Writer note : this is a request for KidVegeta

It's valentine's day, adult Princess Pan was giving a present from her boyfriend

"OK honey you must kill 50 Meta Coolas, are you up for a challenge?" Pan was happy and responded "yes i'm excited for it"

In a Namek type area

"OK let's begin the training, kill me" Pan killed Meta Coola with no problem "hahaha impressive, you killed one of me, now do you have what it takes to kill 49 or me?" Said one of 49 Meta Coolas, Pan smirked "Heh, no problem" as she went SSJ4

After 4 hours

"Honey i completed the task!" said Panny happy to her boyfriend "Good honey" Bartek congraturated her and after that he got a kiss from her and thus he blushed

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