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Pure Super Saiyan (清い超サイヤ人, Kiyoi Sūpā Saiya-jin) is a form achieved by Son Benkei and his grandson Hiro. It is what happens when a Saiyan who can go Super Saiyan is faced with intense emotional conflict within themselves and gain a great power increase. After these conditions are met and the Saiyan activates it, they can use it at will.


The first person to activate it was Son Benkei once he had his potential unlocked by Odd Kai. The power given by this increase combined with the conflict of either saving the Earth or his daughter allowed him to activate this for a minute, but he was to exhausted to maintain it. Despite its short original use, this allowed him to be able to activate it at will once his power was restored.

Benkei later taught it to Hiro as a good way to channel his inherent conflict due to being part of two rival species: Saiyan and Tuffle. Hiro activated it with little effort, and this has since become his most used transformation.


This form, despite being less powerful than a Super Saiyan Three overall, it is a different kind of power that gives this its more usability in power than even Super Saiyan Four. This form is more controllable, giving the user speed comparable to Super Saiyan Gogeta where it takes a full power Super Saiyan Three to see them, strength enough to catch, lift and throw a one-million ton boulder, durability enough that they can survive a blast strong enough to destroy a planet with little harm, and can be used for several weeks straight before fizzling out. Despite all these physical enhancements, ki-based attacks are actually decreased.


Imagine there being two parts to a ki: x and y. x represents the energy naturally absorbed from the universe and y represents someone's own individual power. So, these two things, when combined, are what create ki. However, when there is a situation where someone with very high ki levels is thrust into a situation where an unsolvable conflict inside them unbalances ki, x and y and separate, creating two distinct separate ki inside a person. These ki both power this Super Saiyan form, and, because only having 2/2 of their normal ki, their attacks based on ki are weakened and their physical strength is enhanced due to the ki having no where else to go


When someone uses this form, their eyes and hair turn gold, they gain a yellow-green aura and their muscles bulge up.