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About Story []

Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta (Japanese: 誇り高き!!サイヤ人の王子ベジータ, Romaji: Hokoritakaki!! Saiyajin no Ouji Bejiita) also known as Love, Pride and Battles is a fan fiction novel written by Jiita Damien Miyasen. The story follows Vegeta, a prince of an alien warrior race who originally went to earth seeking the dragon balls in desire for immortality and to destroy the planet. However, after a fellow but lower class saiyan, Goku stopped him; he was stocked on the planet and was forced to live with the humans. Bulma Briefs, a sixteen-year-old human girl befriended Vegeta and tried her best to change his untamed, wild and blood thirsty saiyan nature into something human at heart but Vegeta was too proud to take the road to humanity and accept his unexpectedly changing heart; he was struggling to hold on to his evil side. However, as he grew closer to Bulma and seeing that his pride and outlooks in life could miraculously change people lives for better (which was strange enough for someone who is pure evil). He began to hold fast to the human race as the human emotion called 'Love' sprouted from within his cold heart filled with hatred and bitterness, slowly suppressing his dark side, against his own will…


The Main Cast (Mostly Members of The SNSC except Bulma Briefs)[]

Prince Vegeta (ベジータ王子, Bejiita Ouji) a.k.a. Yokori Briefs (ブリーフ誇りBuriifu Yokori) is the main protagonist of the series. He is the crown prince of the Saiyan Race, said to be the strongest warrior race in the entire universe. Haughty, arrogant, rude, a total frank, demading, confident and overly proud. He was reluctant to live with the human family Briefs, but he had nowhere else to go. He loves the blue color and hates pink. He fears worms. He loves eating Okonomiyaki. He has the habit of saying 'Damare! Damare! DAMARE!' (Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!) whenever caught in embarrassing and difficult situations. He has the special ability to be resist and be immune to any mind tricks, control fire and instinctual empathy. Most chapters of the light novel series are written on his point of view.
Bulma adsaa
Bulma Briefs (ブリーフブルマBuriifu Buruma) is a sixteen year old human who tried to befriend Vegeta and change his old evil self into something human at heart. She is the beautiful daughter of a doctor and a chef pattisier. She loves the green color, and eating Okonomiyaki. She hates ghosts and monsters.
Goku bye
Son Goku (孫 悟空, Son Gokū) a.k.a. Kakarot (カカロット, Kakarotto) is Vegeta's rival. Cheerful and strong. He is the main reason why Vegeta got stocked on Earth after he defeated him by becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan. He has the special ability to read minds and emotions, with Vegeta as an exception.
Tarble (ターブル, Tāburu) is Vegeta's younger brother. At an early age, Tarble was ordered by his father, King Vegeta to be sent to a remote planet on the grounds that he lacked the aggression and fighting skills required to be a Saiyan warrior, classifying Tarble a low-class Saiyan. He usually faints at the sight and scent of blood. His special power is to control other's ki power and emotions.
Nappa(ナッパ) is Vegeta's loyal subject, servant and fighting partner. He was the Saiyan Royal Army's General. He is a father-like figure to Vegeta and cares for him so much which often leads to spoiling the prince too much. He has the ability to control the element of Nature.
Raditz (ラディッツ, Radittsu) is Goku's biological older brother and Vegeta's subject. He was saved by Vegeta before he could die on an accident on Planet Dessert. His ability is to control the power of Wind.
Onio is Tarble's friend (or subject, in some ways). He was ordered by Vegeta to take care of Tarble when he was sent out of Planet Vegeta. He has the ability to control Water. He has a bad habit of being a pervert. He becomes wild whenever he drinks alcohol.
Paragus 4859
Paragus is the only survivor of the Saiyan Royal Council. He is strict, ambitious and a powerful minister. He has the special ability to read relationships and emotions. He could also increase a person's regenerating ability using his ki power.

The Humans[]

The Briefs Family[]

  • Junpei Briefs
  • Tiffany Briefs
  • Trunks Briefs
  • Rosa Briefs
  • Karin Briefs
  • Rina Briefs

The Human Schoolmates[]

Class 3-2[]
  • Park Chilsu
  • Chiharu Katsumiya
  • Rica Inoue
  • Naoko Furinuko
  • Daisuke Kamiya
  • Yuriko Kawada
  • Akira Memasaki
  • Mimi Okuda
  • Miku Hanabishi
  • Yuki Yamada
  • Hiroshi Kiba
  • Ryuuji Takahashi

Class 1-3

  • Miyo Takahashi
  • Ryo Nakamura
  • Shin Oguri
  • Juna Kugimiya
  • Li Xiao Mei
The Faculty[]
  • Ataru Motomiya
  • Juuki Masaki
  • Hayato Asakura
  • Ryu Kaeda

The Novel[]

Volume Zero: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta 0, Vegeta's story[]

This is the story about Vegeta's past while under Frieza's Hands.

Prologue: Haunted Past
1. Vegeta's History
2. Vegeta and Tarble
3. Revulsion
4. The Message
5. Hell
6. Monster
7. Insults
8. Wrong Thing to do
9. Hatred and Bitterness
10. Darkness Awakens
11. Instincts
12. Brothers
13. Burning Ambitions

Volume S: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: The Unforgettable Battle That Changed It All []

  • The Entire Battle between Vegeta and Goku in the First Chapter of volume One.
1. Vegeta's Arrival
2. Vegeta meets the Earth's Forces
3. Vegeta's Liitle Game
4. Vegeta kills Broco
5. Vegeta vs. Kakarot
6. Vegeta's tenacious Transformation
7. Vegeta's humiliation
8. Vegeta's Only Choice

Volume 1: Proud Prince Vegeta: Stocked on Earth.[]

1. Vegeta and a Little Dustball called Earth
2. Vegeta and The Briefs Family.
3. Vegeta's New Home?
4. Vegeta's First Night on Earth
5. Vegeta's first Heroic act
6. Vegeta and The School Punks
7. Vegeta's Gravity Room
8. Vegeta's First Time in a Bookstore
Character's Corner... About Vegeta

Volume 2: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: First Miracle[]

9. Vegeta's purpose
10. Vegeta's First Miracle
11. Vegeta goes on a rampage
12. Vegeta's subjects
13. Vegeta meets Bulma's blind brother
14. Vegeta vs. Cui

Volume 3: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: The Bond[]

15. Vegeta, Bulma and a Kiss
16. Vegeta's Destiny
17. Vegeta's first Accident
18. Vegeta's Determination
19. Vegeta's scholarship
20. Vegeta's a genius!
21. Vegeta's first day on school
22. Vegeta vs. Victoria and Koutaro (part 1)

Volume 4: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: Confirmation[]

23. Vegeta vs. Victoria and Koutaro (part 2)
24. Vegeta's past
25. Vegeta vs Dodoria
26. Vegeta learns the truth!
27. Vegeta answers
28. Vegeta's First Ghost Hunt
29. Vegeta and the house guest
30. Vegeta vs. Vladimyr
31. Vegeta and Mai Takano
32. Vegeta's Discovery
33. Vegeta's first camping trip

Volume 5: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: Refusal and Acceptance[]

34. Vegeta reacts
35. Vegeta's weakness
36. Vegeta meets Jacob
37. Vegeta vs. Zarbon
38. Vegeta's resolve
39. Vegeta's prophecy
40. Vegeta's counter attack vs. Zarbon
41. Vegeta's promise
42. Vegeta learns from an old man
43. Vegeta's first tears
44. Vegeta meets another Vegeta

Volume 6: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: The Fruit of the Tree of Might[]

45. Vegeta vs Vegeta
46. Vegeta's suicide attempt
47. Vegeta meets Magnus
48. Vegeta gets controlled
49. Vegeta refuses
50. Vegeta meets another Saiyan
51. The Plan to Kill the Saiyan Prince
52. Vegeta snaps!
53. Vegeta attacks Goku!
54. Vegeta's plan
55. Vegeta vs Turles
56. Vegeta meets Jacob, again.

Volume AU: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: The Humanity of Prince Vegeta[]

This special volume tells the story of Bulma Briefs being trapped in an alternate world where supernatural don't exists and the Saiyans exists as ordinary humans. There she meets Vegeta's aternate human version who was obssessed with supernatural and aliens.

Volume M First: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: Battle of the Conquerors[]

Vegeta and his subjects were asked by a childhood friend named Princess Chunhyang to defeat a group of powerful conquerors that intends to use the secret power behind the treasure of Planet Icepsring.

1. The Treasure of Planet Icespring
2. Saiyan's Mission
3. A Dark Shadow within
4. The King's Words
5. A Change of Mind
6. Kidnapped?
7. The Power
8. In Prison
9. The Plan
10. A Challenge
11. The Battle
12. Monsters Awaken
13. The Final Battle

Volume M Second: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: The Crown to Planet Utopia[]

Vegeta was defeated in a battle of strange new aliens and blacked out. When he came to, he was within a kingdom of an unknown planet for it was the current king, King Rigor, that request for his presence. He asked Vegeta to be the successor of the throne of the Planet Utopia. For Vegeta, it is completely suspicious to conquer such a boring planet where King Rigor intends to proclaim everlasting peace and steer the kingdom away from war, destruction, and slaughter.

In order to clear the confusion upon the current events of the situation Vegeta was brought into, He and the true crown prince of the Planet Utopia, Prince Kyle, Investigate the matter of the Planet, the kingdom, the king, and the mystery of the crown.

Volume M Third: Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta: The Prince Charming[]

Bulma's kidnapped by some handsome Prince named Shinra who intends to marry her because she holds the so called 'Golden Dragon Medallion!'. Now Vegeta, Goku and the rest of the gang must rescue her and bring the real keeper of the medallion, Lychee, who was destined to be Prince's wife. With Vegeta's pride shattered to pieces after being defeated by Shinra, he intends to go after him for vengeance and ... to retrive his girlfriend back?