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DBA Vensara the Dragon Queen
Dragonball Advanced Character
Vital statistics
Species: Celestial Dragon (in Human form)
Gender: Female
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

DBA Vensara, normal mode

Queen Vensara is the master of all the dragons in the Dragon ball world: Shenron, Seraphadon, the Black-Star Dragons, and even the Namekian dragons. She is the main antagonist of the DBA movie, Escape the Nexus/Return of the Dragon Slayer. In all senses, she controls the true power of every single dragon ball in the universe.

The Dark Warriors[]

When the Z-fighters try to save Onyx the Dragon Slayer and June from the clucthes of the tyrant queen, Vensara uses her power to create Dragon-like shadow warriors, that mimic each of the Z-fighters in a dark way, so they could be easily be distracted.


Her main powers comes from her Dragon Star heaband, which controls all the dragons, and her magic comes from her Dragonite Staff; she can disguise herself as a human, but her true form is a green-like skin.


Dragon Ball Advanced: Escape the Nexus/Return of the Dragon Slayer (movie)