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Project 01

Project 01 is a project to create the perfect Saiyan-Human Android. This was first created by Helyos, then expanded by all of the High Advisors and Leaders Of The Planet Trade Organization.


<Space Entry 01, Project 01 Undergo. Contributed and stated in Helyos's Computer Set>

This entry concludes the research of Project 01.

Project 01 was a project to create the perfect Saiyan-Human fusion Android. It contains Vegeta's DNA cells, making a Super-Elite Robotic Saiyan Warrior, while being mixed with the cells of a human called Krillin. Krillin was soon released after, and we captured another one, Yamcha. This creates the abilities of the Kamehameha, the Spirit Ball, Destructo Disk, and the Wolf Fang Fist. This also includes from Vegeta's cells: Galick Gun, Galick Flash, and a mere tail, which allows him to transform into the Oozaru transformation.

<Space Entry 01, Project 01, Completed. Contributed and states in Helyos's Computer Set. Information record concluded>

Power Level[]

His power nearly matches Helyos's. He is also Pike's assistant.

1%: Power: 200,000,000

15% Power: 3,000,000,000

20% Power: 4,000,000,000

50% Power: 10,000,000,000

100% Power: 20,000,000,000