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This article, Prince Bartek, is the property of BH Ouji.

BH Daimaouji
  • Hamsternid
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Aliases:
  • Prince Bartek
  • Date Of Birth:
  • Unknown (Before the creation of Earth)
  • Date of Death:
  • N/A (immortal)
  • Debut:
  • Fanfic: Dragon Ball BH saga
  • Family:
  • God (creator)
  • Jesus (adoptive older brother)
  • Zeno (High Lord)
  • Angels (Family since they're God's creation)
  • Evil Launch (himself in other life/sister)
  • Sea Turtle (himself in other life/brother)
  • SSJ4 Gogeta (himself in other life/brother)
  • Zipper (himself in other life/brother)
  • Triton (himself in other life/brother)
  • The Sultan (himself in other life/brother)
  • Chrissy (himself in other life/sister)
  • Mario (himself in other life/brother)
  • Red Yoshi (himself in other life/brother)
  • Peach (himself in other life/sister)
  • Evil Bardock (adoptive father)
  • Evil Turles (adoptive older brother)
  • Evil Kakarot (adoptive older brother)
  • Jackie (adoptive uncle/right hand "man")
  • Grazyna (adoptive aunt)
  • Pan (adoptive aunt)
  • Ariel (adoptive aunt)
  • Bageta (godfather)
  • ???ne (godmother)
  • Princess Ariel (niece)
  • Princess Pan (girlfriend)
  • Princess Chi-Chi (girlfriend)
  • Ox King (future father-in-law)
  • Mystic Gohan (future father-in-law)
  • Queen Videl (future mother-in-law)
  • Every Pan (adoptive grand nieces)
  • Jeice (right hand man)
  • Sansho (henchman)
  • Tambourine (henchman)
  • Salt (henchman)
  • Mutaito (henchman and idol)
  • North Supreme Kai (henchman and idol)
  • Bio Vegito (henchman/adoptive cousin)
  • Bio ChiChi (sister-in-law)
  • Gine (Aunt, due to being "related" to Goku)
  • Bardock (Uncle, due to his clone being Bartek's father)
  • Future Gohan black (servant/adoptive nephew)
  • Goku (Archenemy/Cousin, due to his clone being Bartek's brother, servant (as Kakarot))
  • Future Goku (Yin) (Servant, cousin due to being the Yin form of Future Goku)
  • Appears in:
    (Nearly all of his fanfics)
  • Animals
  • Chi-Chi
  • Pan
  • Bardock
  • His family (except Evil Kakarot)
  • Eating
  • Super Saiyan 4
  • Dislikes:
  • Evil Kakarot (Most of the times)
  • Needles
  • Earth Bardock and Good Turles
  • Good saiyans
  • Evil humans
  • Super saiyan 3

  • Prince Bartek (aka BH Daimaouji (literally Big Hamster the great demon prince)) is a Hamsternid created by God, he's good friends with Jesus treating him like his older brother.


    Bartek in his real form appears feminine with a hamster tail. He has the ability to take a "human" form to disguise himself. His attire consists of a Freeza-style armor based on Gohan's, from the Freeza saga.


    Being created by God, Bartek appears to be good and nice, after meeting the saiyans he turns on the evil side, making him neutral (both good and evil).


    Bartek's power would be rated as the strongest in the universe, only being shadowed by Zeno "The King of Everything". While Bartek's strength is surely the greatest when compared to any fighter, it should be noted that while facing against Galactus, he had to rely on and gather the power from his family in order to defeat him.

    Keep in my mind that his defence is low, so he needs help from his family

    Ressurerection powers[]

    Bartek can bring back to life anyone who didn't die in a natural way. (with some exceptions like Future Pan)

    Time breaker[]

    Bartek is a time breaker, or multiverse creator, he has changed many stories such as:

    Homages to other series[]

    • Bartek is the humanoid creation of God (ala Adam), and is raised by dog family members (ala Mowgli), His powerup from the juice is a homage to Asterix's potion, and he's an eternal child (ala Peter Pan)

    Relationships with the clones[]

    • Bio-Vegito - The first clone, BH views him as an henchman thought
    • Evil Turles - Turles's clone, Bartek's fav big brother, hates racists
    • Evil Bardock - Bardock's clone, Bartek's beloved dad......until his mom was collected. Likes making fun of King Vegeta
    • Evil Kakarot - Goku's clone, at first Bartek's views him as an tool rather than an big brother, as he mocks him and doesn't care about him, that changed however during Evil Kakarot's sacrifise thought, and BH now cares about him, even to the fact that he accepted his offer to join him for an day in Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Unlike his carefree source material, very emetional, husband of Bio-Chi-Chi
    • Bio-Vegeta - Vegeta's clone, Bartek's idol, has the personality of Saiyan Saga Vegeta
    • Pan Black - GT Pan's clone, one of the "Black legions", BH uses her as his aid to wipe out all humans, he views her as his grand niece
    • Future Gohan Black - Future Gohan's clone. since Gohan refused to join him, BH let him be created, the Future version of Gohan serves him well, BH views him as his nephew
    • Bio-Krillin - Krillin's clone, cloned using his DNA by the annoynce of Evil Kakarot, used by BH as an tool and as an joke, felt in love with Hell fighter 18 althought she loved Vegeta's clone more
    • Bio-Yamcha - The clone of Yamcha, unlike Krillin's clone, Bartek likes him more. Just like Bardock's clone, Yamcha's clone was created with his scars intact. He's in love with Bulma


    • Big Hamster - just with the saiyans, Bartek transform into this form by the full moon, unlike the saiyans he transforms to a 1km hamster (or can change his size, as seen in BH Game 3 when fighting his girlfriend), just like his family he can talk in this form, and despite looking cute, he's dangerous
    • Super Hamsternid - just like normal, but with lightling
    • Super Hamsternid 2 - Just like SH but with longer hair
    • Super Hamsternid 3 - Just like SH2 but the pupils/erises are gone