Prince Goten by dragaunebaulezaide

Prince Goten as designed by Dragaune Baule Zaide

Prince Goten comes from the mystic universe. Due to the fact that his father ran away after his older brother killed Kid Buu and then went bananas, Goten took the looks after his brother, despite not wanting to rule the world, as he wanted his older brother to be good again.

Overall Prince Goten is a nice person, unlike his brother


Goten likes his sister in law very much and loves his niece above his own life. Goten also found Valese to be his lovely wife due to his royal life

BH Game 3Edit

This version of Goten is seen greeting his father from the GT universe and his alt universe niece, he also learns that his alt selfs are gay couple with Trunkses. On the "Goten room" meal table, he is asked by his evil counterpart about his wife's name. He is told by his alt timeline older brother that his alt timeline version is looking as handsome as him (althought less revealing) and he protects people of his world, and that's the reason he couldn't come at the multiversal tournament. Goten asks his older brother from other timeline if he can visit him someday, and Gohan say he will ask BH to take him there

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