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Planet Sadala is the original Saiyan homeworld before King Vegeta (then known as Vegeta the 1st) took most of the Saiyans and took over Planet Plant (which was then renamed Planet Vegeta). Although most of the Saiyans followed King Vegeta, some stayed. This is the planet that Bage, Ledus, and Mato are from. It is located in the Eastern Galaxy, the part of the universe ruled by Cooler. It is within the 484th Universe. It was one of the few planets that Broly had overlooked in his genocide of the Southern Galaxy. 


Known ResidentsEdit

  • King Vegeta and his followers (before the Battle for Power).
  • King Cablege (before being ambushed by Salza).
  • Tomo (formerly; before being ambushed by Salza).
  • Bage (currently, alongside Earth).
  • Ledus (currently, alongside Earth).
  • Mato (currently, alongside Earth).
  • Archo (New King) (currently).
  • Zuni (currently, alongside Tamaran and Earth).
  • Many Saiyans have lived on Planet Sadala, as it was the original Saiyan homeworld. Although most-followed King Vegeta (known then only as Vegeta) to Planet Plant (which they then seized control over, and renamed in Planet Vegeta, and Vegeta their king, because of his leadership during the cause), some remained. However most of the surviving Saiyans were/are unaware of Sadala's existence because they were from 2nd generations onwards born and raised on Planet Vegeta, most of the older Saiyans who were aware, who were once there, perished with Planet Vegeta, and the majority of the others refuse to mention it, as it brings some type of bad memories to them. 
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