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Princess Pan
1/4 Saiyan, 3/4 Earthling
  • Son Pan
  • Miss Mystic
  • Date Of Birth:
  • Age 779 (Dragon Age) 2013 (Christian Age)
  • Date of Death:
    N/A (immortal)
  • Fanfic: The power rangers assemble
  • Family:
  • Pan (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Pan (strongest) (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Future Pan (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Great saiyagirl (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Pum (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Pian (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Mystic Gohan (father)
  • Queen Videl (mother)
  • Prince Bartek (boyfriend/adoptive great uncle)
  • ??? (younger brother)
  • Future Gohan (father alternative timeline)
  • Mystic hound (dog)
  • Princess Chichi (alternate timeline paternal grandmother/boyfriend's other girlfriend, and fusee)
  • Evil Bardock (great grand uncle/future father-in-law)
  • Goku (paternal grandfather)
  • Chichi (paternal grandmother)
  • Mr. Satan (maternal grandfather)
  • Miguel (maternal grandmother) (dead)
  • Bardock (great grandfather) (dead)
  • Gine (great grandmother) (dead)
  • Raditz (great uncle) (dead)
  • Till (great-great grandfather) (dead)
  • Grandpa Gohan (adoptive great-great grandfather)
  • Ox king (great grandfather)
  • Piccolo jr (teacher)
  • Pan Black (Clone of GT Pan)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic menace
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3
  • Dragon Ball AF : new heroes
  • Likes:
  • Her boyfriend
  • Her father
  • Her mother
  • Opera
  • Singing opera
  • Emotional good stuff
  • Being treated as an lady
  • Pan (Strongest), Future Pan and Pan
  • Her grandpas
  • Animals
  • Dislikes:
  • Great saiyagirl's outfit and personality, Pum and Pian
  • People who kill her father
  • Using her mystic transformations
  • Her boyfriend being evil
  • Her boyfriend flirting with other girls
  • "Um excuse me, are you lost?"
    — Pan after "handing" to prince Bartek

    "Really? You aren't scared of my power?"
    — Pan after hearing Bartek that's she's pretty

    "That's fine by me, dad said I'm too strong"
    — Pan after hearing she's weaker than Bartek

    "My boyfriend saved me, now I can use my mystic power to win!"
    — Pan after being freed by Bojack's bearhug

    "You don't know? I'm the girl that will own you bastard!"
    — Pan's mystic princess speech

    "Um honey where's my alternative self?"
    — Pan 100 years later to Bartek about Pan

    "Grandma? What are you talking about boy?"
    — Pan talking to Goku jr

    "Oh i see, well my boyfriend can't have kids so i doubt i will be a grandmother someday"
    — Pan hearing that she's a great great grandmother

    "Huh? Oh well, can't argue with that"
    — Pan hearing that Goku became Kakarotto, his past self

    Princess Pan (パン姫) is Pan from another universe in which Gohan went mad, she's prince Bartek's girlfriend


    Pan ready for training by bdromeart-d9wgjuh

    Princess Pan as a 5 year old, art by bdromeart

    Princess pan colored by leopard0 by mr buenfang-dalhboc

    Adult Princess Pan by mr Buenfang, colored by Leopard0

    Till adulthood, she wears her dad's orange/yellow GI and has medium hair


    She has 90% personality from her mom, so she's cute and feminine, but 10% from her dad, so she can be aggressive and a bit cocky. She also is an animal lover, and a vegetarian. She also loves to sing opera

    Older sister?!Edit

    As Gohan changed and became a good guy, he and Videl plan to make another child, thus making Pan an older sister


    She's the strongest Pan, as Gohan trains to this day


    • Great ape - Having her tail, Pan transforms into this form in the BH Game 3, due to Bartek's magic, her outfit is left intact, and has reasoning in this form
      • Golden Oozaru - Sensing Future Pan's SSJ4 form, Princess Pan transformed to this form and thus into SSJ4 (see below)
    • Mystic Super saiyan - a form used by her father to be more powerful, Pan uses this to rise her powers
    • Mystic Super saiyan 2 - a form used by her father to be more powerful, Pan uses this to rise her powers
    • Mystic princess - Pan's hidden potential, her pupils disappear and she loses control of herself, she used it in the fight against Bojack, but once she planned to kill him, she calmed down
    • "Mystic" Super saiyan 4 - Sensing her future self surpassing her in power with SSJ4 from alt universe, Bartek's girlfriend used her ability to turn into an golden oozaru and thus became SSJ4. She fully showcases it to our universe 100 years later (even thought her boyfriend saw this earlier)
    Adult princess pan mystic princess by darkhameleon

    Adult Princess Pan as mystic princess

    BH Game 3Edit

    She fights Bojack, and wins due to her mystic powers

    Known outfitsEdit

    • Turtle GI with no kanji - outfit originally worn by her grandpa, but later worn by her father too, Pan
    • Chi-Chi's bikini armor - Worn by her when being an adult (and she still wears it when she's over 100 years old) , as suggested by her dear father, she wears it to attract boys so "her father can be a grandpa soon". The outfit are invert colors of her grandma's bikini - pink is blue and blue is pink, she also doesn't have an helmet, instead spting a bandana
    • Piccolo's GI - She wears it while training with Piccolo jr, it's her fav outfit after the bikini


    As noted above, this Pan (and Pan Black) are vegetarians, althought she still eats daily products and drinks milk

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