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The Planet Vegeta Saga was the first saga in Dragon Ball: Another Way.

A Saiyan Is Born[]

<Fade in slowly, focus on Planet Vegeta, in space. Zoom in slowly.>

<Fade in to King Vegeta's palace. The hallways are empty, and the camera follows the road to the birthing chamber. A new baby is laying there, crying.>

<A man bustles in, accompanied by King Vegeta and his son.>

Man: You wanted to see him, King Vegeta?

King Vegeta: Yes. You may leave.

<Man exits.>

King Vegeta: <Turns to Prince> What do you think, my son?

Prince Vegeta: I'm thinking he looks a lot weaker than I am.

King Vegeta: <Sighs> Surely you know this boy's history. His father was killed in battle, his mother died in childbirth. Which is why he'll be staying with us.

Prince Vegeta: <Shocked> What?!

King Vegeta: He'll be living in a room in the palace. You two might run into each other. What's so wrong with that?

Prince Vegeta: He'll just be dead weight in the training. And I don't need dead weight anymore.

King Vegeta: This is one of the few things I've asked of you, son. Couldn't you just oblige?

<Vegeta appears to think it over (he's not). Then he looks back at his father.>

Vegeta: Fine.

<Quick montage passes of Ore growing up to about twelve, sparring with Vegeta, and going on a brief training mission.>

<Returns to Birthing Chamber. Zooms out to show figure in the rafters.>

Figure: Oh, yes. This will be interesting...

Not Just Practicing[]

<Flashes to several years after the first chapter. Shows Prince Vegeta in the training room, lounging around and looking bored.>

Vegeta: Where is he?!

<Door cracks open and Ore walks in, wearing the orange tunic he prefers. Vegeta stands up.>

Vegeta: You're late.

Ore: Stopped to talk to my dad. Hope you don't mind.

Vegeta: Be quiet. Are you ready?

Ore: You're in a good mood today, aren't you?

<Vegeta rolls his eyes and hits a button. Several androids walk in, carrying weapons.>

Ore: Just practice?

Vegeta: Not just practice.

<Suddenly the lead android leaps forward, pinning Ore against the wall. He unleashes several Ki blasts into it's belly, but it just knocks them away.>

Ore: Vegeta, a little help here!

<Vegeta turns, but is quickly pinned himself. They both power up, and kick out, which knocks the androids back. Ore raises his hands.>

Ore: Time to get some payback!

<Energy acrs from his hands, and when it strikes the android, a flashback occurs. King Vegeta is on his throne, with Prince Vegeta down below. Ore is standing across from the Prince.>

King Vegeta: My son, it has come to my attention that in order to maximise your power, you need a... training partner... of sorts.

<Flashes back to present. Vegeta leaps up, bounces off a wall, and flies over the androids, firing a energy blast. Flash of blast causes another flashback. Back in the throne room...>

Vegeta: But father, I don't need him! He's only going to slow me down!

<Flashes back to present. Ore and Vegeta have pinned the androids in a corner. They both fire several energy blasts, which cause another flashback. Throneroom...>

Ore: It's okay. I don't need you help, either.

Vegeta: <Angry> Fine. I'll take you in, but don't go slowing me down.

<Back to present. Ore and Vegeta are standing on a pile of destoryed androids when the door slides open, and King Vegeta comes in.>

<Vegeta leaps to the floor, salutes.>

Vegeta: Father!

King Vegeta: Stop practicing, you two! Wrath has come to visit.

Ore: Who's Wrath?

King Vegeta: He is Lord Frieza's main ambassodar to our planets, and the strongest warrior alive.

Vegeta: The stronges?

<Suddenly another King Vegeta walks into the room.>

Ore: What's going on?

<King Vegeta 2 laughs, then slowly morphs into a man wearing a cloak and hood. Metal teeth gleam out and his fingers seem to be incredilby sharp.>

Hooded Man: Hello, children.

King Vegeta: This... is wrath.

<Wrath nods, then quickly changes into Bardock, then Ore, then Vegeta.>

Vegeta: Stop it! And how are you the strongest warrior alive?

Wrath: I am the boogeyman who hides beneath your bed. I am the nameless shadow who disguises himself as all you know. I am your greatest fear.

Vegeta: So?

King Vegeta: W-what my son meant, Lord Wrath, was that-

Wrath: Do not try to fool me, King. Your son is unimpressed.

King Vegeta: Of c-course, Lord Wrath.

<Wrath leans in on Ore, ignoring Vegeta.>

Wrath: <Whispering> Don't you see, young warrior? The king is afraid of anyone who is more powerful than him. You could be a great source of fear.

<Ore takes a step back. Wrath grins and looks at the king.>

Wrath: This one has potential, king.

King Vegeta: And what of my son?

Wrath: He is a dud, and is not worth wasting time on.

Vegeta: Hey! I can beat you.

Wrath: Really? Then let's go!

<He drops his cloak, revealing long dark hair and metal teeth with claw fingers. Vegeta steps forward.>

Pride of the Prince[]

Rivalry of the Saiyans[]

Frieza's Pride[]

I Told You to Close That Hatch![]

A Mistake for a Mission[]

The End of Planet Vegeta (Season Finale, Part 1)[]

Darkness Falling (Season Finale, Part 2)[]