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This page, Playful Galick, is property of KidVegeta.

Playful Galick
Manga name Playful Galick
Debut Prince Vegeta Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Tharos
Inventor Ledas - based on Prince Vegeta's Galick Gun
Users Ledas
Prince Vegeta
Prince Daikon
Class Beam Wave

Playful Galick (遊戯的なギャリック, Yūgitekina Gyarikku) is a technique used by Ledas; it was created to mimic the signature attack of Vegeta. It is fired in almost the exact same way as the canon move, with two hands being extended forward (the non-dominant hand being slightly behind the dominant). Ledas' variant is thinner and has a shorter range than Vegeta's. As a consequence, its charge up and recharge times are much shorter, allowing it to be fired every few seconds. Because of this, the Playful Galick is Ledas' most frequently used energy attack, and should be considered his standard Beam Wave attack. It can also be used in a dual way, with one beam in each hand.

In the story, Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Tharos, this attack is a variation of the Galick Gun used by Prince Daikon (which he possibly learned from one of his ancestors). It is fired exactly as it is in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. Prince Daikon's version is similar to Ledas' variation of this attack. Daikon can fire this attack very quickly in succession, which means that it has a shorter recharge time than Ledas' version. Prince Daikon mostly uses this attack early in the series, as he begins to create more powerful variations of the attack as he grows stronger.

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