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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Vegeta
Birthdate: 727 Age
Birth Power Level: 188
Maximum Power Level: 2200
Height: 145 cm or 4'9"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
  • Nappa (father)
  • Sheliv (teammate)
  • Tinpern (teammate)

  • Priyep is the son of the Nappa. He is the leader of a team of Elite Class Saiyan children.


    Priyep is a pre-teen boy with a rectangular facial structure very similar to Nappa’s and hair that is very similar to Raditz’s, except it does not go as far as the legs and ends at the waist. Whereas most Saiyans wrap their tails around their waists, Priyep keeps his tail free and flowing. Priyep’s Planet Trade Organization armor consists of the shoulder pauldron model for the torso and the same type of arm guards Nappa and Raditz wear, all of which are colored blue in the same way Tora’s armor is. Priyep wears white boots with gold-colored bands at the toes and the pants part of the PTO jumpsuit, which is dark blue.


    Priyep first appears in near the end of One Way To Improve, alongside Tinpern, Sheliv, Cuber, and Chaiva, in preparation to assassinate and bring back the severed head of Tenrin, where he boasts about his own strength. In later episodes, upon arriving on Planet Frieza 184, Priyep and his gang separate from Chaiva and Cuber. When Cuber successfully recovers the head of Tenrin and sends Chaiva back to Planet Vegeta, Priyep beats Cuber to near-death and claims Tenrin's head for himself. Priyep then lies to Ocra and others about being the one to kill Tenrin, which angers the recovered Chaiva, who returns to Frieza Planet 184 to recover Cuber.

    A few months later, Priyep and his gang are once again assigned alongside Chaiva and Cuber on a mission, this time to Planet Frieza 114 to put a stop to a rebellion. Initially, all five Saiyans travel as a group. Upon arriving at the first group of enemies, Priyep and his gang refuse to help the other two. After the Chaiva and Cuber eliminate the local rebels, Priyep, Sheliv, and Tenrin split off from the other two to kill other insurrectionists. Eventually, Chaiva contacts Priyep, telling him that Frieza has turned on the Saiyans and that the children must leave the planet in order to travel to another one that is beyond Planet Trade Organization space. Priyep reluctantly complies, and he and his two companions escape Planet Frieza 114.


    • Brutal Pummeling – After double hammerfisting his opponent into the ground, Priyep lifts him/her/it by the collar with his left hand and punches him/her/it several times with his right fist. On the last punch, Priyep releases his grip and sends the opponent to Tinpern, who catches the severally-weakened opponent by the arm and tosses him/her/it to Sheliv. Sheliv then throws the barely-conscious opponent off into the distance.
    • Flight – The ability to use ki to fly
    • Great Ape – A giant, gorilla-like form that is ten times as powerful Priyep's normal state – as a Saiyan with a tail, Priyep can achieve this form
    • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy attack, fired as a bolt or sphere from the palm – Priyep's basic ki blasts are blue-white in color


    • In chapter 11 of His Majesty's Pet, Nappa names one of his Saibamen Priyep, presumably in honor of his son.