie between Guva and the Benefactor. This is because those are the only other two characters who I tell the extended backstories of. That and they are both main villains.

Who do you think is the single least important character in the series?

  • This is also a hard question because each character has a purpose. If I had to pick one... probably Mrs. Fanshi. But even then, I think she is integral.

How do you think the plot would progress differently if Ms. Fanshi were to not exist? Cite the text to support your answer.

  • Well without Fanshi, Ledas would have never met Ryori and Shoekki and thus would have never met Cardinal. He probably would have, therefore, either fought Buu or died when Earth exploded. However, the Fulfillment saga would prolly still be the same, either way.

What other specials, excluding the already announced ones, are going to be released?

  • There are two specials, only. Outbreak: Paved In Blood and Forever Alone. I have no plans to make any more. At one time, I had plans for two separate ones, "Rise of Guva" and "Just Another Day". Both of these were never written, however.

Why didn't you write those two specials?

  • Rise of Guva was cancelled because releasing it after the Stomping Grounds Saga would be kind of pointless. At that point, all that was left for Guva's mission was to fight Banas and then die on Earth. So making him the focus of a special wasn't right, in my opinion. It would also have focused on his rise to becoming the governor of Planet Cooler 92, and since Ledas had already left that planet, it wouldn't be relevant.
  • Just Another Day is a different animal. I actually started writing this one, and posted at least the first part of it on the wiki (using the red text color I would later use for the Stomping Grounds Saga). Ultimately, I wasn't able to continue this story for two reasons: for one, I didn't have a good villain, and creating one was proving to be problematic. Secondly, the special itself didn't really have any relevance to anything. It was just the Plantains going to a planet and fighting a really big monster. While it's an entertaining notion in and of itself, it really wasn't needed. Considering that my other ideas for specials were all origin stories (Verlate's, The Benefactor's, Guva's), this one didn't fit.

Didn't you mention a special called Rise of guva?By the way,I'm 11 and I love TF,Every second of it.

  • Guva's special was canceled because I just didn't feel like writing it.

Who's your least favorite Namekian?

  • Cargo because he's useless as a sack of doughnuts.

Does Ledas ever have sex with Ms. Fanshi?

  • Nahh mate. But Cardinal on the other hand...

Why doesn't Ledas have a love interest in the story?

  • Having a love interest is a common theme in stories, I'll admit. Heck, most fan fiction writers give their protagonists a wife. Ledas is 12 years old throughout the story, so that isn't as much of an option. He does have encounters with females in sexual ways, such as with Miki, Nurse Yorokobi, and Chaiva. Of course, none of these are more than encounters, and he doesn't end up dating, marrying, or having a relationship with any of them. This is because in Saiyan culture, love isn't a common thing. Saiyans mate for breeding purposes or for desires, not for emotional intimacy. Ledas is the same way.

Was it a conscious effort on your part to include Ledas in every chapter (not counting the Prologue)? Why did you want him to be in every chapter? Were there any chapters that it didn't make sense to put him in?

  • It was a conscious effort on my part because Ledas is the protagonist. There are (and should be!) other plotlines and stories to follow aside from Ledas' own, but Ledas is fundamentally who the story is about. So he needs to be around. The prologue was setup, and it was significantly shorter than most episodes anyway. Even so, Ledas is mentioned in it, so he is ever-present.
  • There were a few chapters where I had to place Ledas in, where, if I had not decided to put him in every one of chapters 2-72, he might not have been in them. The one I remember the most is the chapter "Chasing Ghosts", which is part 1 of the Planet Earth Saga season finale. This chapter details Guva's and Banas' last duel, and it really was all about them. I added in the Ledas scene at the end solely to keep the chain going of having him in every chapter. That scene is actually a great one, and it expounds upon Ledas' character and relationship with Korin, but it wouldn't have come about without my self-imposed rule. Another chapter is "They Call Me Yamcha", which is the fourth chapter of the Reunion Saga. I believe that out of all of TF, this chapter has Ledas in the smallest role he is ever in. He's literally mentioned in one line. Unlike with Chasing Ghosts, however, Ledas' role was not forced into that chapter. I needed the reminder of him rushing towards Guva to be present, so that was necessary for the plot and it wasn't fluff. In general, Ledas' role in early Reunion Saga chapters was somewhat difficult to manage because the plot did not focus on him as much as it did with other characters. Those are the only two chapters were Ledas' presence was in jeopardy by the final draft. In earlier drafts, other chapters may have had forced roles, but I worked those out over time.

Unrelated Questions[]

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

Is Cold Vengeance a sequel to The Forgotten?

  • No, TF has no sequel. It does continue Ledas' story and provide a firm merging of universes between Hyper Zerling and me, but it does not really follow up on events in TF. It's more of a continuation of Ledas' life than anything else. His life, or history, isn't just TF. He's in other stories, including this one. He's also in another story with Hyper Zergling which takes place many years after Ledas has died and is in Other World. So again, the thing to note is that I do have stories aside from TF which feature Ledas, but none of these are sequels to The Forgotten.

The Last Saiyan[]

Is Wepeel real?

  • Yes.

Is Wepeel the Benefactor?

  • He is not, though many users seem to think so.

Is The Last Saiyan a sequel to The Forgotten?

  • It's not a sequel in the classical sense. The story is about Ledas' son, Nir, so there is a connection to this story. Ledas and The Benefactor are briefly seen in that story as well, at least during the prologue. But again, TLS does not follow up on any events in TF.

Womanhood (Dragon Ball What If...)[]

Who cares about Piccolo's feelings about Gohan? I want to see some fights!

  • Fights would only happen in a sequel because Goten needed to be made.

A Mother's Love (Dragon Ball What If...)[]

Who would win, the writers of these emails or fifty meta-coolers?

  • The authors.

Questions That Need Answering: A Detailed Look Into KidVegeta's Stories[]

How can you justify the fact that this story has fourteen talk page messages?

  • I blame it on the black star.

User:KidVegeta/KidVegeta's Universe[]

Why is Why Bother? included here? That story has virtually no canon relevance.

  • Because it's the best thing ever.

Would you please add my story, Dragon Ball DKG Saga 3 - The Return of Buu Broly to your fanon universe?

  • The link is broken so I can't tell what the story is.

All right, well, I haven't actually made the story yet. It's the story of my story and it's about the Return of Buu Broly after The Super Saiyan 6 defeats him by energy waving into the red dwarf sun. So yeah like could you write sagas 1, 2, 3, and 4 for me?

  • Aight

Aight thanks man let me know when you finish.

  • I may do that.

Why do you have all of those little poems at the starts of some of your stories? Which one will you use for DBDKGS3TROBB?

  • I wouldn't call them poems, exactly. The random anecdotes are based on the same type of thing done by the Death Note writer (and sometimes editor) in the beginning of each manga book. I would just make up new ones of the top of my head for DBDKGS3TROBB.

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