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The Qigong (气功) (pronounced "chee-gong") is an alternate form of energy in Dragon Ball : AF Continues. It is mainly used by the Jikan Hogo-sha to achieve amazing feats, commonly associated with Ki,


Real Qigong practicers in Brazil

just as enhanced reflexes or teleporting, etc, in addition, the users also are capable of achieving super-human levels of strengh. However the real advantage of this energy is the ability to create matter in empty spaces, this matter is linked to its creator's body, it even posses the same pulse and heartbeat and share their current life force and can be reshaped or modeled in any form. The user may vanish the matter at will, restoring the energy to his/her own body. The Qigong is not affected by the Daikaiju's absorbing ability, giving the Jikan Hogo-sha a great advantage in combats. The last use for this energy is to open gates to diferent locations, even other dimensions or timelines, being considered one of the most efficient metods of transport. The Qigong is divided into four subtypes, every one posses a different trait and shares the matter-creating ability.


  • Qigong Qinlong: The restoring and healing type, can be passed to other creatures to recover their energy but more importantly, it can heal injures and regenerate lost tissue, produce muscular grow and revitalizate the senses.
  • Qigong Zhuque: The teleporting and transporting type, can open dimensional passages to other dimensions and timelines, this passages are named "Kimon" and are filled with fast-flying meteoric rocks formed with energy long ago.
  • Qigong Baihu: The offensive type, it provides enhanced reflexes, super strengh and formidable energy blasts, the mayor drawback is it great stamina consumption.
  • Qigong Xuanwu: The deffensive type, its aura can deflect most of the physical attacks with ease, even the strongest ones, can be used to create ice shields to neutralizate Ki or Qigong blasts. The user also age at a slower rate while using the energy.


  • Qigong can be translated as "Energy Mastery" or " Spiritual Practice".
  • The Qigong is a real discipline, as can be comprobated here.
  • The names of the types are based on the Four Simbols of China.