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Manga name Psidevilman
Debut Games: "Dragon Ball Heroes"
Fanga: "Episode of Bardock Saga (SSJJ)"
Appears in
Dragon Ball Advanced (SSJJ)
Race Devil
Ghost (After death)
Gender Male
Date of death Age 993 (as Psidabura)
Age 993 (Erased from Existence)
Allegiance Time Breakers
  • Dabura (Ally and Fusee)
  • Towa (Boss)
  • Mira (Boss)
  • Psidevilman is a devil, and high-ranking member of the Time Breakers.


    Psidevilman was said to be the most evil of any demon warrior. At some point he joined the Dark Demon Realm Army, and the Time Breakers.


    Following the Dabura's possession by Babidi, Psidevilman became the Regent of Demons as he was the strongest of all time. One of his subordinates was Spike; a relative, and a trust advisor. However Spike betrayed him to join Fortuneller Baba, and he was imprisoned in his demon fork. He was later freed by Towa, and Miira his apparent successor. However, he revolted against Demigra after he realised that he was in control and fought him on Planet Sadala, but was left near-death, however, he was found by a Saiyan from that used ancient Saiyan tech to heal him including his lost body parts. He befriend his survivor's daughter and would teach magic to them in return for their service. During the wedding of his survivor's daughter - Psi revealed his true colours by consuming her in order to acquire his Super Devil state before reverting to his base form and leaving the planet.

    Episode of Bardock Saga[]

    Psidevilman was one of three fighters, that came through the Time Sphere to invade Planet Plant, and was chased by Future Trunks. Psidevilman flies away from the village, and heads to a Bardock's cave to collect DNA from Chilled, eventually he senses Trunks, and deliberately leads to him to the cave. The two begin battling one of another...


    After absorbing the kili from the Namekian Showdown Tournament; Psidevilman was as powerful as Super Saiyan God, and possessed a small portion of divine ki along side his Devil ki.


    • Hikou - The ability to fly with wings
    • Ki Blasts - The basic form of ki.
    • Demon Fork - A technique involving his Trident.
    • Psidevilmite Beam - A technique used by Psi Devilman
    • Magic - The Ability to use magic
      • Corrupted Ki Blast - The combination of Dark Magic and ki.
        • Bloody Sauce - An energy sphere used by Psi Devilman
        • Raging Sphere - An Nova Strike-like attack used Psi.
        • Baked Demon Fork - Psi infusing his corrupted ki into his trident.
        • Steamed Surge - A powerful energy wave fired from his right hand, and has the power to slow down enemy movements
        • Seasoning Arrow - An energy barrage used by Psi Devilman.
        • Roasted Force - A powerful energy ball with the power paralyse the enemy, as well as wounding his enemies.
      • Matter Manipulation - The ability to manipulate matter around such as elements. He was able to use this in his Super Devil 2 state.
        • Liquification - The ability to liquefy a solid object like the ground beneath him.
        • Solidification - The ability to solidify a liquid object into a solid object.
        • Thunder Surge - An enhanced version of Demonic Shock Burst through magic in which he proceeds to face his target before gesture his hand causing a large pillar of electricity to suddenly burst from beneath his target.
    • Demonic Shock Burst - Beam of electricity that burst into a barrage of lightning beams.
    • Possession - Psidevilman as Ghost is capable possessing objects, and attempted to kill Dial by possessing a metal cable, but Beerus used Destruction to destroy his soul, and effectively erased him from existence
    • Levitation - As a Ghost; he is capable of levitating for an extended period of time, and was even able to make a metal cable he was possessing levitate.


    Super Devil[]

    A state that is acquired by Devil via consuming other living organism. He acquired this state by consuming the daughter of his survivor of Universe 7's Planet Sadala.

    In this state - due to the little power gain he received; he barely alters in appearance as he gains a slight muscle mass increase and his flame-like aura.


    A state that's acquired through Towa's power and even retained by certain individuals in which they shave off their life-force to increase their power.

    In this state even in his Super Devil - a hot pink broken infinite symbol on their head while gaining glowing hot pink blank eyes, black and white aura while also gaining a white and blue hue.

    Super Devil 2[]

    A state that he acquired by consuming Supervillain (Super Saiyan Rosé 3) Series-1 while Psi was in his Supervillain State. As a result - his form evolves resulting in absorbing the divine power and ki from Series-1. It's implied by Psi that his Supervillain state has permanently combined with his new form and unlike his previous form - he cannot power out of this form.

    In this form - Psi's jawline reshaped to much Series-1's jawline while his hot pink sclera become a darker pink colour and gaining a dark-coloured pupil-less irides in both his eyes. His muscle mass and height increase. The appearance he had in his Supervillain state disappears as the broken Infinity Symbol crumbles away. His skin colour and outfit return to its original colour. The horns on his decorative skulls retract while his claw retract become typical nails while the top part of his body goes from dark purple to pastel pink along the sections on his wings while his legs go from darker purple to a darker pink than pastel pink. His feet (or shoes) become white while the golden accessories around his ankles become blue. Whenever he uses his aura - it resemble the Super Saiyan Rosé 3 aura in terms of radiance and flow with the colouration being black, purple, white, and red.


    After Psidabura's death; Psidevilman's ghost remain thanks to using the dragon balls to ensure that his ghost would remain in the living plane. In this form; he is immune to attacks by mortals, and cannot be killed as he is already deceased. He is capable of taking control of inanime objects, and other beings with non-godly ki.



    Psidabura is the EX-Fusion of Dabura, and Psidevilman.


    • Kale - Psi Devilman killed Kale after recognising her as significant threat.


    • Future Trunks vs. Psidevilman
    • Future Gohan (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Psidevilman, and Dabura (Demonic Will)
    • Dial (God True Form) vs. Psidevilman